Development Update 2024/02 - Safe Haven

Development Update 2024/02

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We’re delighted to unveil our second Development Update of 2024! Dive in and enjoy the read!

Inheriti® Tech Update

Inheriti® 2.0 development saw another productive month behind the scenes as we further refined the user experience, continued our internal team testing and prepared for our CGM Ambassador testing phase. This month has seen improvements to the checkout process by seamlessly integrating Safe Node holder discounts, successful deployment of an inheritance plan on Vechain, invoicing for businesses and private users, and more! Additionally, we started the auditing process of Inheriti® new framework with underlying modules subject to auditing (white and black box) in the coming weeks.

An overview of what is new in Inheriti® 2.0

  • Rebranded style & logo.
  • Optimised user-friendly UI & UX, including wording.
  • Possibility of storing on SafeKey Mobile.
  • Fiat version (without crypto terminology), including fiat payment. Also known as Web2 version.
  • Guided data import (see visual below).
  • Possibility of trigger notification by SMS (in the private version DMS), untill now only email notification available.
  • Automatic invoice, with VAT number for businesses and history of invoices.
  • Inheriti® account & Inheriti® plan deletion option.

These advancements will solidify Inheriti®’s position in the inheritance solutions market and we are excited to collaborate with potential partners moving forward.

Inheriti® on Optimism

Safe Haven has achieved a significant milestone with the successful deployment of the Inheriti® smart contract on Optimism Testnet, marking a major advancement in cross-chain compatibility and functionality. It is the first step of making Inheriti®  available for OP users and creating utility for our SHA token on Optimism. Next step will be testing Inheritii® on Testnet with our Safe Haven Testing group and in a couple of weeks finalizing it for launch on Optimism Mainnet. This upcoming launch will mark the debut of our first cross-chain Inheriti® solution, showcasing our dedication to innovation and interoperability.

The percentage of the plan fees generated on other chains and going into the Node reward pool to be distributed among eligible SafeNode holders, is lower than on the Vechain blockchain due to higher development and maintenance costs. The specific percentage that can be added to the node reward pool needs to be determined later on when there is more insights in the exact costs.

Inheriti® on Ethereum

We proudly announce that Inheriti® is also deployed on Ethereum Testnet. After testing and auditing, Inheriti® 2.0 will also be available for projects and users on Ethereum.

In the words of Jurgen Schouppe: “In my early blockchain years, I was an Ethereum miner, which granted me firsthand experience with its ecosystem and underlying technology. Ethereum was the first blockchain where smart contracts could be built and deployed. Launching Inheriti® on Ethereum feels like fulfilling a long-held ambition, tapping into a vibrant community of developers and believers in the Ethereum ecosystem. Now, our core product stands proudly as a testament to the possibilities Ethereum offers, serving as a digital inheritance solution for all Ethereum enthusiasts.”

In 2024, Inheriti® 2.0 will be available on Vechain, Optimism and Ethereum.

Anodos Finance

We are pleased to announce that our partner Anodos Finance, is upgrading to a Consensus node. Anodos Finance will share their plans for the node when the time comes, we wont be spilling the beans.

As you may recall from our previous articles, Anodos Finance is the force behind the development of AnodoSwap—a comprehensive platform designed for trading, liquidity provision, and portfolio management on the XRP Ledger and its Automated Market Maker (AMM). Once AnodoSwap is launched, our token, SHA, will be featured on the platform, accompanied by the creation of a dedicated SHA/XRP liquidity pool. This initiative seeks to increase SHA liquidity, providing greater access and opportunities for SHA holders.

We expect to provide you with further updates on this partnership as we introduce Safe Haven and SHA to the XRP Ledger ecosystem.

Vechain Node clusters

We take pleasure in sharing something that truly exemplifies the high standard of our work that we are proud of. Our node clusters, meticulously crafted and managed by the team at SafeTech Labs, has operated with 99.98% testnet cluster uptime in one year, meaning that the testnet cluster, which is a group of interconnected test servers used for testing purposes, has been operational and available for use for 99.98% of the time. This leads to a remarkably high level of reliability and stability for the Vechain testnet. The mainnet cluster even had a perfect uptime of 100%. All this while handling more than 10M API requests per month.

From the very beginning, these clusters have not only demonstrated immense power but also unwavering commitment to sustainability and embracing adoption by empowering developers and driving real-world use cases. It is exactly what we stand for: high quality and contributing to a better world for generations to come.

Starting analysis of Layer 2 side chain atop Vechain

We are excited to announce our upcoming analysis and development efforts to construct a lightning-fast and secure L2 side chain on top of Vechain’s L1 chain. This initiative aims to serve as a gateway to secure decentralized storage for the masses and beyond, paving the way for improved scalability and efficiency. We are witnessing our CTO’s dream come true with this development.

The tokenomics of the Layer 2 side chain will positively influence SHA as a driving asset for sure. Our token SHA, being the utility token of our ecosystem, will play a crucial role in the future tokenomics. While this project will take some time to complete, the initial designs are being created. Keep an eye out for further updates.

Partnership with Turtle Labs & BlackVeMarket

You probably have noticed that we have a collaboration with TurtleLabs and BlackVeMarket.

The partnership involves two parts, with more to come in the future. First, an Inheriti® link will be integrated into Turtle Labs at launch and on the BlackVeMarket. The referral link provides easy access to creating an Inheriti® plan. For each Inheriti® subscription created through the referral link, Turtle Labs earns a commission. Each plan generated through the referral link, will contributes 37.5% of Inheriti® plan fees into the Node Rewards Pool and be distributed to eligible SafeNode holders.

Second, a new SafeSwap token listing. Turtle Labs is the creator of the $SQUAD token, which will be listed on SafeSwap after the ending of their initial coin offering (ICO). Once listed, $SQUAD can be seamlessly exchanged between the Vechain and Optimism blockchains. Stay tuned for more updates on Turtle Labs’ future initiatives in this space. Turtle Labs will provide more information about their plans at a later date.

Turtle Labs is a comprehensive DeFi platform built on Vechain that offers a variety of decentralized financial services. This includes a swapping function, token staking with locked funds, and a unique token launch platform.

BlackVeMarket is one of the prominent NFT marketplaces within the Vechain ecosystem, occupying a prominent position among the big three platforms. Driven by a commitment to innovation and user-centric design, BlackVeMarket continue to expand its offerings and services to serve its community. The Inheriti® link on the platform allows BlackVeMarket users to easily create decentralized backup and inheritance plans to safeguard their digital assets from potential loss of seed phrase or PIN and to ensure accessibility for future generations.

$SQUAD Airdrop to SHA Nodeholders

To celebrate our partnership and to show their appreciation for our Safe Haven, Turtle Labs did a 100,000 SQAUD airdrop to all SHA Node holders. SQUAD, a meme coin with a clear purpose, has successfully brought the meme coin Craze to Vechain and is gearing up to launch their first defi products under the Turtle Labs banner. These products, including a DEX, locked token staking, and a token launchpad, will be powered by the SQUAD token.

SQUAD’s ICO closed today, February 28 at 00.00 Las Vegas Time. By leveraging the reach and engaged community of a meme coin, you are guaranteed to hear and see more about SQUAD and Turtle Labs.

Vechain Meetup Amsterdam

Jurgen, one of the founders of Safe Haven, joined the Vechain Meetup in Amsterdam on February 28. To see more highlights from the event, be sure to check out the Vechain channels. Don’t miss the fun picture from Jurgen’s perspective!

Short news:

  • We will be present at the StartupGrind Global Conference April 23-24, Silicon Valley, San Francisco.
  • In Comet wallet we are adding a check on the length of the input for the private key, to ensure the private key has the correct length and prevent confusion.
  • We are looking into ways of contributing to Vechain’s X 2 Earn campaign.
  • We are preparing a set of visuals about the SafeNode benefits and revenue streams.
  • In the Safe Haven webshop, products featuring the old Inheriti® logo will get replaced with the new blue Inheriti® logo.
  • There are more partnerships and token listings on the way, but we can’t share anything yet.
  • Last, we will increase our social media presence from March on!
  • March 2024 staking program opens March 1st. Don’t forget to stake your $SHA fellow SHAman!



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