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Flash Development Update [2023/12]

⚡ While it hasn't been the most eventful week, we do have some exciting updates to share on this Flash Friday: ✅ @SafeHavenio finally verified on Twitter ✅ @jurgenschouppe at Paris Blockchain Week ✅ Exploring synergies with @magmarealestate ✅ In the middle of Comet 2.0 Beta Testing Program

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Flash Development Update [2023/10]

📢 Last week at Safe Haven 👇 ✅ Back from The HiVe ✅ Development & Testing of Inheriti® Features ✅ Comet 2.0 Private Beta ✅ Built Different

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Flash Development Update [2023/03]

Dive into our weekly update to see recent developments: ⛓ New #SafeSwap Listings 👨‍💻 Further Comet UI/UX Testing 🏦 @stripe Integration in #Inheriti 🎨 Revamped @SafeKeyU2F Branding 📲 Finalizing API-endpoints of @Inheriti_com Vault and #SafeKey Mobile

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