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Safe Haven Adds Fundraising and Charity to ThorBlock in Upgraded Version

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ThorBlock’s upgrade has been desired for quite some time and like the community, we have looked forward to its release. For a proper upgrade, we wanted to ensure the additions of SHA utility, Fundraising and Charity pools; a more user-friendly interface; the introduction of multiple wallet providers; and SafeID. All of these points have been met, integrated and tested, and we are proud to present ThorBlock v2.

So, what is new?

ThorBlock now boasts three pooling options [Pooling, Charity, Fundraising] designed to meet the needs of the user-base:

  • Private Pooling — A general pooling option, which does not have a specific focus, however should be outside of the realms of both Charity and Fundraising.
  • Charity — Charitable pools can be established by both organizations and individuals.
  • Fundraising — Fundraising pools with a focus on innovation can be established by organizations and individuals.

ThorBlock also now allows for a more broad contribution spectrum, thus one can contribute to a pool utilizing all VIP-180 tokens.

We have also put together our ThorBlock document library which will guide new users in navigating the multiple pooling options. Of course, the document library is not only for new users, as it offers every user the ability to quickly search for elements of ThorBlock adding to the usability of this new version. You can find the ThorBlock document library here.

You will also be able to choose from several wallet types to contribute to a desired pool. We understand that our users likely have their own wallet preference and we wanted to provide all options available to that base. You will find detailed explanations within the ThorBlock document library guiding you on how to establish and set-up your preferred wallet type.

Contribution email notifications will be added in the coming weeks. When a user makes a contribution and holds the minimum required SHA in his wallet, they will now be automatically sent a record of their contribution. This transaction record will be distributed to user emails as to allow for proper record keeping. This is extremely important in regards to the use of Charity and will likely become more necessary throughout the growth of blockchain transactions, in general.

Finally, the interface has been upgraded to grant a better overall experience. We have decided to use cleaner lines and a complimenting color-scheme. Along with the visual enhancements, we have also utilized a tile aspect to give each individual pool a better showcase; detailed contribution numbers, status bars, and project descriptions have been added for quick reference.

Now that we have revealed a bit of what you can expect once you have entered the ThorBlock portal, below you will find a concise explanation of each internal element:

Login/Register — SafeID

SafeID is the system used for identity verification and access to all Safe Haven solutions. It will provide an extra layer of protection to help safeguard individuals and businesses seeking secure digital asset management.

Wallet Providers

ThorBlock gives users the option to choose between three different wallet providers including Arkane, Comet, and Sync. Arkane Network is an easy-to-use blockchain wallet provider that offers support for multiple blockchains. Comet is a Chrome extension that provides a decentralized browser-based cryptocurrency wallet for the VeChainThor blockchain. Sync is the official desktop wallet and dApp browser of the VeChainThor blockchain and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Start a Project

Whether you are fundraising for a business venture, non-profit organization, or a personal cause, ThorBlock makes it easy. Users can create funding goals, set minimum donations per contributor, and watch in real-time as their favorite projects are being funded.

Managing a Project

During the creation phase and throughout the duration of each fundraising pool, users are able to easily manage their own projects. This includes adding and editing titles, images, details, and electronic media. Admins also have the ability to change destination and token addresses, transfer pool funds, or cancel projects at any time.

My Account

My Account provides access to the ThorBlock Dashboard where users can view their projects, wallets, and fundraising contributions all in one place. Users will also be able to sign up to receive ThorBlock notifications such as marketing, new features, ICOs, and partnerships. The ability to modify usernames and email, and unlink any wallet is available as well.

Exploring Pool Projects

For those seeking to fund other projects, this particular feature will be very useful. Users are able to browse through all ongoing ThorBlock fundraisers, and make donations quick and easy.

All aspects above are further detailed within the ThorBlock document library.

It is our hope that the community enjoys the direction we have taken with ThorBlock. As usual, we want the community to send feedback, report bugs, and make suggestions if it is felt that ThorBlock could be advanced in a particular manner. Do not hesitate to send your suggestions directly to Safe Haven personnel. Of course, we want to thank the community for your continued support and look forward to ThorBlock being populated with new pools throughout the upcoming year.

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