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Flash Development Update [2023/08]

Did someone say Friday? Time for this week’s recap! 🥳🍻 ✅ Strategic partnership w/ StartupGrind ✅ Our booth at vechainofficial’s #TheHiVe ✅ $SHA trading & LP pool on VeRocket ✅ And revealing more than planned👀

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Flash Development Update [2022/42+43]

Highlights of the Flash Friday report: 🏛 Success at the @StartupGrind Accelerator Exhibition. 🤝 Partnership with @xspectar to utilize @Inheriti_com. 🎙 Invited to #CRO space hosted by @DragonsoftheW. 📲 $SHA trading competition on @PlenaFinance soon.

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Flash Development Update [2022/41]

Highlights of the Friday report: 📲 PlenaFinance launched our SHA/BUSD staking pool. 🤝 Partnership to integrate Inheriti with i_am_hapi_one. 🎙 Invited to CRO space hosted by DragonsoftheW. 📨 Promo material prepared for StartupGrind Accelerator.

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Flash Development Update [2022/40]

Dive into our weekly Flash report to see recent developments: 🕵️‍♂️ Q3 Review 🏦 #SHA Staking on Plena Finance 📰 Featured in Startup Grind Top 40 🛠 Additional #Inheriti Wallet Support 🧙‍♂️ Airdrop of Chakra #NFTs Complete

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Flash Development Update [2022/38]

Checkout highlights from this week’s Flash Friday report: 🎟 Received ticket for Accelerator Exhibition, in San Francisco, hosted by Startup Grind on October 20th. 🤝 More news about our partnership with Plena Finance. 👨‍💻 Inheriti® wallet support update.

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Flash Development Update [2022/37]

Some highlights from our weekly Flash Friday report: 🏛 Invited to @StartupGrind’s Summit in San Francisco, on October 20th. 🎙 Spoke about #Inheriti support during @xspectar’s show. 🎬 Interview with @RuleXRP. 🎁 Celebrating @worldofv_art’s anniversary.

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