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A Year of Promise: Safe Haven’s Roadmap 2024

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As we enter 2024, there is a clear sense of optimism within the crypto world, characterized by an increasing retail interest and renewed investor confidence. This positive shift is being fueled by a clearer regulatory environment, broader public acceptance and a growing recognition of crypto’s potential in mainstream finance and beyond.

In this promising context, we will continue our mission of providing secure and decentralized solutions for digital inheritance and legacy transfer, going beyond cryptocurrency. 2023 has been a Year of Progress, in 2024 we enter a Year of Promise. Safe Haven’s initial five years were devoted to establishing technical and business fundamentals, the forthcoming phase, will focus on increased product adoption, enhancing utility, further development, and providing seamless user experiences for both Web2 and Web3 users.

We are pleased to share our Roadmap 2024. We have created a realistic plan that could potentially lead us to achieve beyond what has been outlined. Our Roadmap does not encompass our internal goals for 2024. For instance, our dedication to internal professionalization, specifically in the realm of regulatory compliance, and the expansion of our team are significant endeavors that are not explicitly detailed. Similarly, our commitment to the community extends far beyond what is depicted in the Roadmap. Nonetheless, we hope that you can sense our unwavering dedication to the benefit of our community and SHA holders in everything we undertake.

Like all roadmaps, this one will inevitably be influenced by the ever-changing circumstances and unexpected challenges that may emerge in 2024. After five years in the crypto world, we are confident that we will be able to bring this year to a successful conclusion.

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation for your loyalty and support, and invite you to join us in this exciting year ahead.


Roadmap 2024

Inheriti® 2.0

Web App UI/UX Development

Inheriti® is a decentralized solution designed to securely transfer and back up access data for a range of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, business and social media accounts, intellectual property, and other digitized information.

With the release of Inheriti® 2.0 in 2024, we present a revamped user interface and user experience that prioritizes simplicity and elegance. Our aim is to offer users an intuitive platform that streamlines the management of digital assets and facilitates the creation of inheritance plans, resulting in a hassle-free and straightforward process.

Web App Platform

The development of the web application of Inheriti® 2.0 will be finalized in 2024. The initial release will incorporate SafeKey Mobile integration, allowing users to store their Inheriti® plan shares on their mobile phones. Subsequent versions will include integration with Stripe for fiat payments, expanding Inheriti®’s accessibility to a wider audience. A dedicated team of five developers is currently working on bringing Inheriti® 2.0 to fruition in the upcoming months.

Launch New Website

The launch of Inheriti® 2.0 will be accompanied by a new Inheriti® website. The website will not only reflect the rebranding and extended functionalities of Inheriti® 2.0, but also provide a hub for comprehensive information and user guides.

Stay tuned via https://inheriti.com

Inheriti® Vault

Inheriti® Vault is a critical element in Inheriti® 2.0, acting as temporary yet secure cloud storage for mobile plan shares until beneficiaries claim their share on their mobile device via their SafeKey Mobile App. The Vault is specifically designed to safely hold shares until beneficiaries claim them. The

Once a share is claimed, it’s promptly removed from the Vault, upholding the integrity and confidentiality of the inheritance plan.

Future versions of Inheriti® Vault will have the capacity to store significantly larger quantities and diverse types of data, as well as accommodate longer durations.

Launch Inheriti®2.0 and Launch Marketing Campaign

The Launch of Inheriti® 2.0 calls for a celebration, complete with a captivating launch marketing campaign! 🥳

API Extension and White Label Option

Inheriti® 2.0 will also be offered as an API integration with a white label option. The Application Programming Interface provides projects the ability to integrate Inheriti® into their existing systems and applications, and offer backup and inheritance services within their own solution. With the white label option projects also have the possibility to offer tis service under their own brand.

SDK & Client Libraries Development

Both SDK (Software Development Kit) and Client Libraries are essential for all modern applications to facilitate core services through the application. A SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of software tools and resources for creating applications or software. Client libraries are pre-built code libraries that simplify the process of interacting with an API. They handle the technical details and protocol-related complexity involved in making requests to the API and handling the responses received.

Inheriti® OS

Safe Haven has high standards for safety and security. To create an utmost safe environment for the Inheriti® application, we create a Linux based sandbox environment which offers a containerized and protective environment, ensuring the utmost security and isolation for the Inheriti® application. The Inheriti® Operating System provides the necessary functionality and tools to manage the sandbox environment. It ensures that it is secure by limiting access to certain system resources, isolating processes, and separating their memory spaces. Together it effectively guards against malicious activities, malware infections, and data theft, providing a reliable shield for the application’s functionality and information.

SafeKey Mobile

SafeKey Mobile is an app that allows you to securely store your Inheriti® encrypted data shares on your mobile device. It is a convenient alternative to storing shares on the hardware SafeKey PRO device. The solution, previously known as Inheriti® Mobile, was renamed SafeKey Mobile to emphasize its role as an alternative to using a hardware SafeKey device.

Many have been eagerly awaiting the completion of this development. In honor of this milestone, we will prepare a launch marketing campaign to signify its arrival.

SafeKey C

SafeKey C is the next generation of our SafeKey devices (formerly also known as SafeKey X), with the integrated USB-C and NFC technology offering mobile compatibility. SafeKey ONE-C offers hardware 2FA functionality as an extra layer of security and allows you to login without a password, even without an internet connection. SafeKey PRO-C offers the added benefit of storing encrypted Inheriti® plan shares through the unique SSDP software. Owners of the current SafeKey models will also be able to enjoy effective mobile use by using a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

To commemorate this special occasion, we are planning a launch marketing campaign to mark this special occasion.

Comet 2.0 Wallet

In 2024 we will integrate SafeKey into the Comet browser wallet. Integrating hardware 2FA authentication provide numerous advantages such as enhanced security, user convenience, protection against device loss or theft and stronger identity verification.

The SafeKey serves as an additional layer of security for accessing the wallet, approving transactions, and protecting against unauthorized access, theft, and fraud. It offers convenience by eliminating the need to remember and enter complex passwords or PINs regularly. Users can simply use their SafeKey to log in, making it user-friendly. In the event of a lost or stolen device with the Comet wallet installed, SafeKey ensures the security of the wallet by preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing the wallet and its contents.

Customer Support

Improved Inheriti® Documentation

As Safe Haven’s products evolve and the number of users increases, so does our focus on user information. In 2024, we will refine our documentation to be more accessible and informative so that builders and users of all technical backgrounds can easily navigate and use Inheriti® 2.0.

Educational Content

To support the use of our products, we are starting to create a series of how-to videos and walk-throughs. The first tutorial video will demonstrate the step-by-step swapping process of SafeSwap. Additionally, a detailed guide on connecting the SafeNode app with the Veworld wallet is in the make.

Improved Customer Service

We recognize the importance of a streamlined customer support system in ensuring customer satisfaction and maintain a positive brand image. With the anticipated growth of our user base, we foresee a rise in the need for customer support. To efficiently manage this, we will be implementing a ticketing system that enables us to promptly address inquiries and concerns, prioritizing the needs of our customers. Additionally, this system will facilitate the analysis of customer feedback and data, empowering us to identify problem areas and areas for enhancement.


New Blockchain, Wallet & Token Listings on SafeSwap

In the upcoming year, our commitment to SafeSwap includes introducing additional blockchains and projects, as well as integrating more wallets. Our atomic bridge enables the transfer of native tokens between EVM-based chains, empowering projects to take advantage of each network’s unique strengths, be it in scalability, transaction speed, or governance models. The addition of more wallets and listings not only increases token swapping opportunities, but also generates more platform fees. A significant portion of these fees goes towards the node rewards pool. We are currently in talks with different chains and projects, and we look forward to sharing more information and updates in the near future.

The SafeSwap Commission Program will continu in 2024. If you have any suggestions for projects that want to make use of SafeSwap and list their token, then this program is a chance to monetize this knowledge. For more details regarding the prerequisites and the rewarding system, please visit SafeSwap Commission Program.

New SafeSwap and Inheriti® API and White Label Integrations

In 2024, we will continue our efforts to offer SafeSwap as an API integration to builders, providing them also with the option of a white label feature. This year, the Inheriti® API and white label option will also be made accessible. New integrations will not only provide convenience and flexibility to builders and help build the Safe Haven brand, it also increase the utility rewards for our SHA node holders.

Expand Inheriti® to OP and Ethereum

With the help of SafeSwap, Inheriti® 2.0 is set to become a multichain service in 2024. SafeSwap has enabled the conversion of SHA into a multichain token, making it a utility token for Inheriti® across all interconnected chains. We start to expand Inheriti® to Ethereum and Optimism blockchains, providing backup and digital inheritance services to businesses and users on these chains. Additionally, we will offer API integration and a white label option, allowing greater flexibility and customization for developers.

The cross-chain compatibility of SHA also allows users to interact with other smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) on different blockchains. This means that token holders can engage in various activities, such as participating in decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending platforms, and staking applications.

Expand Inheriti® to Web2 businesses

With the completion of the Stripe integration in 2024, Inheriti® plans can also be paid for by fiat, enabling us to tap into the vast market of Web2 businesses and their customers. In 2024 we will start intensifying our contacts with Web2 businesses. As part of this effort, we have already planned our presence at the prestigious Startup Grind Global Conference in April. This event will provide an excellent platform for introducing Inheriti® and our other services to Web2 businesses and investors.

Inheriti® Affiliate Program

The Inheriti® Referral Program, launched in 2022, will be enhanced and transformed into the Inheriti® Affiliate Program. This program offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to earn a commission by promoting Inheriti® and leveraging their own marketing efforts to drive sales. Affiliates will be assigned a unique affiliate link and for each Inheriti® plan established through the link, the affiliate receives a commission. Each affiliate has access to their personalized dashboard, which will provide them with statistics on the number of clicks generated by their link and details regarding the status of their revenue. The commissions will be paid out in SHA. Affiliates who hold a node in their connected wallet may be eligible for higher commission rates.

Intensify Social Media Presence

To bolster our social media presence, we’re stepping up our game in 2024. We understand the importance of social media in building brand awareness, gaining trust, attracting partners and clients, and staying ahead in the competitive market. The Safe Haven project thrives when we showcase our expertise, receive feedback, and foster a strong community of supporters.

To achieve this, we will increase the frequency of our social media posts, be quick to respond to current events and engage with comments to maintain a dynamic online presence. By doing so, we position Safe Haven as a thought leader and seize opportunities for partnerships and networking.

Our commitment extends beyond mere presence, as we actively engage with the Safe Haven community by regularly sharing updates, addressing concerns and sharing valuable information. Our aim is to cultivate a loyal and supportive community that not only uses our products but also become advocates for them. Although we recognize that creating such an engaged community requires collective effort, we are determined to contribute our best.

To reward and incentivize impactful social media contributions from our community members, we’re considering implementing a Community Content Creation Program. By doing so, we aim to encourage continued active participation within our community. We believe that together, we can achieve great things.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a crucial activity, and with the upcoming release of Inheriti® 2.0, we are finally ready to launch a marketing campaign. We aim to target specific individuals or businesses who are most likely to be interested in our products and services based on their demographics or user segments. We aim to educate, inspire, and encourage them to explore, invest in, and utilize our products. This targeted approach allows us to make the most of our marketing efforts and resources.

As a marketing expert and respected community member said: building the necessary connections cannot be achieved through short-lived banner campaigns on CMC or Coingecko. You build them by maximizing your visibility and impact when the topic is discussed in relevant media channels, by showcasing your solution to relevant audiences, and most importantly, explain and remind people of the problem your solution solves.

Inheriti® and SafeSwap are complex services with sometimes clear and sensitive use cases, making them challenging products to market. Currently, we are in discussions with marketing agencies, seeking their expertise and assistance in this exciting endeavor.

Presence at a Selection of Events

In 2024, we plan to attend a selection of key Crypto events to establish vital connections and showcase our products to both Web3 and Web2 builders and businesses. We have already secured our presence at two significant events: the Startup Grind Global Conference taking place on April 23-24 in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the ETHGlobal Conference scheduled for July 12-13 in Brussels.

Kick-Off ISO 27001 Certification

This year, we are dedicated to furthering our commitment towards establishing a sustainable and thriving organization, by ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements and establishing a robust legal framework. As part of this strategy, we start working towards attaining the ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is a globally recognized international standard for managing information security, including risk management, asset management, access control, cryptography, physical security, human resources security, security incident management, and business continuity planning.

By implementing ISO 27001, Safe Haven demonstrates its commitment to securing sensitive information, protect against potential security breaches, improve customer confidence, and comply with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements related to information security.

SafeNode App

The SafeNode application functions as an interface for initiating node maturity, claiming node tier rewards, participating in the Safe Haven Staking Program and claiming node reward distribution. With technological advancements and changing requirements, the current SafeNode app is becoming outdated for the newest Android versions. In response, we are preparing to create a new SafeNode app in 2024. We are currently exploring design and functionalities.

Items Roadmap 2023 (Temporarily) Put On Hold

In the world of technology, priorities and strategies often evolve to adapt to changing landscapes and new opportunities. In 2023, as we refocused our efforts on core projects and initiatives that align more closely with our long-term vision, we made the decision to (temporarily) remove some items from our roadmap.

Metaverse Protection Packs

The Metaverse Protection Packs were designed to offer comprehensive solutions for earning passive income in partner metaverses, coupled with secure backup and inheritance plans. While this initiative held promise, we decided to redirect our resources to more immediate and impactful areas of our ecosystem. This shift allows us to concentrate on enhancing existing products and services that directly benefit our community.

Business Nodes

The concept of Business Nodes was introduced to deepen business involvement within the Safe Haven ecosystem. Business nodes require a store of SHA tokens, increasing the utility, scarcity and value of the token. The idea of Business Nodes remains part of our contacts with partners, but is no longer a goal in itself.

Staking Interface

The development of an automated staking interface was part of our initial roadmap, intending to provide a streamlined and user-friendly staking experience. However, as we reassessed our priorities and resource allocation, we concluded that this feature, while valuable, is not critical at this stage. We continue to explore ways to simplify and improve the staking process and will keep our community updated on future developments in this area.

Final Words

In the digital inheritance space, competition is intensifying, a sign of the sector’s growing importance. While we recognize this burgeoning competition, we are confident about our products. Inheriti® stands out with its patented SSDP, offering unparalleled decentralization, security and transparency. Our focus remains steadfast on improving our product, confident that our technology’s robustness and reliability will continue to set us apart.

We’re excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead, the potential impact of the Safe Haven ecosystem is immense and we’re honored to navigate this path with you. We envision an ecosystem where utility and rewards are seamlessly integrated, offering real value to our users. We invite you to engage with us, share your feedback and be a part of the Safe Haven community as we shape the future of digital inheritance and blockchain technology.

Thank you for the continuing support and let’s have an awesome 2024!

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