Flash Development Update [2022/37] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/37]

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Business Development Update


We were invited to speak during the xSPECTAR Show, on September 12th, and our CPO (Tyler Doussan) gave a full breakdown of how Inheriti® contracts will be migrated to XRPL – pending the XRPL grant approval.

A few other topics were discussed, and you can hear more about them by listening to the recording; more than 13.3k people have tuned-in for the show thus far!

AMA with JamesRuleXRP

The interview between our CPO and James has been uploaded!

Plenty of great topics were discussed, but here are some highlights:

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Explaining Inheriti
  • 🏦 Applying for #XRPL grant
  • 🎁 #MetaverseProtectionPackages
  • 🤝 Leaked partnership announcement
  • 🏛 Tickets to StartupGrind’s Summit in San Francisco!

Make sure to listen to the interview for a better understanding of all the above topics! ☝️

Listen to the interview here:

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Startup Grind Summit Invitation

We have been invited to Startup Grind’s Summit in San Francisco on October 20th.

There will be an online Summit before the physical meetup as well, and all interested businesses or investors can view our digital booth, which has a chat box for our team to respond to questions/feedback.

This will allow us to leverage our product suite for businesses to integrate product platforms, which may also lead towards venture capitalists providing funding for research and development opportunities and/or private equity deals.

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Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Docs

While the development team is busy with the preparations of Inheriti® Mobile, one of the team members finished the SafeSwap docs.

Each product of Safe Haven has an elaborate documentation section with all sorts of background and technical information.

The SafeSwap documentation is ready and posted on the website: docs.safeswap.io.

SHA Linktree

We created a Safe Haven linktree, which allows you to share multiple links on social media.

Check it out and feel free to use it.


Wallet Connect

WalletConnect is available on SafeSwap again.

There were issues with a non-documented extra setting.

Our genius developer solved it. 💪

Community Engagement Update

WoV 1-year Anniversary

Our team will be joining World of V during their one-year anniversary Twitter Space next Monday 🥳.

Session starts at 6:30pm CST, and there will be plenty of prizes available, so be sure to set your alarm!


Startup Grind

Help us generate awareness for the upcoming web3 documentary series hosted by Startup Grind.

Update SHAmanic Oracles

Apologies for the delay on getting Chakra NFT rewards sent out to everyone. We are working hard to get all the rewards airdropped, and the community can expect to see their NFTs soon, along with a new Chakra NFT staking pool opening shortly afterwards!

Thank you all for being patient 🙏🧙‍♂️❤️”

Shine a Light

This week we shine an extra light on @CryptoTiges’ tweet.

Catchy, with an appealing message and nice gif. Thanks Tiges!

Another community member, @VeBenzCH, showed social media their SHA swag that came in the mail. Thanks for sharing an image of your Inheriti® hoodie with everyone VeBenz!

Active Giveaways

Inheriti SHA Bull NFT Giveaway

Too good to miss out on!

Today is the last day to possibly win an “Inheriti® SHA Bull” NFT!

Giveaway ends on September 17th.

To Honor XRP

A giveaway to honor the new XRP members in our community – draw date is 19 September.

Welcome to all!

Stoner Punks 1-year Anniversary

We would like to congratulate our partner StonerPunks on their 1-year anniversary.

We created a special giveaway for the occasion, which ends on September 24th.

Check out that NFT prize and it’s message! 😍

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Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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