Flash Development Update [2022/08] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/08]

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Business Development Update

Yoniverse Partnership

Safe Haven has partnered with Yoniverse an XRPL NFT project. An internal Inheriti® integration link will be shared with the Yoniverse platform and displayed for the creation of decentralized inheritance plans.

More on this within the release below:  

Safe Haven Partners with Yoniverse, an XRPL Entity, to Bolster the Inheritance Protocols of their Platform and NFTs within the Community!

VeGnomes Partnership

VeGnomes is fortifying their security via Inheriti® integration! Even more exciting, is that they have been chosen to create Safe Haven’s Official NFT Collection!

Be sure to check out the release on this partnership:  

Safe Haven and VeGnomes Partner to Integrate Inheriti® and Establish an Official NFT Collection

Patent Update

Patent Update: U.S. Patent fees have been paid appropriately. The final step is being ‘granted’ by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We will update the community upon receipt.  

Read the full article here:

We Have Been Awarded A U.S. Patent To Protect Our Solutions!

Technical Development Update

Safe Haven Wiki

A new Wiki page will soon be added to the Safe Haven website. The purpose of this Wiki will be to provide the community with a wealth of related materials about blockchain, digital assets, wallets, independently, as well as how they relate to Safe Haven and our products. The Wiki will also play an extensive search engine optimization (SEO) role.

SafeTech rebranding kickoff

We’re currently working on SafeTech’s new website and branding. Here’s a sneak-peek on our development and property arm.

Inheriti now has a trademark

Inheriti is now trademarked Inheriti®! Several trademark filings have already been initiated and approved.

Below are direct links to active filings: 

Europe 🇪🇺


United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Hong Kong 🇭🇰


Community Engagement Update

VNFT Twitter Space with ‘The Virtual Flame’

Tyler (CPO) recently spoke on VNFTs during a Twitter Space held by ‘The Virtual Flame’. To catch up with the 350+ audience members who listened in live, click the link below:

Startup Grind

Get ready to grab your free tickets for Startup Grind: Bridging the Gap to Web3
Tyler will be discussing all things Safe Haven and Web3!
More things to come 🚀

Ticket link below.

Bridging the Gap to Web3

DI, 15 MARCH, 18:30 (EDT) – Virtual Event


Buy your free tickets here:


Giveaways by the Community

There are several active giveaways related to our partnership with Yoniverse!
Be sure to click the link below to enter or just follow along!

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