Safe Haven is proud to announce ThorBlock, the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VeChainThor Blockchain - Safe Haven

Safe Haven is proud to announce ThorBlock, the first communal funding turnkey solution on the VeChainThor Blockchain

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ThorBlock is a product of Safe Haven. The primary objective of ThorBlock is to handle the remittance and accounting of contributors’ pooled funds specific to offerings within the VeChain ecosystem. In short, utilizing ThorBlock allows pooled funds between multiple contributors to be accounted for and safely managed.

ThorBlock brings several advantages to the VeChain Ecosystem. The first of which, is the “Community Pool”. The Community Pool will be desirable for those who wish to participate in pre-sale or private bonuses, but do not have the means to do so individually. The potential use of the service is described below:

  • Individuals will join a Community Pool [the Community Pool will be led by the “Pool Admin”; Pool Admins will be required to lock a designated amount of SHA tokens for a period of time]
  • The community pool may choose to require whitelisting if deemed necessary
  • VET is collected from each member and transferred to a wallet owned by the projects organization
  • Upon receipt of the pooled [VET] contribution, the projects organization will confirm the transaction
  • Tokens will be distributed to the pool utilizing smart-contracts ensuring that each member of the Community Pool receives their designated amount based on their individual contribution

Please note that this is only for new wallets and not the existing nodes. You need to keep the minimum amount for your existing node in your mobile wallet to avoid losing any status.

Within ThorBlock V2, Senior Safe Haven Masternode holders will have the ability to swap VTHO for VET or SHA, allowing community members to further harness the immediate power of their VTHO generation. As with being a Pool Admin, Senior Safe Haven Masternode holders also need to lock a portion of SHA tokens to gain access to this feature.

The release of ThorBlock V1 is expected within the first week of October. The ThorBlock V2 release will be very short after the first release.

Currently, we are looking for community testers for our ThorBlock solutions prior to BETA launch. If you wish to be part of ThorBlock’s evolution, you can sign up here:

In a few days we will release the TGE details, you can still whitelist for our Token Generation Event here.

You may also follow and support ThorBlock here on the following social channels:




As always, we would like to thank our Safe Haven community for their support during our journey. We appreciate your commitment. Please stay tuned for more developments.

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