Flash Development Update [2022/19] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/19]

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Business Development Update

Reassurance of Operability during Bear Markets

You have all seen the current conditions for the cryptocurrency market, but the foundation wanted to remind everyone that we have enough funds set aside to keep developing for another 4-6 years. 

Additionally, our project is an organization that has $SHA utility protocols within multiple different product platforms, some of which provide revenue for the foundation to grow and expand; bear markets are not a worrisome element for Safe Haven because we will get business from other projects utilizing our DeFi services to go crosschain with scalable atomic swapping protocols and ensure their tokens can be protected by decentralized inheritance or personal backup plans via Inheriti®.


The Partnership/Sales department has been extremely busy preparing projects to gain listing support on SafeSwap — in and out of many department meetings to enhance productivity and draft contracts/articles! 

The more swaps are done, the more gas fees are generated, which leads to market buying SHA for additional node utility reward distributions. 


To begin our Pre-Marketing Phase, we contacted a selection of YouTubers to highlight and feature the scalable atomic swapping protocols of SafeSwap — we will continue to contact well known YouTubers/Influencers, share videos created spontaneously from community members, and publish articles covering our patented DeFi protocols via crypto and traditional finance news outlets until our “Full Marketing Phase” rolls-out.

  • Satoshi Boomin talked 6 min in his latest video about SafeSwap. He covered both the Role of SHA in SafeSwap and the partnership with Chain Estate DAO.
  • The Clever Millionaire made a featured video pertaining to the benefits of SafeSwap and how it corresponds to utility rewards for node holders.
  • One of our community members, CripTip Helper, discusses Safe Haven and why he believes the organization has a unique concept:

After Inheriti Mobile launches, and our clients can establish decentralized inheritance plans within the first day of being advertised services, we will look to deploy a global marketing strategy — this will be the “Full Marketing Phase” for our organization, where many professional videos are made for all products within the product suite, to be marketed across many different regions around the world.

SHAManic Orcales Minting 

Presale Results: 

Within 24hrs of opening the Presale, roughly 35% of the NFT supply was minted. 

Public Sale Status: 

At current time of writing this section, 57.44% (5,744 NFTs) of the total has been minted — the public sale opened at 7pm UTC, May 11th, and there are less than 4,256 NFTs available.  

Airdrop Dates: 

  • Airdrop of Companion NFT on the 20th of May, more than likely at 7pm UTC. 
  • Announcement of Gleam winners — airdrop all previous giveaway NFT winners and the 82 NFTs reserved for the gleam event prize pool. 

Minting Tutorial Video: 

A loyal and longstanding member of the VeFam community, Chudnufski (@chudnufski18 Twitter), curated a +10min video explaining how to prepare for the minting of Shamanic Oracles NFTs.

This was a very much appreciated surprise and the foundation of Safe Haven wants to thank all VeFam members for doing these types of initiatives 🙏 

Help us share the video on social media: 

Join on Discord: https://discord.gg/vegnomesnft 

Partners buying SafeNodes

Over the last few weeks, multiple partners have started maturing Connect Nodes to share a percentage of utility rewards with the holders of their OG NFT collections: 

Viva Las Vegas

Tyler Doussan, Chief Partnership Officer, has been invited to attend the PulseCon2022 in Las Vegas. We don’t know if Tyler will be speaking yet, but he will be informed after the representative submits the information that was collected. 

Tyler has already booked his room:

Technical Development Update

Reflection on SafeSwap

How did it go from a technical point of view? 

Our technical department is very pleased with the smooth release of SafeSwap from last week. We have not experienced any technical issues thus far. 

Number of swaps so far? 

Currently there have been +150 swaps, most of which are $DHN swaps from VeChain (VIP-180) to BSC (BEP-20). 

What has been the average user experience and are there any common users errors made?  

Overall users did very well, less then 5 needed some help. 

Below I summarize the common issues: 

  • A user sent gas fees manually to the swapper contract. We advise to not do this and use SafeSwap to present you the tx to sign. If you send them manually, you cannot reclaim gas fees. 
  • Some users experienced a disconnected internet connection during the swap, resulting in an unregistered swap, and we had to help the user reclaim their funds so they could try again with a more stable connection. 
  • A user tried to input incorrect tx id’s in the advanced tab — we advise users not to do this, unless given special instructions by the support team. This feature is only needed when a user wishes to reclaim gas fees for reverted/failed/blocked swap transactions. 
  • A user tried to swap more than 1M tokens — we limited our swapperbot to a maximum of 1M tokens per swap for your own safety at launch. This validation was not added in the frontend and required amendments to increase allotment. 

SafeSwap updates

Gas Limitation

Gas limits are tightened to prevent swaps when volatility in gas prices are too high 

Max Swap Amount Validation

Validation is added in the frontend for the max amount of tokens that is allowed per swap to be greater than 1M if desired. 

Future plans

Decentralized Exchanges

Now that SafeSwap is live and we can swap $SHA from VeChain (VIP-180) to Ethereum (ERC-20), Polygon (MATIC), and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), we are exploring listing possibilities on UniSwap and Pancakeswap in our other supported token contracts. 

Inheriti Crosschain Deployment

Additionally, we will look to migrate Inheriti contracts to the above mentioned chains, so that users can utilize our products on those chains if desired.  

VeChain dApps Discovery tab

SafeSwap is added to the Discovery tab in the VeChainThor wallet. 

Visit VeChain dApps Explorer: https://apps.vechain.org/  

Community Engagement Update

Social Media Appearances

🔔 Monday May 16th — flame space
🔔 Wednesday May 18th — world of v at launch and a space with stock twits

🔔 Dates for your calendar is:  

  • May 15th: SatoshiBoomin interviews Tyler. 
  • May 19th: Crypto Currency News Guy interview with Tyler. 
  • May 20th: Tyler will host a Twitter Space with The official Safe Haven account to discuss the growth of Safe Haven’s product ecosystem and the Shamanic Oracles NFT project. 
  • May 26th: VeChain Thorsday with Jurgen and Tyler. 

Shamanic Oracles Gleam Giveaway

A total of 82 NFTs and 205k $SHA is up for grabs, so make sure you enter this 14-day event before it ends: https://gleam.io/3phjT/shamanic-oracles-nft-collection-giveaway 

Complete all tasks to enter the giveaway — the more you complete, the greater your odds of winning a prize!  

Prize Pool: 

  • 3 Shamanic Oracles NFT, 1 random Companion NFT, 10k SHA, and a 10% SafeKey Discount Code — x3
  • 2 Shamanic Oracles NFT, 1 random Companion NFT, 7.5k SHA, and a 10% SafeKey Discount Code — x5
  • 1 Shamanic Oracles NFT, 1 random Companion NFT, 5k SHA, and a 10% SafeKey Discount Code — x10
  • 1 Companion NFT, 2.5k SHA, and a 10% SafeKey Discount Code — x15
  • 1 Shamanic Oracles NFT, 2.5k SHA, and a 10% SafeKey Discount Code — x20

Additional tasks will be added daily to enhance social awareness and enable participants to obtain extra entries to the prize pool! 

Roadmap Q1-Q3 2022

We’re working on a lot of things that we didn’t anticipate when we created our most recent Roadmap. So many developments and opportunities that have arisen in response to all the late developments; technical, partnerships and marketing.   

All the topics on the Roadmap will be met, but we have decided to re-prioritize for not missing opportunities. 

A new roadmap will come in the early weeks of June to redefine new opportunities and re-prioritized criteria. 

Hoodie Vouchers

Those Safe Haven Hoodies are hot! With the release of SafeSwap and starting up the marketing activities we are lacking behind with the Hoodie Vouchers. With the changes to the node reward system, the Hoodie is replaced with a $25 voucher to be spent on an item of your choice in our Safe Haven webshop. In addition, we’ve added an Ambassador NFT to the rewards, making you eligible for NFT airdrops. 

However, during the transition to this new system, we offer previously eligible node holders that were waiting on their hoodie a $45 voucher. Everyone who has requested the hoodie, will receive the voucher in the coming weeks at the email address you applied with.  

Please note that the entire voucher must be spend on merchandise. Shipping costs cannot be covered as it’s a different system. Your merchandise will be shipped by the webshop. 

For further questions: https://safehaven.io/contact 

Node Rewards

Node rewards are increasing with the minting of the ShaManic Oracles collection, with more than 14M $SHA to soon be distributed to the utility reward pool. 

Additionally, Inheriti® and Safeswap service fees will also increase the amount of rewards shared by nodes. For example, an Inheriti® plan costs 10k $SHA per plan and 3,998 $SHA will be added to the node reward pool. Each new listing and swap via SafeSwap also adds to the utility reward pool.  

Utility reward distributions will occur when there are enough rewards to be distributed. Currently we are set on a yearly distribution rate but that will rate will be quicker as utilization increases. 

We are preparing a text for the website with an overview of the node rewards and the way the reward pool is filled. 

Design Contest and SafeSwap Giveaway

To celebrate with our community and help raise awareness outside our community we organized a Design Contest and SafeSwap Giveaway.  You can still join. More info on this in our recent FF’s.

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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