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Safe Haven: May 2019 Development Update

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This is the first development update of what will become a monthly norm for Safe Haven. Our intent is to ensure that the community is aware of our backend developments, as we move forward. Not all development successes will be present in each release, however we will look to present a number of updates in each segment. Though the development updates are of a technical nature, we will present them in a general sense for clarity.

Multi-Party Payments (MPP)

In order to provide SHA utility in all our platforms, we created a centralized node based MPP service that interacts through simple restful API calls. This way we can manage Multi-party payments for all our smart contracts. Some examples are adding or removing users to the MPP plan for a specific contract.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Safe Haven has also been building an exhaustive Software Development Kit. This is a set of tools written in order to make current and future developments easier for third-party developers to integrate our technology. With a goal of third-party integration, the software kit is a critical piece of our marketing strategy, in that our products/solutions will not require a great deal of our partners’ resources to implement.

SafeNode Application

SafeNode Application is ready and continues to be under review. In the meanwhile, we deployed our Safe Node Contracts ( on mainnet; defining the end of the SafeNode v1 development.


With the official release of our SafeKey expected within a month’s time, we would like to share some cool features we have worked on:

  • Device-To-Device backup feature: this makes it possible to backup your SafeKey (cold stored data) from one SafeKey device to another in a secure and confidential way as everything is done in the user’s browser, nothing is sent online.
  • We will also offer a method to backup your device to the cloud, which removes the need to buy an extra hardware device. This is not our preferred method, as the goal is to always keep our data cold stored.
  • Originally, we designed firmware that would only be compatible with one particular domain type, particularly the SDPSS for SHIP. Now we have added multi-domain support allowing us to use the secure data storage features for other platforms as well, like ThorPay. One specific use case would be utilizing our SafeKey as a hardware-based Multi-Signature solution.
  • In order for third-parties to integrate our SafeKey, whether it is for standard FIDO2 usage or our SDPSS feature utilization, we created a set of PHP server and javascript client-side libraries that makes it easy for other projects/platforms to implement.

Our public beta release of SHIP is also around the corner; post SafeKey release. Outside of re-ordering our seed steps and improving our encryption functions, we also aligned our blockchain related functions by including our own SDK’s.

Originally, SafeID was meant to serve as a unique Identity Management Gateway for all our platforms. We have now begun adding billing and subscription functionalities, incorporating SafeID within the entire Safe Haven ecosystem.

Development is a quiet and extremely focused process, but work continues daily. We want to thank the community for the continued support, especially while we make strides on all technical fronts. Stay tuned for future updates.

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