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Safe Haven: Pioneering Decentralized Solutions

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Safe Haven is a decentralized B2B2C platform for digital asset management and financial technology solutions.


Safe Haven is a service committed to making your assets inheritable. Safe Haven gives contributors the opportunity to secure their digital assets without locking themselves out. Safe Haven (SHA) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the VeChain platform.

Established in 2017, Safe Haven aims to provide advanced FinTech solutions powered by blockchain and Safe Haven’s own patent-pending protocols along with Safe Haven’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) cold-storage devices.

With a focus on security, Safe Haven provides decentralized financial, backup, inheritance, and data transfer products for individual consumers and established organizations.

Blockchain Agnostic Approach

Safe Haven have adopted a blockchain agnostic approach and are developing Safe Haven’s own SafeSwap protocol that will support the usage of Safe Haven’s products across many different chains.

This approach will also bring many advantages for Safe Haven’s customers and clients. For Inheriti, Safe Haven’s inheritance solution, it means that heavily encrypted digital shares containing portions of secret data can be stored across several blockchains – this will provide greater resilience and will ensure the longevity of Inheriti decades into the future.

Safe Haven’s flagshipsolution for digital inheritance, Inheriti allows family members, businesses, and/or stakeholders to access and distribute assets upon a user’s passing or at the end of a time-locked contract.

The Safe Haven Coin (SHA)

SHA is a cryptocurrency. It is a scarce digital asset (token) that you can use on the internet – similar to Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) – but instead of acting as a pure form of payment, the utility of SHA lays in the usage of the Safe Haven ecosystem.

SHA can be used in locking or staking mechanisms and can be used to gain access to Safe Haven products and services, it is the lifeblood of Safe Haven.

Safe nodes

Safe Haven community members can contribute to the stability of the ecosystem by staking SHA in their VeChainThor mobile wallets.

Safe Nodes have four tiers:

  • Connect Node: 1,000,000 SHA
  • Harbor Node: 2,500,000 SHA
  • Consensus Node: 10,000,000 SHA
  • Legacy Node: 30,000,000 SHA

Token utility

Once nodes are bound on the blockchain via the SafeNode app, SHA holders receive rewards and discounts on services based on the type of node(s) being held. Please visit the following page here for all the specifics.

Any gas that is utilized for each transaction will be traded for the equivalent amount of SHA tokens on the open market every week. Eighty percent of that will go into a community pool for nodes (to be distributed monthly). The other twenty percent will be burned. Thus, the circulating supply of SHA tokens will dwindle over time through utility. The more utility, the more rewards for node holders and the more token burn. If the supply drastically decreases through adoption, SHA has the ability to trade in decimals.

Safe Haven Government

Safe Haven believes a well-governed community is the key to longevity, growth, and stability. Making an actionable governance system that matches the identity Safe Haven envisions for their product, is the base on which they built their ecosystem. At its core, Safe Haven does not believe in a fully anarchically decentralization, nor does it believe in totalitarian governance. The Safe Haven Government ensures the development, innovation, coordination, and advancement of the Safe Haven ecosystem. The Government includes the founders, Legacy node holders, strategic advisors, and stakeholders.

For more information about the exciting project of Safe Haven, please visit:

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