Development Update 2024/04 - Safe Haven

Development Update 2024/04

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Another month of working towards the launch of Inheriti® 2.0, and we are getting closer and closer. Let us take you along in the Inheriti® and Marketing update of April, share the attendance of two exciting conferences with you and highlight the other milestones that April contained.

China and Hong Kong Patent Update

We’ve received confirmation from our Chinese Intellectual Property Law office indicating that China started looking into the patent filing. The patents protect Inheriti®’s unique design elements. China is the only patent still pending. We currently have approved patents in the United States and Europe: Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Web3 Global Partnership

We are excited about our newest collaboration with Web3 Global, a network organization that hosts Web3 conferences and events around the world. Their next conference is currently held in Dubai. Joining their community will help us further promote Inheriti® and showcase its capabilities to a wider audience. Through this collaboration, we have the opportunity to participate in their online activities such as Twitter spaces and metaverse events, which gives us the opportunity to engage with their community and address any questions or concerns they may have about Safe Haven’s solutions. The interaction with potential clients and stakeholders also allows us to better understand their needs and tailor our services to meet them.


New Tutorial: How to Purchase $SHA via PancakeSwap Using MetaMask

To support future buying of SHA on Pancakeswap, we created a guide to purchase SHA via Pancakeswap using Metamask. So if you are new to PancakeSwap, with our comprehensive step-by-step guide, you’ll be navigating the platform like a pro in no time. Whether you’re on your desktop or mobile device, we’ve got it covered every step of the way. Discover how to confidently purchase and securely store your $SHA tokens using the MetaMask app. From setting up your wallet to navigating the platform, our tutorial ensures you have all the knowledge you need for a seamless experience.

Inheriti® Update

As we went through another exciting month of development, some adjustments have been made to our timeline. Our focus has shifted slightly due to earlier than expected feedback from our ongoing security audit, prompting us to prioritize those security optimizations before proceeding with further testing. This proactive approach ensures that when we expand our testing, the beta testers will engage with the most secure version of Inheriti® 2.0 possible.

In the mean time, here’s the full overview of what we’ve been working on:

Security Audit

Our platform is currently undergoing a rigorous security audit conducted by Red4Sec. The objective is to identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities to ensure that Inheriti® is as secure as possible. Our development team is actively implementing recommendations from the audit, and we are making great progress. Once completed, this will pave the way for the broader beta testing phase.

Testing Guidelines and Terminology

To kick off our beta testing phase, we’ve crafted detailed testing guidelines and a comprehensive terminology list. These resources are designed to ensure that our testers fully understand the platform’s functionalities and terminology. If you’re eager to participate, sign up is still open. We are finalizing the security audit and will soon extend beta testing beyond our internal team and select external testers.

Apply as a Private Beta Tester for Inheriti® 2.0:

Plan Migration from Inheriti® 1.0 to Inheriti® 2.0

We’ve successfully implemented a flow for the migration of existing protection plans from Inheriti® 1.0 to the new Inheriti® 2.0 platform. This ensures that all current plans remain active and fully functional within the updated platform. While these migrated plans will retain the feature set of Inheriti® 1.0, they will continue to operate seamlessly, ensuring no disruption or loss of data.

New Activation Method: Phone Call

Enhancing our list of activation methods, we have introduced a new option: phone call verification. This method adds an extra layer of security, because you can now choose to receive a phone call to approve or abort the merging process of your plan. During the call, you’ll be provided a unique code to enter as part of the verification process, ensuring that you’re in full control.

Push Notifications for SafeKey Mobile App

Whenever there’s a share ready to be claimed or needs releasing in the SafeKey Mobile app, you’ll receive a notification directly on your phone. This update is designed to make managing shares more immediate and intuitive for mobile shareholders.

New Inheriti® Website

We are also gearing up for the launch of Inheriti® 2.0 with a brand-new website! You can already sign up at to join the waitlist and be the first to know when anything goes live.

New Inheriti® Docs

To assist our users, we’re developing extensive documentation and user guides. These resources will provide in-depth information on what Inheriti® is, what each feature does and step-by-step tutorials on using the app. This will also include more technical insights like protocol and patent information.

Explainer Video for Inheriti® 2.0

Finally, we are preparing an animated explainer video that will illustrate everything from the problems Inheriti® solves to how the solution exactly works. This video is intended to be as informative and engaging as our previous SafeSwap explainer video, which you can see below:

Marketing Update

We are excited to share that our marketing strategy has been finalized; we are now working on putting in place the marketing infrastructure and have started the development of the marketing collateral to support the upcoming launch of Inheriti®.

Our marketing efforts will be focused on creating awareness for our flagship product Inheriti® and showcasing our different USP’s (Unique Selling Points). In order to create awareness for Digital Inheritance and unparalleled security and the importance of backup plans for your digital assets, we will launch a number of content marketing campaigns via different channels. These campaigns will be supported by community engagement campaigns for which we will share more details in the near future.

Over the years we have built up an extensive network of strategic partners; we are working closely with our network to extend our partnerships to include – marketing for – Inheriti®. We are excited to report that we will soon launch our co-marketing campaign with Syscoin and to soon share more about other new partnerships.

Much more to follow and make sure to keep an eye on our socials to stay on top of developments!

SHT Token Listing on SafeSwap

SHT token is listed on SafeSwap! Although set up as a meme coin, the SHT token developers are serious about bringing more transactions and fun to Vechain. The group of experienced Vechain developers plan to gamify the burning of $VTHO and to create DApps that benefit the Vechain ecosystem beyond measure.

They recently received a grant from Vechain to bring DeFi and liquidity to the Vechain ecosystem. We can’t wait to see how this will further enrich the Vechain ecosystem. Awesome SafeSwap is part of the plan.

Paris Blockchain Week

Jurgen, CEO of Safe Haven, participated in the Paris Blockchain Week representing the Magma project. SafeTech Labs has an interest as a service provider and shareholder in the Magma project and there are several future synergies on the table.

There were interesting talks and an Inheriti® demo for Venly’s CEO and CMO. Safe Haven has a close relationship with the Venly team and there is a lot of potential synergies with integrating each other’s services. Beside interesting conversations with some prestige projects, like the blockchains Stellar, NEO and Aleph Zero, and the Hathor network, he last but not least met again with members of the Vechain team and presented the Inheriti® 2.0 demo to Vechain’s CEO Sunny Lu.

One of the most interesting conversations was with the CEO’s of Hacken and Hackenproof and discuss a partnership agreement for Inheriti® 2.0. More about that in the near future. 🤗

Startup Grind Global Conference

A personal contribution by Jurgen:

During this 2 day event, which was mainly AI focussed, I had the change to listen to some very interesting panels, including one with Coinbase Ventures and Pantera Capital. One of the most striking topics during that panel, was that Coinbase Venture is hardly focussing on integrations on the Base blockchain. Base is an Ethereum-based blockchain developed by Coinbase, operates as a Layer 2 (L2) network, leveraging Optimism to provide a secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly environment for decentralized application (dApp) development.


For me as a founder of a startup, it was very interesting to hear what other founders encounter in their daily operations, and on funding and strategy level. The main mindset, emphasized multiple times, is that you need to keep on believing in what you do, to not have anyone keep you from doing that. That is exactly what we are doing since day 1 and we will continue to do.


We had good discussions with our partners at Atlantis Capital to explore potential collaborations and also connected with incubators based in the United States who are keen to elevate our project. During all these meetings, we presented a demo of our latest version, Inheriti® 2.0, and received highly positive feedback from everybody. They were amazed by the flow of the process and how easy it was to use. The use case for Inheriti® is so obvious and much needed for millions of people around the globe. The apotheoses of all the demo’s was the opportunity to showcase Inheriti® to a manager from IBM, with which we have more in depth meetings planned in the near future.


So overall, it was a well filled agenda, with a lot of potential opportunities to explore. Loved San Francisco too, always great to be there.

Telegram Scam Alert

We’ve recently become aware of numerous unauthorized groups and bots falsely claiming association with Safe Haven and SafeSwap. It’s crucial to note that these entities have absolutely no affiliation with us.

We urge you to exercise extreme vigilance and caution when engaging with any groups, channels, or bots purporting to represent Safe Haven or SafeSwap.

Scammers may employ various tactics, including soliciting personal information, offering fraudulent investment opportunities, proposing fake airdrops or giveaways, and spreading misinformation or phishing links.

To safeguard yourself:

  • Always verify information directly from official Safe Haven channels.
  • Refrain from sharing your private keys or sensitive information with anyone.
  • Promptly report any suspicious activity to our admins.

Short news

  • Our social media calendar has become operational in April, and we have ramped up our activity. Our official Safe Haven and Inheriti® accounts are now more active and we have increased our interactions with other accounts.
  • SHA ERC-20 version can be stored in the Coinbase wallet. SafeSwap is included in the list of DApps of the wallet.
  • We are in talks with interesting new partners, we are looking forward to tell our community more soon 👀



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