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Safe Haven Secures Optimism Builders Grant: Fueling SafeSwap’s Expansion

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We are excited to announce that Safe Haven has been awarded an Optimism Builders Grant to integrate Optimism blockchain into SafeSwap!

SafeSwap, our atomic swapping protocol, enables builders to transfer their native tokens across multiple EVM-based blockchains, without having to rely on wrapped tokens or middlemen.

Exploring the Optimism Blockchain

Optimism is more than blockchain technology, it’s a collective of companies, communities, and citizens working together to reward public goods and build a sustainable future for Ethereum.

While some rollups are source available, Optimism’s code is open-sourced and MIT licensed. Specification is designed from the ground up to align with Ethereum, so everything works out of the box exactly the same way it would on Ethereum, enabling developers to immediately start innovating on Optimism without having to learn new programming languages or overhaul code.

Optimism is the most forked rollup, and home to a values-aligned community of developers, builders, and crypto enthusiasts.

Learn more about Optimism via

A Grant-Fueled Journey: From Application to Integration

Safe Haven achieved a significant milestone by being selected in Cycle 14 Final of Optimism Builders Grants, amidst 97 total applicants, highlighting our commitment to blockchain innovation.

As winners, we secured a 20K $OP grant, accelerating our integration efforts and affirming our dedication to advancing cross-chain solutions with SafeSwap.

With SafeSwap’s atomic swapping protocol, builders and users on other chains will be able to expand their activities to Optimism and benefit from low costs, scalability and an entrepreneurial environment with strong community governance.

Developers will be able to transfer their token and port their dapps to the Optimism blockchain, without the need to migrate or make use of wrapped tokens.

Going cross-chain with SafeSwap goes without the need to sacrifice the integrity of a project’s tokenomics: no additional tokens will be minted, and there is no need to divide the token supply across different chains.

As part of the grant, Safe Haven will facilitate the Optimism integration by:

  1. Deploying SafeSwap contract on Optimism
  2. Deploying token contracts on Optimism
  3. Adding support for Optimism in the app’s interface and swapper bot
  4. Internal testing by the Safe Haven Beta Testers Group, supplemented as required by Optimism testers.
  5. Developing and executing launch plan and informing projects and users strategy
  6. Creating strategic marketing plans showing developers how they can leverage SafeSwap’s protocol.

Learn more about the full grant process here.

Are You A Builder?

SafeSwap solves one of the biggest security risks of cross-chain interoperability and multichain DeFi applications: wrapped tokens.

As a project owner or app developer, you understand the importance of making your project available across multiple blockchains, but you also understand the importance of the security of your tokens and the integrity of your project’s tokenomics.

The integration of Optimism into SafeSwap opens doors to unlimited potential for projects and app developers.

By implementing SafeSwap and enabling atomic swaps, you open doors to a broader audience. Your token becomes available across multiple blockchains, increasing visibility and attracting more attention to your project.

This expanded reach naturally leads to the growth of your user base.

SafeSwap hereby enables the development of multichain dApps. This enhances your project’s versatility, sustainability, and potential for long-term success.

With SafeSwap handling the technical complexities and security of cross-chain atomic swaps, you can focus on what matters most: building and growing your project.

Use your token across multiple chains in a fraction of the time it would take you to build your own solution.

Unlock the benefits of interoperability, start building future-proof multichain applications today!

Apply for a SafeSwap listing via

Join the Movement

If you are passionate about SafeSwap and want to make a difference, this is your chance to get involved and earn attractive rewards.

Our SafeSwap Commission Program is designed to reward community members for their knowledge and effort in helping us identify new projects to be listed on SafeSwap.

To participate, simply visit this page and reach out to us with a project that wants to go cross-chain. Please be aware that it’s important that their native token is deployed on one of the connected blockchains.

If you are the first person to bring a project to our attention that leads to a paid listing, you will receive a commission of $300.

All requirements for a project, an explanation of SafeSwap and the application form can also be found at

We look forward to working with you to grow the SafeSwap ecosystem!

Join our Commission Program now and earn!

SafeSwap Commission Program:

Closing Thought

In closing, the integration of SafeSwap with Optimism opens the door to a future where the Safe Haven ecosystem, including products like Inheriti® 2.0 and Comet 2.0, gains accessibility across multiple blockchains. This endeavor is supported by the Optimism grant, which will expedite the integration process, enabling us to expand more swiftly than anticipated.

Initially, the integration offers the advantage of making the SHA token accessible on Optimism. Looking ahead, this integration holds the potential for products like Inheriti® and Comet to seamlessly align with Optimism’s infrastructure.

This achievement marks an important milestone within the Safe Haven ecosystem, but it’s important to note that this is just the beginning of a journey filled with potential!

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