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Safe Haven – What it is & How to Buy

Since 2017, Safe Haven has been using blockchain and its own innovative security and storage protocols to provide clients with safe, efficient methods of managing and transferring their digital assets.

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Safe Haven Atomic Swap (SafeSwap) Beta Testing and Review

The Safe Haven team has announced the atomic swap feature (SafeSwap) of their native SHA token across multiple blockchains. The platform has requested their community members to thoroughly test and review the feature. The project is only allowing whitelisted members to participate in the testing process.

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Safe Haven: Pioneering Decentralized Solutions

Safe Haven is a decentralized B2B2C platform for digital asset management and financial technology solutions.

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Inheriti: World’s first and only full decentralized, patent pending, Digital inheritance platform

Inheriti is essentially a cybersecurity platform that guarantees safe and secure ‘digital inheritance’. In a world, where most of our assets and identities exist online, loss/mismanagement of private keys, seed phrases, passwords, and other crucial credentials are much more frequent than otherwise thought.

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