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Flash Development Update [2022/13]

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It’s friday again, which in Safe Haven terms means: Flash Development Update!

Number 13 of 2022 this time.

As we are used to lately, we’d first like to ask you to go follow us via Facebook if you haven’t already. We’ll be sharing more and more updates there in the future.

Also: a few SafeKey devices from the current batch are still available for purchase, so order yours while supply is still here! Learn more about SafeKey by clicking here »

Now that we’ve had that, let’s take a look at this week’s recap.

Business Development Update

Inheriti® Trademark Update

Inheriti® Trademark Class IC9 got preliminary approval in China 🇨🇳, which once more brings us one step closer to protecting our brands and solutions.

Improved VerseX / Inheriti® partnership

VerseX and Safe Haven Enhance Inheriti® Integration to Version 2 by Implementing NFT Rewards! 

Technical Development Update

Improved SafeSwap Transaction Fee Structure to Be More Startup-Friendly

Last week -while audit results and documents are still coming in- SafeSwap’s developers have been adding an improved functionality to handle transaction fees in a way that supports all tokens in a better way.

What this means is that instead of paying swap fees in the token that’s being swapped, we are optimizing the structure so fees are paid in the native gas token of the involved blockchain(s).

So why would we do that?

Liquidity for SafeSwap’s profits.

The advantage of using native gas tokens instead of accepting every swappable token, is that SafeSwap is now able to support new projects that are not even listed on an exchange yet and have not yet gained value or liquidity.

If SafeSwap was to accept to pay for transaction fees in a token that has no value, it would be impossible to convert the platform’s profits to dollars or SHA tokens. By only accepting native gas tokens, SafeSwap will always find liquidity somewhere and will have more freedom in how the platform’s profits are then used.

To accomplish this we added gas estimation endpoints to calculate the gas fees on each chain with live data.

We will also add some GUI updates so that the user is made aware of which gas fees will be applied and how much needs to sit in the user’s wallet before a transaction gets signed.

SafeSwap Tokenomics

The improved transaction fee structure of SafeSwap will come with a lot of advantages, one of them is being able to exchange incoming SafeSwap fees to SHA tokens.

For now that’s all we can share about this, but Safe Node holders can start getting excited already.

Full details about the role of SHA in SafeSwap will be made public soon.

Community Engagement Update

Brand new merchandise

New Safe Haven hoodie

A lot of you have asked for it and we finally managed to add it to our webshop: a brand new Safe Haven hoodie, the one that could be seen on the header of our webshop for quite some time now.

Of course we’ve kept the previous design available too.

Order the new Safe Haven hoodie here »

Inheriti® merchandise collection

It was visible on our webshop already, but the collection remained empty to date.

Today, that’s been changed. We finally managed to add a brand new Inheriti® merchandise

Discover the brand new Inheriti® merchandise collection »

Merchandise Design Contest

It’s never easy to please everyone. The same goes for merchandise. There are a bunch of people who love the available designs, but at the same time there are people who’ll never find something they like.

To meet this need, we came up with the idea to involve the community in creating some official Safe Haven and Inheriti® merchandise designs.

The exact details on how this works will follow at a later time, but if you already feel inspired and have some hidden (or unhidden) graphic talents, it could be wise to  run to the drawing board already!

Before you know, your designs can be printed on our official Safe Haven hoodies and t-shirts and become available in our merchandise shop.

Stay tuned!

SafeKey vouchers sent out to eligible SafeNode holders

SafeKey Vouchers were sent out as rewards to Safe Node holders who entered a related tier (check out our improved Safe Node Reward System).

If you’re eligible for a free SafeKey and you claimed it already, you should check your email for your personal voucher and you’ll be able to order your SafeKey via the SafeKey webshop.

Improved SafeNode Rewards System

Discover Our Improved Node Reward System for Safe Node Holders

Opened April’s Staking Program

Safe Haven meets the metaverse

Safe Haven’s Recently Added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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