Flash Development Update [2022/12] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/12]

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Before we dive into this week’s Flash Development Update, we want to ask you to go follow us via Facebook if you haven’t already. We’ll be sharing more and more updates there in the future.

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That said, let’s go on and see what has happened this week.

Business Development Update

Inheriti® Trademark Approved in China!

You could’ve known something was coming already if you follow our Co-Founder and COO Andy Demeulemeester on Twitter, where he expressed early excitement for fundamental improvements.

We have officially received approval for the Inheriti® trademark (class IC42) in China, Hong Kong 🇭🇰!

To view the correspondence, navigate via this link.

Below are the links to other active filings: 

Europe 🇪🇺


United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Mad Ⓥ-Apes Partnership

Mad Ⓥ-Apes partnered with Safe Haven to integrate Inheriti and provide DeFi inheritance services to users within their metaverse.

Click here to read our official announcement article.

SafeSwap Legal Update

Over the past few quarters, our team has been advised by lawyers to ensure all legalities are proper for SafeSwap listing contracts.

Our legal department is finalizing the preparations needed for a smooth launch!

Safe Haven NFT’s

With the upcoming launch of Safe Haven’s NFT collection, the foundation has decided to create a separate Twitter account to update social media on progress within the metaverse.

The name and Twitter handle will be revealed after the login, background credentials, security settings, and other features of the account are established.

Technical Development Update

SafeSwap UI improvements

Awaiting the SafeSwap launch, minor dynamic user interface improvements were made on the cross-chain tokenomics dashboard.

Community Engagement Update

Startup Grind’s Web Series

Tyler was invited to speak during Startup Grind’s web series event, “Bridging the Gap to Web3, Episode 1: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, are you ready?”

Watch the video replay via YouTube:

Wall of Vame

Safe Haven and Inheriti® have been added to the Wall of Vame. When one of the pixel-blocks are selected, a description will appear to define the services provided, which will be accompanied by the platform website URL to enable easy navigation for utilizing products.

See more at https://wallofvame.io

AMA with Crypto Currency News Guy

Tyler was invited, by Crypto Currency News Guy, to join a live AMA Session on his YouTube Channel.

Watch a replay of the AMA session via YouTube:

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  • Wallets holding SHA: 10,104
  • Unique website visitors (March 18, 2022 to March 24, 2022):  1,216

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