Safe Haven AMA — June 22, 2020 - Safe Haven

Safe Haven AMA — June 22, 2020

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1. Any plans to expand the team when revenue starts rolling in?

Of course. Like every healthy start-up, we will scale based on income and revenue. In the past three years we have been working very lean and we will continue to do so.

2. With all these DeFi solutions, a SHA lending solution would be the cherry on top of the cake. Can we expect something like this in the future?

Next on the roadmap (whiteboard) is Congruity which we announced before. Congruity is another DeFi solution for escrow services. This is not a promise that it will be developed, but we are doing market research on it. A lending platform hasn’t been discussed yet. At this moment we are focused on a succesful launch of Inheriti.

3. Will there be Top 20 marketing partners like you said before?

We have several conversations with potential partners. The Top 20 partner I referred to is still on the table. We always make our partners public once the deal is signed and both parties agree on the terms.

4. Have you made agreements with companies that will use SHA DeFi products?

We have made several agreements with partners that once Inheriti is live, we will further discuss the details of each cooperation. We are talking to financial institutions, legacy providers, international incubators, etc..

5. Do you want to be listed on exchanges such as Kucoın which are popular and have many users?

Discussing liquidity with several platforms is part of the job. From the beginning, we prefer a partnership that is a win-win for both parties. We are in discussion with a few platforms, and once the deals are sealed, we will announce them in our official channels.

6. Do you plan to research famous researchers to attract good investors?

We are working on a very intensive marketing campaign. Researchers are a part of that.

7. Thorblock V3 will have ERC20 integrations. Are there any extra details we can learn about possible long term goals for ERC20 integrations? Wrapped SHA on the Ethereum network?

In the long term, our goal is to have all our solutions being ERC20 compatible. This has nothing to do with VET. We just believe that adding Ethereum will benefit both the community and company in the long term. In the end, SHA will always be the engine.

8. Is Sunny Lu still an advisor for Safe Haven? Are there any talks with Vechain, DNV-GL, PwC, etc. to support Inheriti? When can we expect the financial report?

Yes, Sunny is still our advisor and we are still in contact with VeChain. VeChain helped us in several ways (like patents, and technically) and we helped VeChain in several ways. Our goal is to make DeFi successful on VeChain and help them in several ways.

When Sunny made a visit to our Brussels HQ, we had a very good discussion. Once our products are market ready, we can count on VeChain’s support, which includes introductions.

I know I promised a financial report and I will keep that promise. Internally we decided to release financial reports once revenue starts ramping.

9. Regarding the use of credits as planned for Inheriti to support non-crypto users, are there plans to use those same credits for other SafeHaven products like Thorblock (incl. Charity and Fundraising) for example?

Yes. Our subscription platform is linked to SafeID, so this will be a one-stop shop for all SHA products.

10. When is the Inheriti launch planned?

We are making final adjustments on the grammar and front-end like stated in the last technical update. Our developers are now linking the code from the BETA to the community edition. It’s always difficult to put a hard date on developments.

11.. What is your situation in the blockchain sector in Belgium? Do you receive government support? Are there powers to support you for your sectoral solutions?

We are not receiving any financial support yet. We had meetings with the Belgian government before, but nothing final came out of these meetings.

12. How many professionals are registered with TAN and how are you growing the partners within TAN?

The TAN hasn’t been our focus at this time. TAN is part of the intensive marketing campaign. Like mentioned before, the TAN is there and ready to use. The community can ask their trusted notary/lawyer to sign up and be part of their legacy plan for Inheriti.

13. Is it true you sold all your VeChain and loads of SHA onto the market recently? If so, what is the purpose and goal for doing that? If you didn’t can you clarify to everyone that it was simply a rumor?

Our VeChain wallet is known and open to the community. I can confirm that we currently don’t hold any VeChain anymore in that wallet. The funds raised back in 2018 are being used for developments, patents, operational costs, etc.

No, we are not selling SHA in the open market.

14. Inheriti is one of the first projects in this field. Most people don’t even know what it is. How do you plan to make it feasible?

Inheriti is a project EVERYONE needs! Within Inheriti we have four protection plans:

– Family Circle: Make your assets inheritable to your family and loved ones.

– Investment Circle: Create a fund between stakeholders, friends, and/or business partners while keeping full control.

– Business Continuity Plan: Make assets inheritable in the corporate world.

– Safe Haven Vault: Upload photos, documents, and other files that can be made inheritable.

If you do some research on the market, providers like Everplans make millions of revenue/year. Our goal is to create white-labeled solutions for these partners so they can provide the security and trustability from the blockchain and SafeKey to their customers without even knowing they use blockchain or SHA.

15. Will there be any plans to integrate the new PayID services in any way in the future?

We will look into PayID.

16. I read somewhere that the website was due for an update. Is this in the planning? I think it could use more info on your products and how they work.

Yes. Our designer is currently working on a new website.

17. What percentage of the market do you believe you can capture with Inheriti? Do you have any user count targets for the next few years based on the above?

With the Inheriti business solution, we will focus on traditional players who already have their customer base but are looking for a blockchain solution. With the community solution, we will focus on B2C customers who can use our platform for their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn passwords or who just want to have their heirs get full access to their digital assets. It’s difficult to put a percentage on that. Inheritance and estate planning are a multi-trillion dollar industry. If we could take 0.5 percent, that would make us a very successful company.

18. Someone said to me that marketing has not begun yet so I am assuming the website update would be part of increasing marketing?

Yes correct. New website, one pagers, pitch decks, marketing materials, etc…

19. Does the B2B element of Inheriti include integration within exchanges?

Integration within exchanges is indeed part of the B2B strategy. We know that these integrations will bring the most eyes on SHA within the blockchain space.

20. Are you in talks with any companies that have access to a large client base? Internationally?

Yes we are. We are in a final discussion stage with a Japanese company who is responsible for incubation in Japan. They contacted us and showed interest in SafeKey and Inheriti. They work with companies like Lenovo, Google, SalesForce, Kaspersky, and others. Since Japan is mostly an aged population, we see opportunities there.

21. How would you explain Safe Haven in one sentence?

The most safe and secure inheritance platform on the market. With technology evolving and quantum computing on the horizon, I can say that our technology will play a crucial role in the future.

22. Are there any potential partners waiting to see Inheriti?

Yes. I can say that the business side of the company is going full force with several meetings on a weekly basis.

In the beginning of the year I made a trip to the UAE and was able to pitch Inheriti to several local institutions. I will be going back after the summer to continue these conversations and work on an action plan with some of these parties.

23. How active is your outreach, currently?

Really active. The technical side of the company delivered an amazing product. Now it’s time for the business side to step up and sell it. I’m 100% confident that we will succeed based on the things I have seen.

Thomas: To be more specific, we have reached out to roughly 150 varying partner types in the last 45 days or so.

24. Where do you see Safe Haven 1,000 days from now?

I can see Safe Haven being a household name within and outside the blockchain space. There is currently no similar solution and the demand keeps growing. Companies who tried to achieve what we have such as Digipulse, Heirs, and PassOn all disappeared from the space. It’s a niche and you need dedicated people to succeed. If there is one thing we have, it’s dedicated people.

25. Once Inheriti is live, marketing is next. On the tech side though, is ThorPay next?

Yes. ThorPay is next, right after Inheriti.

26. You mentioned there are four protection plans with Inheriti, and the Family Circle would be first. Are the other three being worked on currently and are they close to beta testing?

Most are quite similar to the TFC (The Family Circle) in technical terms. Each plan needs its own environment and adjustments but we will try to release the other plans as fast as possible.

27. Any plans for a meetup soon?

Yes. Once the Covid-19 situation is resolved we will host a meetup.

28. I’ve seen other crypto companies successfully resolve the issue of providing liquidity of their own token by promoting and instructing new users that if they want to purchase the token they should do so via Uniswap. The existing token holders are incentivized to add their token to the liquidity pool and will be rewarded more tokens from the token’s team/foundation based on how long they provide liquidity… which to me sounds like a lot cheaper of an option than paying a 3rd party company to help with the liquidity issue. I realize Uniswap is ERC20 specific, but you’ve also developed some of your own software that could, in theory, also be used for this purpose or similar. — Have you considered going this type of route instead of trying for more exchanges? is another example of a liquidity pool that most are familiar with in the VeChain space. To have a centralized single location for all liquidity instead of more exchanges = token supply getting stretched and a thinner spread around more places. Curious what your thoughts are on that, thanks 🙂

This is something we will discuss internally. I can not give an opinion on that right now.

29. Can we expect more features added to Comet to support SHA, credits or other aspects of the Safe Haven products? If so, is there anything you can share?

I believe that making Comet a paid model would harm the solution. We are adding extra safety and security features but we will not ask money to use Comet.

30. Is there a timeline on when Comet will be released with all the extra safety and security features?

With all hands on Inheriti release and ThorPay right after, it will not be soon.

31. Is Inheriti starting to look like you initially imagined it a long time ago?

Yes it is. UX is top priority right now and finding the balance between a fully decentralized solution and user friendly platform was very difficult. In my opinion, we succeeded and I’m looking forward to showing everyone our product.

32. What ever happened with the patent and Chainlink problem?

After doing due diligence on Ngrave, we realized that they are not a competitor.

33. Could Inheriti also be a backup solution if someone loses/forgets their mnemonic phrase/wallet details?

Yes! 🙂

Final Message From Logino:

Okay, before wrapping up this AMA, I would like to express my gratitude to our dedicated community and believers. Safe Haven has been here since 2017 and the market has been rough on us over the past two years. We always kept our vision alive and we are still pushing strong. With banks, estate planning companies, and legacy providers in our pipeline and the combination between blockchain technology and user credits, I believe that we worked on the perfect solution. We have started to receive some recognition from traditional players and liquidity providers in the market who appreciate the efforts we have put into the solution with our patents, SafeKey, quantum computing proof, etc. We will succeed, and lately I have seen several members really putting out the word on social media. Thank you for that, and keep up the good work!

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