Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our Projection for the First Half of 2019 - Safe Haven

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our Projection for the First Half of 2019

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Safe Haven would like to wish everyone in our community and our extended VeChainThor family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Last week we did small recap on 2018: we had an exciting year. We thought, “When better than before Christmas to release a sneak peek of what you can expect to see within the first half of 2019?” Remember roadmaps can fluctuate and are not set in stone, however, you can expect we will do our very best to maintain our timeline. The milestones listed below are in no particular order other than grouped according to quarter.

First Quarter

Q1 2019: Launch new Safe Haven Website

Now that we have moved beyond the Token Generation Event, we will focus our efforts in expanding Safe Haven’s product offerings. The community can expect to see the release of a new website that will become foundation for marketing Safe Haven’s B2B2C products and platforms.

Q1 2019: Release Safe Haven Wallet

A wallet that will allow for the safe storage of the SHA asset and other VIP-18(x) tokens. This wallet will be specifically branded as produced by Safe Haven.

Q1 2019: Release Masternode details + Governance Model

Another major development (one we are quite excited to showcase) will be the detailed release behind Safe Haven’s Masternodes and Governance Model.

Q1 2019: Masternodes Mobile App Release

Of course, with the release of Masternode details, the community should expect that not far behind will be the release of the mobile application. It will showcase Safe Haven’s Masternodes in action. Those who can harness the power of the SHA digital asset will contribute directly to the governance model that will energize the future of Safe Haven.

Q1 2019: TAN Release + Rollout Europe

Q1 will also bring us full circle, back to the Trust Alliance Network (TAN). We will first begin to rollout the TAN within specific jurisdictions throughout Europe. As time goes on, we will spread to incorporate more jurisdictions. Expansion will be dependent on the qualified and licensed partners in each specific jurisdiction.

Q1 2019: BETA Release Inheritance Platform

Another Safe Haven classic release will be the BETA of our Inheritance Platform. This product will determine what the SHA Digital Asset is truly about.

Q1 2019: Public API Integration ThorBlock

With the successful testing and utilization of ThorBlock within the VeChainThor ecosystem, Safe Haven will release the ThorBlock’s public API. Monetization of ThorBlock’s API will be a primary product offered by the Safe Haven team.

Q1 2019: ThorPay Alpha Release

Safe Haven will showcase a new product:ThorPay. ThorPay will be a multi-payment platform that harnesses the power of the Atomic Transaction Safe Protocol. This exciting product is being built specifically for complex payment processing conducted by third-parties such as: developers, bounty organizations and payment processors.

Q1 2019: U2FA Fido Release + Integration in SH Inheritance Platform

Our focus is and will remain the secure management of digital assets. Shortly after the successful BETA release of the Inheritance Platform, we will immediately implement our own Universal Two-Factor Authentication (U2FA) — Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) dongler (SafeKey) technology. This technology will add an extra layer of protection necessary in keeping with our core focus.

Second Quarter

Q2 2019: TAN Business Expansion — United States

Once we have released the TAN within European jurisdictions, we will begin the task of pushing into the U.S. As with the release in Europe, it can be expected that this task will be ongoing and be gradual in its approach.

Q2 2019: Business Expansion SH Inheritance Platform Europe

Once BETA testing is complete, we will begin to open our Inheritance Platform to various jurisdictions within Europe.

Q2 2019: Begin Development Congruity Platform, the Safe Haven OTC solution

This OTC escrow solution will be utilized for those who wish to make direct peer-to-peer transactions. As with all Safe Haven products you can expect secure and trustless option for these type of transactions.

Q2 2019: Begin Development of Custodian Services

In our efforts to become the most trusted digital asset management company within blockchain, we will begin the development of premier custody services. We will focus on offering several different options providing individuals and organizations with specialized solutions to meet their needs.

Q2 2019: Onboarding Safe Haven Verticals

The onboarding of verticals will begin within the second quarter. Organizations that wish to build on the foundation solutions of Safe Haven will be offered the opportunity to work alongside our development team to customize their products.

Q2 2019: ThorPay Release

After the successful testing and review within Q1, ThorPay will be released for public and private marketing opportunities.

Q2 2019: Expansion Development Team Cyprus

After several extremely successful meetings in Cyprus, we will expand our development department allowing us to provide technical support to partners and government institutions in Cyprus.

Q2 2019: Begin Development of SafeID

Ease of use will be a primary focus moving forward. Development of SafeID, a convenient and secure method of seamless login credentials will begin.

Q2 2019: BETA release SafeID

With SafeID being a focal point of Q2, you can expect to quickly see a BETA release of the solution following an extensive internal testing phase.

Q2 2019: ThorBlock V2, integration of crowdfunding and charity options

With the release of ThorBlock V2, our community will see the integration of crowdfunding options. As we are firm believers in corporate social responsibility, ThorBlock V2 will also showcase a charity option that will grow as we add new organizational partnerships.

Again, we would like to take the time to thank our community for your continued support. We wish everyone profound holiday wishes during these festive times. Stay tuned!

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