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A Year of Promise: Safe Haven’s Roadmap 2024

We are pleased to share our Roadmap 2024. We have created a realistic plan that could potentially lead us to achieve beyond what has been outlined. Our Roadmap does not encompass our internal goals for 2024. For instance, our dedication to internal professionalization, specifically in the realm of regulatory compliance, and the expansion of our team are significant endeavors that are not explicitly detailed.

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Flash Development Update [2023/05]

With artificial intelligence and data narratives on the rise, it’s essential that we ensure our valuable information is secure and protected. In the coming years, this need for protection will only continue to grow, making encrypted data backups and digital inheritance increasingly important.

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Flash Development Update [2022/51]

Take a gander at our weekly update report as we close the year strong: 📝 CEO Letter — @jurgenschouppe 🗺 #RoadMap of 2023 and beyond 🧬 Evolution of product suite article 👨‍🎨 Rebranding of our @SafeKeyU2F 🎙 Monthly #VET leaders discussion

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