Inheriti Community Edition is Live! The first fully-decentralized digital inheritance solution has been launched and is available for the blockchain-connoisseurs all over the world! - Safe Haven

Inheriti Community Edition is Live! The first fully-decentralized digital inheritance solution has been launched and is available for the blockchain-connoisseurs all over the world!

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Several years have gone into the release of such an elaborate platform. Hours of dedication to the technical, legal, and business development have been spent to get us here. Every one person who ever joined our telegram, ‘liked’ our Twitter account, or dedicated their time to testing the platform, we are in your debt and we can only hope that our success is your success.

Now that we are here, let’s discuss what Inheriti really brings as a solution…

At its core, the Community Edition (CE) is decentralized data inheritance in its truest form. Inheriti utilizes blockchain and the patent-pending SafeKey technology to safely distribute encrypted shares of information onto cold-storage devices. To decrypt this data, SafeKey holders must come together and then merge the shares utilizing Inheriti. Only at this point, would the beneficiaries have any knowledge of the information stored [by the plan initiator] in conjunction with the smart-contract on the blockchain. For the merge to occur -this transfer of data-, the party responsible known as the Merge Authority must initiate the process, potentially triggering several deadman switches (DMS) established by the initiator. Should the initiator not intend for the information to be obtained by the beneficiaries, he/she would simply respond to their security DMS features selected.

CE brings the security of decentralization, cold and cloud storage to digital inheritance within a space that demands it for proper digital asset management. Inheriti has been developed to consider the complex nature of digital inheritance, while maintaining a user-friendly and informative user-interface.

Inheriti is designed to be simple, in that establishing a data protection plan is user-friendly and does not require depthful knowledge of technical-decentralization. Of course, there is plenty of that and those interested can dive further into our Inheriti Documentation, however we purposefully did what was possible to remove complexity for the user. Within the platform documentation, we have also provided an illustrative user walkthrough, that provides step-by-step instructions to ensure ease-of-use. The aesthetically pleasing user menu provides quick access to other within-ecosystem tools related to the use of Inheriti. Users will find an embedded SafeKey store and a direct-link to our Trust Alliance Network.

We have taken time to integrate what one would expect from a consumer-focused, web-based platform, including account management SafeID, within-platform plan management [Inheriti], information management [Inheriti Documentation], and wallet-communication [displayed SHA token balance].

Along with Inheriti CE, we have also launched Ask Inheriti. Ask Inheriti will function as the critical help center for consumers should they need to find community-based assistance, commonly asked questions, or contact the helpdesk. Ask Inheriti will also debut the Safe Haven Ambassador badge via communication between SafeNode, SafeID, and Ask Inheriti. Based on their time as a node-holder, Ambassadors are trusted members of the community and the badge will signify this publicly within the help center. More on the integration of Ambassadors will be released in the near future and is something node-holders can look forward to.

Inheriti is disruptive. Though, it maintains the potential to bridge the traditional and digital inheritance market, while providing an extremely secure and flexible model. Due to the vast legal policies surrounding inheritance (especially due to jurisdictional differences), Inheriti maintains the traditional benefits of being able to work with legal advisors to ensure all local laws and regulations are followed. This gives us the competitive advantage of working alongside current market players to strengthen and expand their offers.

This is a massive milestone for Safe Haven. A new phrase of targeted operations will begin, specifically focused on deepening our market penetration, expanding brand awareness, and increasing the market capitalization. The bones of Inheriti are complete and further editions [Standard and Business] will roll out quickly comparatively to the first public product [CE]. Each edition will have different offerings to cater to different consumer types, so expect even more in the future!

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the many documents and aides provided within the platform and externally. We are thrilled to meet this mile marker with our community and extended communities. As always and most definitely at this moment, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support as we make the space a more secure place.

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