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Development Update 2024/05

The team is dedicated to creating a successful and impactful presence in the industry and we look forward to the results of our efforts. The Inheriti® demonstrations that have been presented to our (potential) partners so far, have created excitement and received great appreciation. Join us as we journey through the latest updates from May and celebrate the noteworthy milestones reached along the way.

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Development Update 2024/02

Inheriti® 2.0 development saw another productive month behind the scenes as we further refined the user experience, continued our internal team testing and prepared for our CGM Ambassador testing phase. This month has seen improvements to the checkout process by seamlessly integrating Safe Node holder discounts, successful deployment of an inheritance plan on Vechain, invoicing for businesses and private users, and more!

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Flash Development Update [2022/44]

Take a look at some of the recent updates from this weeks’ report: 👨‍💻 New #SafeTech Website 🎙 #AMA with @DragonsoftheW 📦 @SafeKeyU2F Bundle Packages 👨‍🔧 Beta-Testing @Venly_io Integration within @Inheriti_com to begin mapping smart contract migration.

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Flash Development Update [2022/26]

Flash Friday Highlights ✅ @Inheriti_com trademark registered within Hong Kong 🇭🇰 ✅ V2 #Inheriti integration with @INKAEmpireVNFT 🤝 ✅ Partnerships and #AMA sessions are being arranged with #giveaway activities 🎁 ✅ New #SafeSwap listing 👨‍💻

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Safe Haven’s SafeSwap Solution is the Missing Link in the Quest for Multi-Chain Capability

Last week, Safe Haven officially launched SafeSwap, a decentralized atomic swapping platform, where tokens can be swapped between different blockchains.

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Safe Haven Officially Welcomes SafeSwap to the Product Suite

Safe Haven is excited to announce the official launch of the SafeSwap Atomic Swap platform. After extensive community review and cybersecurity testing, SafeSwap is ready to be released to the public, opening a world of opportunity to projects across several EVM blockchains. 

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Blockchains Supported By SafeSwap V1

SafeSwap works with blockchains based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additional blockchains will be added over time, beginning with a larger pool of Ethereum Virtual Machine-based protocols.

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The Basics Of SafeSwap Explained

SafeSwap is a reliable, decentralized protocol. At release, SafeSwap will support atomic swaps, which allows a user to swap a token from one blockchain to another.

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Revolutionary Atomic Swapping With Safe Haven’s SafeSwap

SafeSwap is a revolutionary atomic swap platform that enables tokens to transfer between compatible blockchains. This easy-to-use swap mechanism enables projects to deploy their developed solutions on other blockchains, all while benefiting from speedy and low-cost transactions.

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A First Glance Of SafeSwap V1

As we've already mentioned a few times in the past weeks, you can expect a small buildup to create awareness prior to the release of our SafeSwap platform. The teasers below are a first step towards finalizing the release of SafeSwap V1.

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Safe Haven Waves Goodbye to the Ethereum Blockchain, Last Chance to Swap your SHA!

It has been quite sometime since we had our initial private sale [Primablock] and presale on the Ethereum Blockchain. Since June 2018, we have cleared many hurdles and accomplished a great many things, including moving from the Ethereum Blockchain to the VeChainThor Blockchain. Now fully integrated into the VeChain Community, it is time that we close the remaining Ethereum link, and give one last opportunity to those who participated in the these sales and hold an ERC-20 SHA token to swap. On May 31, 2019, we will cease the opportunity for initial private buyers to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) process and swap ERC-20 SHA tokens for VIP-180 SHA tokens. KYC will have to be completed and verified prior to swapping.

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What Is Safe Haven Cryptocurrency and How Does It Affect Your Digital Inheritance?

With cryptocurrency, funds are protected to the fullest through encryption and storage on a blockchain. But what happens to those digital assets when their holder dies? How are they made accessible to loved ones or friends?

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9 Industries That Will Soon Be Disrupted By Blockchain

Let's face it. Many people are resistant to technological changes in both their personal lives and at the office. However, what they often lack is the vision to see how the new technology they are resisting will improve their lives in the future.

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What Happens To Your Cryptocurrency Assets When You Die? Safe Haven Has An Answer!

Have you ever wondered what happens to all your assets when you suddenly die? The assets in question are most likely secured behind dozens of passwords, keys and passphrases

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