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Safe Haven 2019: Current and Future Developments

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The year is quickly coming to a close and Q4 is just weeks away. The community has requested a new roadmap to give insight into what can be expected prior to 2020. This roadmap covers the current and expected development for the rest of 2019. As with all Safe Haven roadmaps, there is no particular order and unforeseeable changes may occur.

First, let’s cover current events. The completion of SafeKey was a milestone reached. The SafeKey webshop is live and first orders are lined up for delivery.

With SafeKey behind us, the team will now focus on releasing SHIP BETA and ThorBlock Charity and Fundraising. All back-end developments on both platforms are finished. Once our community receives their SafeKey, SHIP BETA will be available while the design team is working on the front-end.

We expect to see ThorBlock Charity and Fundraising live by the end of September or early October. SHIP and ThorBlock V2 platforms will include SafeID, furthering security measures.

ThorPay has been moved from Q2-Q3 to Q4. With the back-end completed and utilized (PLA TGE and SHA TGE), we are placing the finishing touches on the front-end and expect ThorPay to go live in V1 in early Q4.

The Hardware Security Module (HSM) based key management system will be provided to customers as a SaaS service. HSM is a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys.

Our focus will be to create a standard and open framework around it, allowing exchanges to easily integrate our Share Distribution Protocol Secret Sharing. This will also allow for third-party security assessments.

More generally speaking, we are talking about a “coldstored’ key management system, foreseen to be utilized by enterprise solutions. Safe Haven/SafeTech aims to use the HSM to integrate Share Distribution Protocol Secret Sharing at the source, allowing assets to be inheritable immediately.

HSM based key management service provides storage and protection for keys and certificates, which are used to perform fast encryption, decryption, and authentication for a variety of applications. An HSM uses physical tamper resistance and strong authentication.

With the release of ThorPay and ThorBlock V2, a new back-end utility that drives the operations which we are designating ‘SecurEx’ [back-end], will be evolved further to ensure all platforms utilizing it maintain the highest levels of security. SecurEx will be a trustworthy exchange environment where all Safe Haven products will be available in one location. The trust and safety of this utility will be paramount for what it will provide in the coming months.

As we continue brainstorming, building and executing, new opportunities and solutions will present themselves. We will continue to advance Safe Haven, the ecosystem within an ecosystem. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned.

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