Flash Development Update [2022/34] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/34]

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Business Development Update


$VEED Listing and Engagement 

Yesterday, the atomic swap pools for VimWorld’s token were successfully deployed on SafeSwap. Since going live, there have already been 30 $VEED swaps from VeChain to BNB Smart Chain. 

VeChain expresses the success achieved by Safe Haven and commends SafeSwap on its atomic swapping protocols. 

Navigate to VIMWorld’s website to learn more about their ecosystem and why token swaps must be made on SafeSwap to secure the future of their play-to-earn blockchain protocols:

Platform Readiness and Addition of New Tokens/Chains 

Many months ago, before launching our atomic swap platform, we brought the source code to Red4Sec to perform an extensive whitebox audit. After the audit was approved, we slowly and carefully began onboarding projects by providing support for their token contract. Each onboarded project provided feedback about user experience pain points to help us reduce user friendly barriers. 

The result is that we now have a state-of-the art revolutionary innovative full atomic swap bridge called SafeSwap!  

Currently, there are 3 tokens supported on SafeSwap with total swaps on the platform exceeding 500. Now that our tech department has finalized all necessary requirements for $VEED, we will start working on the next few listings that have been contracted with other interested SafeSwap clients. 

Are you a project looking to migrate to/from VeChain, Polygon, BSC, or Ethereum? If so, apply for a listing on SafeSwap!  

SafeKey Article

Our copy writer is currently testing the SafeKey device on multiple FIDO2 Security Key enabled web2/web3 platforms in order to create a fully explained article about the security features possible, such as mandating CEX withdrawals to have the security key present to process transactions. 

Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Dashboard Update

Soon you will see an update appearing on our SafeSwap Dashboard. We did some changes to the columns to get a better overview about the tokenomics. 

Tokens become agnostic via multichain atomic swap contracts of SafeSwap – hence, the circulating supply is spread over all supported chains. 

The tokenomics of a token is important to us and full transparency is needed if a project desires to go cross chain with our protocols! 

After the update goes live, you will see 3 columns on the dashboard: 

Token Liquidity Limit 

Once a project is listed, tokens need to be locked on the target chain in order to unlock them from the circulating supply on the source chain. This column shows the current amount of liquidity that is available on that chain to be swapped. The project owners can provide more liquidity from their locked supply if the liquidity on a target chain is becoming too less – hence, circulating supply on the target chain is increasing while circulating supply is decreasing on the source chain. 

Token Supply 

The number of unlocked tokens that are circulating on each target chain. 

Bridge Locked Supply 

The number of tokens that are locked within the bridge – tokens are locked in our bridge when someone did not reclaim their tokens from a failed swap. 

SafeKey Website and Webshop 

Our digital creative is currently rebranding the SafeKey website. The current website does not explain very well what SafeKey is, how to use it, or what you can do with it. In short, you need to put too much time researching our docs to understand it better.  

We received a lot of very important and valuable feedback from SafeKey users that we want to implement within our rebranded website.    

We like to share the first impression from our COO seeing the new design and content:


“Omg!! 😱 Is this really our own SafeKey presented in a totally new design that was established from all the feedback within the community?? This is SHAmazing! 🤩”  

We are looking forward to sharing some insights very soon! Stay tuned.. 

Community Engagement Update

SafeSwap Technical Support 

For any kind of support, such as those regarding failed swaps, contact the support team so that assistance can be provided to establish a technical solution. 

The fastest way to get in the touch is with the contact form:

Twitter Space with XRP Communities 

On August 29th, Tyler Doussan (CPO of Safe Haven) will be joining the Pub Crawl’s weekly Twitter Space to engage with projects and community members building on XRPL. There will be 50k $SHA held in the prize pool that will be shared amongst participants of the giveaway AMA held at the end of the session. 

The event will start at 5pm EST, hosted by @2Cold_XRPL. 

Safe Haven Merchandise Voucher 

We periodically receive questions from SafeNode holders that claim they did not get their merchandise voucher code via email.

Please double check your spam folder – we did our best to polish the DNS-records in order to be not notified as spam. Also in some scenarios, email filter settings are done on the user ‘receiver’ side, so please also check those settings.

Telegram spam 

Last week we came across a fake “Safe Haven Community” telegram group that claimed we were going to have an Airdrop of $SHA tokens. That information is of course incorrect. In similar scenarios, please notify us in advance, via the official Telegram group, so we can confirm/deny it. 

Be aware that a Safe Haven admin will never initiate a direct message (DM) conversation with you, unless they have notified you in our official channel with their verified account to be expecting a DM.  

Paying with SHA on World of V 

World of V made it possible to buy any NFT with the SHA Token 🚀


We received some extensive support from community members explaining our tools to the community.
@CryptoBrakkeBE, aka Brandon, showed some support by sharing and tweeting about Safe Haven and our Digital Inheritance tool Inheriti®. 

If you see some community members that deserve to be in the spotlight, please let us know in Telegram! 

Current giveaways 

We still have a giveaway running! 

Raising awareness for Inheriti® – the world’s only patented military-grade decentralized inheritance and personal backup solution for digital assets and NFTs. 

You can still join until next Thursday, September 1st! 

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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