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Safe Haven’s Inheriti® A Digital Inheritance Solution for Cryptocoin Holders

There are many tragic news stories of people who have either misplaced the private keys to their cryptocurrency wallets or died unexpectedly, leaving their relatives unable to access their crypto fortune they worked hard to earn.

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The Importance of the SafeKey’s Personal Identification Number

This small write-up explains the importance of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) length and covers -in a nutshell- the efforts we invested in some aspects of our SafeKey related security features.

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SafeKey: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As many in the cryptoverse eagerly await the launch of Inheriti, Safe Haven’s flagship solution for digital inheritance, we’d like to draw your attention back to SafeKey, a hardware device for your security and protection.

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Safe Haven: July 2019 Development Update

Despite the holiday period and the fact that we were not in full force, our team did not sit still. We continued our efforts in order to maintain our development targets and due dates.

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SafeKey FIDO 2 now available, the secure key for your digital life.

Our digital identity is more important today than ever before, especially within the growing crypto-sphere. Correct representation on social media and in public is essential for both individuals and businesses. Moreover we can hardly forego important online services such as banking and finances. Stolen accounts and wallets can have disastrous consequences for those affected. At the same time, successful attacks on online services and accounts are repeatedly being made public. Perpetrators also use captured usernames and passwords in order to log in with those credentials to other online services, which is why most large online services now support two-factor authentication.

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