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Safe Haven: July 2019 Development Update

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Despite the holiday period and the fact that we were not in full force, our team did not sit still. We continued our efforts in order to maintain our development targets and due dates.

Safe Haven Inheritance Platform

SHIP documents are being encoded and processed in order to create a comprehensive collection of dynamic web pages that will give an in depth overview of Safe Haven’s Inheritance Platform. These libraries are covering the following topics:

  • SHIP Introduction Pager — Refurbished whitepaper
  • SHIP User Guide — Step-2-Step/how-to guides, including some best practices
  • SHIP LLD — Low level design of the platform
  • SHIP SK Design Docs — SafeKey design including in-depth protocol description and firmware API
  • SHIP SK Software Docs — SafeKey SDK description, including server and client library examples
  • SHIP Intellectual Property — Safe Haven’s overview for patent, licensing and copyrights

The documentation will be made available through the url (currently password protected) and a public Github repo in which users will be able to send PR and comments/questions in order to make the docs more accurate and understandable.

We all know that in SHIP, our TAN is an important asset of the ecosystem as a user/initiator can add a verified legal entity into several protection plans, nevertheless our inheritance platform can work completely automated by the usage of, what we call, dead man switches (DMS). This means that the release of the smart contracts (through a decryption process which are explained in the SHIP-docs in detail) are triggered after a pre-selected period of time. A few predefined death man switches are:

  • Login; CONDITION — last platform login
  • Mail; CONDITION — mail link click
  • SMS; CONDITION — reply by SMS
  • Phone call; CONDITION — answer by phone

These trigger conditions can be an ‘and’ or an ‘or’ operator based on the configuration chosen by the initiator.

We continue to aim for transparancy and decentralization, for this reason we introduced a DMS smart contract, that follows the same logic as the validators shares. They are “released” once the DMS are triggered.

These DMS will be tested exhaustively with our beta testers. Based on the testers’ comments, they will be adapted and fine-tuned where needed.

The beta tester pool is the pool of users that pre-ordered a Safekey (approx. 200 users) and the ID is the email with which they ordered the hardware dongle a few weeks ago.

While performing several security assessments and conducting the public beta release, we will focus on the User Experience (UX) aspect as well. The goal is to make a complex system easy to use. We are in talks with an award winning UX and design team in order to make SHIP user friendly, while ensuring a look and feel that we believe the platform deserves before going live.

SafeKey Based Multi-Sig

As the development of our FIDO2 based custom storage firmware is finished and the hardware is being manufactured as we speak, we are exploring more and more use cases for our SafeKey hardware dongles.

One consideration is hardware-based multi-signature transaction validation/signing, which can be added in third-party apps or wallet providers like Arkane and/or Thorpay.

Do you have an idea or a project where you would like to add hardware based transaction signing, let us know how we can help you by sending an email to: [email protected]. More about this exciting topic in the next development update.


We have finalized the ThorBlock v2 smart contract updates [enabling all VIP-180 tokens]. Currently, the GUI is being integrated into the platform.

Here is a sneak peek of our ThorBlock portal.

ThorBlock Pitchdeck Available Here


We are in the process of migrating our production servers from Openstack to AWS. This move will allow Safe Haven to scale more efficiently without loss of data and user connectivity, as we aim to increase the productivity of our workforce.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we continue to move forward.

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