Flash Development Update [2023/43] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/43]

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From Bitcoin setting new records against several inflation-hit currencies to Nigeria finally warming up to the crypto game after months of hesitation, it’s clear the world is rapidly recognizing the potential of digital currencies.

However, it’s not all rosy.

With Trezor battling phishing campaigns and the SEC’s Gensler reminding everyone of the regulatory challenges that the crypto world faces, it’s evident that staying secure and compliant is more crucial than ever!

This brings us to why Safe Haven exists.

With the crypto space being so dynamic, our goal remains the same: offering everyone a safe space to navigate the waters of Web3.

Whether it’s the Comet 2.0 wallet that ensures users’ crypto safety or our constant work on ensuring that tools like SafeSwap and soon Inheriti® 2.0 are up to par, we’re always on the grind!

That said, let’s dive in to what happened this week! 👇

Comet 2.0 Public Beta is Live

You’ve probably heard the whispers and seen the teasers, and it’s finally here! After months of development and refining, the Comet 2.0 wallet has now entered its public beta phase

We worked very hard on it to make sure this version is smoother, sleeker and more user-friendly than Comet 1.0, which became very outdated some time ago.

But now, the wait is over and Comet 2.0 is live!

Comet is a digital wallet that lets you manage crypto and access blockchain applications directly through your browser.

No middlemen, only you are in charge.

We believe you should have full control over your own assets, no one else. Thus it’s important you keep the private keys of your wallet in your own hands. That’s why for Comet, we follow the YKYC (Your Keys = Your Crypto) philosophy.

No unnecessary steps, no overcomplicated processes.

Just pure, unfiltered access to your assets.

Install Comet

Installing Comet is really easy, just follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Click here to add the Comet browser extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Once the download is complete, click on the extension icon in the toolbar to open the wallet.

And as it’s in the beta phase, we’re especially keen to hear from you.

Every piece of feedback aids in refining and elevating the final product.

So, as you navigate its features, remember that your voice can shape its evolution!

Learn more about Comet via our website and docs:



Vote for Exposure on Startup Stage

Safe Haven has a chance to shine on Startup Stage and we need your help.

We’ve always believed in the potential of Safe Haven to leave an indelible mark on the crypto world. Now, with this opportunity to be featured on Startup Stage, we’re on the brink of significant exposure.

We’re not just looking to make some noise, we want to grow our awesome SHAman family and spread the word. Every vote is a step closer to getting us the spotlight.

It’s a massive opportunity to amplify our message.

Let’s rally together and make this happen!

The top three companies, as determined by the votes, are selected for special features across Startup Stage’s blog, podcast, newsletter, and social media platforms.

All it takes is less than a minute of your time, and the marketing exposure will be invaluable to us! Cast your vote here: https://startupstage.app/vote

Optimism Testing on SafeSwap Successful

We’ve successfully tested Optimism’s integration into SafeSwap.

For those who caught our update last week, you’ll know this is big!

With SafeSwap’s atomic swapping protocol, builders and users on other chains will be able to expand their activities to Optimism and benefit from low costs, scalability and an entrepreneurial environment with strong community governance.

Developers will be able to transfer their token and port their dapps to the Optimism blockchain, without the need to migrate or make use of wrapped tokens.

It’s also what we will do for our SHA token, so you’ll be able to hold and use it on Optimism.

Going cross-chain with SafeSwap goes without the need to sacrifice the integrity of a project’s tokenomics: no additional tokens will be minted and there is no need to divide the token supply across different chains.

Optimism will soon be available to everyone on SafeSwap!

Read more about the benefits for builders and projects here: https://safehaven.io/integrating-optimism-into-safeswap-the-opportunities-for-builders-on-optimism/

SafeSwap UX Improvement

Now on SafeSwap, before making a swap, users get a heads-up if they don’t have enough gas tokens for the transaction. This tweak not only cuts down on failed swaps but also ensures users know when to top up on gas.

Make Money with Our Ambassador Programs

Safe Haven recognizes the power of community engagement and outreach.

To actively involve the community in promoting our services and expanding our network, we have developed a range of Ambassador Programs.

By participating in these programs, individuals can earn rewards while raising awareness about the potential of our products.

Opportunities include:

  • Earn by referring people to Inheriti®
  • Earn by promoting SafeKey
  • Earn by bringing projects to SafeSwap

Regardless of whether you hold SHA tokens or not, we extend an open invitation to all to partake in these programs.



Well, that’s a wrap for this week!

Launching Comet 2.0 into its public beta was a huge milestone and we’re buzzing from the positive feedback. But there’s no slowing down.

Next on our list?

Diving deeper into the Optimism integration for SafeSwap and getting things geared up for continued development on Inheriti 2.0.

It’s more than just product launches and updates. It’s about understanding the bigger picture in the crypto world and ensuring our tools and services are spot-on for what you need.

Thanks for sticking with us on this wild ride SHAman!

Enjoy your weekend! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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