Conveniences Added in Safe Node Upgrade v1.0.6 - Safe Haven

Conveniences Added in Safe Node Upgrade v1.0.6

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It is not unusual for us to quietly observe the requests of the community. We normally would not employ an announcement for the application’s upgrade, however this upgrade involves another element of the Safe Haven ecosystem and we wanted to offer some clarity. As the community is already aware, Safe Node is an important element to our ecosystem. The primary reason for its existence is to track the community nodes and allow for the utilization of what each specific node offers. Some of the more involved benefits require verification of node status. With this in mind, Node will at times undergo upgrades that add another element to the application as a whole.

As mentioned, this upgrade has a few elements and conveniences directly requested by the community. You can now…

  • Rename node wallets

We understand that the ability to rename wallets is a necessary element within the application. Members of the community may move SHA from one wallet to another, affecting the status of their nodes. Thus, the ability to rename nodes may better assist with identification and wallet addresses.

  • Hidden balances and public addresses

An element of privacy to your application. There are some obvious reasons as to why this is an important upgrade to Node and likely can go without mention. The less obvious reason is that node holders will acquire badges similar to the node emblem that each wallet displays. These emblems will further assist in identification, specifically if a node-holder is part of COVE or the Safe Haven Government

  • Integration COVE Application

Having said such, the final upgrade and primary reason for an announcement, is the application process for COVE. The process is extremely simple, however we wanted to have it in writing in the scenario that there were any questions. COVE is offered to all Legacy holders, the purpose of which is outlined in the COVE Introduction. The COVE community must have access to a place where volunteers can plan and discuss charitable actions. A private telegram channel has been established for those who submit the application; only attainable with a Legacy node. Within the Node application, a few fields will allow us to identify those members privately and directly provide the private link to the channel. Once invited to COVE, the interface will display an emblem indicating the wallet that has allowed the user access to COVE and the telegram channel.

We hope that the community continues to provide feedback on Node, as it does not go unheard. Node will continue to be upgraded as time moves on and will allow for more interaction.

As always, we also thank our community for your continued support.

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