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Safe Haven Establishes a Long-Term Dedication to the Community

Last week we successfully released NODE, our Masternode application. We realize that it took more time than we expected and feel that our community stood by us the entire time. With this in mind, we have decided to launch our BOOST Program and reward our incredibly dedicated community members!

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Conveniences Added in Safe Node Upgrade v1.0.6

It is not unusual for us to quietly observe the requests of the community. We normally would not employ an announcement for the application’s upgrade, however this upgrade involves another element of the Safe Haven ecosystem and we wanted to offer some clarity. As the community is already aware, Safe Node is an important element to our ecosystem. The primary reason for its existence is to track the community nodes and allow for the utilization of what each specific node offers. Some of the more involved benefits require verification of node status. With this in mind, Node will at times undergo upgrades that add another element to the application as a whole.

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