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Flash Development Update [2023/02]

Dive into some of the milestones achieved during the week: 👨‍⚖️ @Inheriti_com Patents Unopposed 🏦 @kucoincom Increases $SHA Decimal Positions in Order Books 🏛 @vechainofficial Featured SafeSwap’s Total Liquidity Locked 🧙‍♂️ @ShamanicOracles Staking Pool

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Flash Development Update [2022/10]

✅ SafeSwap teaser + how it works ✅ Special SafeKey deal ✅ First SafeSwap Listing Partner ✅ Safe Haven Discord ✅ And more

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We Have Been Awarded A U.S. Patent To Protect Our Solutions!

We just received a Notice of Allowance for 34 claims within our U.S. patent filing!

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