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Safe Haven Partners with Mad Ⓥ-Apes to Provide DeFi Inheritance and Personal Backup Services for Members within their Metaverse Community

Mad Ⓥ-Apes is fortifying security and recovery methods for their ecosystem, by partnering with Safe Haven and integrating Inheriti®, to ensure all NFTs within their current and future collections remain accessible via decentralized inheritance or personal backup protocols; in addition to an Inheriti® integration, Safe Haven and MVA will have an NFT collaboration for our upcoming SHAman NFT collection.

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Safe Haven Teams Up with Music Producers to Enhance Awareness for Their Product Suite

To provide the community with heart-felt collectibles, Safe Haven has collaborated with VeSongs, AirWorthy, and DJ Burnz to mint music NFTs on the VeChainThor Blockchain. As producers, the collaborators above have dropped several NFT soundtracks for VeChain projects to include, VeThugs, MadV-Apes, StonerPunks, VeSongs. We support their individual efforts and respect their diligence in representing each project accurately, before producing a track.

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