Flash Development Update [2022/38] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/38]

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Business Development Update

Startup Grind Accelerator Exhibition

Our team has finished preparing the Digital Gift Bag for the Accelerator Exhibition, hosted by Startup Grind in San Francisco, on October 20th – we have created special offers for product integrations, so that all interested web2 businesses can leverage our DeFi platforms to bridge their gap between web3. This will assist in ensuring that all business attendees and venture capitalists can easily navigate to product platforms, ultimately assuring that all protocols within our decentralized product suite gain the attention they deserve. 

We also received our admission ticket to the event! 

Plena Finance

Soon we will be releasing all the details behind our partnership with Plena Finance. Their DeFi application is currently being actively utilized by more than 35k users; application features include swapping, lending, buying, transferring, standard bridging, and liquidity pooling. 

Plena Finance will look to enable security key features for user accounts to add extra layers of security while accessing the application and transferring assets – SafeKey will be leveraged with USB-C adapters so that community members can utilize the device for security key purposes and Inheriti® plan storage.

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming staking pool on Plena Finance’s application – we leveraged SafeSwap to obtain the BEP-20 tokens being utilized to fund the staking rewards.

Listen to the recent interview between Tyler and James to get a better understanding of what can be expected:

Bridging the Gap to Web3

Join us in welcoming “MetaJuice” and “Shoes 53045” to the team of businesses bridging the gap between web2 and web3 with Startup Grind! 

Both projects discuss with Connor and Luke the importance of brand awareness, so make sure to give the whole episode a listen and let us know which brand awareness strategies you liked best.

Technical Development Update

Additional Wallet Support for Inheriti®

Our team is currently working alongside a prominent entity to integrate their wallet connection and management protocols on the Inheriti® platform. This will enable multi-chain wallets to connect to the platform and pay for smart contract fees on blockchains other than VeChain.

Once the wallet connection protocols are in place, we can then start the migration of Inheriti® smart contracts so that validator/backup shares can be stored on all SafeSwap supported EVM chains.

Community Engagement Update

Celebrating with World of V

This week we joined World of V during their Twitter Space to acknowledge their support towards our organization throughout the year. We are very appreciative of everything they have done to increase awareness for our brand, along with implementing unique utility protocols for the $SHA token and Shamanic Oracles NFT ecosystem.

Give the session a listen and make sure to tell World of V happy anniversary!

DeFi Finance – YouTube Video

Crypto_Houdini made a video about Safe Haven’s mission, team, partnerships and products. Give it a watch and push that like button, to let him know we support, thanks! 

Shamanic Oracles – Chakra NFT Update

Thank you all for being patient as our team got together the information required for the Chakra NFT contract to be deployed. We want to highlight the amazing support from the World of V team, they have been extremely helpful, and we are excited to get these NFT rewards into the loyal wallets of our community members!

We aim to have the Chakra NFT contract deployed next week, with rewards being airdropped shortly afterwards, followed by the launching of a new Chakra NFT staking pool so everyone can continue to collect as they await the launch of fusion protocols.

After the Chakra NFTs have been deployed, we will plan an AMA specifically for the Shamanic Oracles to field any questions from the community – thanks again for your patience on this matter!

Stoner Punks 1-year Anniversary

To celebrate our partner’s 1-year anniversary, Cryptosvet_si has created a special NFT for a unique giveaway event!

Giveaway ends on September 24th, so be quick. Check out that NFT prize and it’s message! 😍 


Shine a Light

This week we shine an extra light on Shadow’s tweet, in reaction to CZ mentioning the importance of inheritance. We absolutely agree. It’s our drive to develop the most decentralized and secure solution, combined with high user-friendliness. Don’t forget to hit that like button.

We also want to put the spotlights on a really impressive video made by “Yo Teach” in 2021. This is an absolute must see, watch and ENJOY!

Winners of Recent Giveaways

The winners of the RuleXRP giveaway and the Inheriti® SHA Bull NFT Giveaway were announced. Congrats to all!

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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