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Conveniences Added in Safe Node Upgrade v1.0.6

It is not unusual for us to quietly observe the requests of the community. We normally would not employ an announcement for the application’s upgrade, however this upgrade involves another element of the Safe Haven ecosystem and we wanted to offer some clarity. As the community is already aware, Safe Node is an important element to our ecosystem. The primary reason for its existence is to track the community nodes and allow for the utilization of what each specific node offers. Some of the more involved benefits require verification of node status. With this in mind, Node will at times undergo upgrades that add another element to the application as a whole.

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Safe Haven Introduces: Charitable Outreach for Vibrant Efforts

With the introduction of ThorBlock v2, we find ourselves extremely excited about charity pooling. At its core, Charity will afford the community and those outside, a bridge to close the gap between charitable donations and digital donations. It will drive endless possibilities of adoption through impactful outreach. Affording opportunities to those less fortunate; donating to natural disaster efforts; preserving an element of our planet; these and other selfless causes will be the focus of an entirely new element: COVE

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