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Flash Development Update [2023/39]

⚡ Friday! Let's break down this week's exciting events! 👇 ✅ What is SafeSwap? [VIDEO] ✅ October Staking Program ✅ Optimism Builders Grant for Inheriti® ✅ State of Inheriti® 2.0 ✅ Automatically Swap Excess VTHO to SHA ✅ Upcoming Web3 X Space And more! Read the full FF update!

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Safe Haven Secures Optimism Builders Grant: Fueling SafeSwap’s Expansion

The integration of SafeSwap with Optimism opens the door to a future where the Safe Haven ecosystem, including products like Inheriti® 2.0 and Comet 2.0, gains accessibility across multiple blockchains. This endeavor is supported by the Optimism grant, which will expedite the integration process, enabling us to expand more swiftly than anticipated. Initially, the integration offers the advantage of making the SHA token accessible on Optimism. Looking ahead, this integration holds the potential for products like Inheriti® and Comet to seamlessly align with Optimism's infrastructure. This achievement marks an important milestone within the Safe Haven ecosystem, but it's important to note that this is just the beginning of a journey filled with potential!

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Safe Haven Expands by Appointing Dr. Justin Goldston as a Grant Advisor and Inheriti® Representative!

📢 Exciting news! We are thrilled to welcome @phd_justin, a renowned expert in education, research & blockchain as an advisor to $SHA. His focus on grants & expertise in #web3 will be invaluable as we continue to innovate & create secure solutions for the Safe Haven ecosystem like @Inheriti_com, @SafeKeyU2F,, Comet 2.0 and more! Read the full announcement here.

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