Flash Development Update [2022/39] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/39]

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Business Development Update

Hempacco Interested in Crypto 

SafeSwap was mentioned in a nice article at Cryptomode, an independent news source that strives to bring the latest crypto news. The article showcases how Hempacco – a Hemp manufacturing company that recently raised $6 million during their IPO – is possibly interested in entering the cryptocurrency market after they ring the NASDAQ bell. 

CCO also hopes to ignite a connection between Hempacco, VeChain, and Safe Haven. This would increase usage of the highly secure and completely decentralized exchange, SafeSwap. – Crypto Coin Opps 

Hempacco Announces Cryptocurrency Plans Just Before Ringing Nasdaq Bell

Pennsylvania State University 

One of the most prestigious colleges in America established a case study, “The Metaverse as the Digital Leviathan: A Case Study of Bit. Country”, which highlighted our patented decentralized inheritance protocols associated with Inheriti®. 

Justin Goldston, Tomer Jordi Chaffer, and George Martinez express the importance of estate planning for digital assets related to any metaverse and the overall crypto market. 

A useful case of digital asset executers is that of Safe Haven’s (2018) Inheriti®. Safe Haven utilizes a combination of smart contracts and legal instruments to empower Safe Haven’s $SHA token holders with a secure inheritance of widespread digital assets. The power of Inheriti® is that it encrypts an individual’s assets on the blockchain by separating the keys among those named in the will. Currently, any group or organization can utilize Safe Haven’s platform.”


PancakeSwap Liquidity Provision 

As we embark on a new journey with Binance and Plena Finance, referring to the upcoming trading competition and staking event on Plena’s dAPP, the foundation wanted to provide sufficient liquidity on PancakeSwap. This will enable all new investors entering our community to trade with less volatility, ultimately setting forth a welcoming environment for future mass utility on Safe Haven product platforms. There are currently more than 35k active users on Plena’s dAPP, and a plethora of other potential investors that seek new assets building on BinanceSmartChain. 

View this twitter thread to get a complete breakdown of how SafeSwap enabled the organization to present our product suite in front of another EVM community/blockchain:

Crypto News 

Crypto News pays attention to Safe Haven in his latest video, “How much crypto do you need to make $1 million in the next Bullrun?”. 

Really nice watch, and while you are at it, hit that like button to show our support:

Review of Utility Protocol Rewards 

With the increase of traffic on SafeSwap increasing, many community members have been requesting additional information on how node holders are rewarded per atomic swap; if you are looking for info about the utility rewards:

Distribution and Enhancement of Utility Rewards within the Safe Haven Product Suite

Technical Development Update

SafeSwap Total Liquidity Parameters 

While making the liquidity provisions to PancakeSwap, as mentioned above, we increased the total liquidity limit to enable a maximum of 100 million available BEP-20 SHA tokens. Essentially, currently there are only 33,972,215 tokens circulating on BinanceSmartChain and the community will be able to swap up to 66,027,785 SHA (VIP180/MATIC/ERC-20) tokens until SafeSwap will not allow any more liquidity to be atomic swapped to BSC. 

If the foundation sees the need to increase/decrease the total liquidity limit on BSC, then this amount can always be altered later. 

Community Engagement Update


To enable easy webstore access, we have added a “merchandise” menu item under the “Company” section within the header:


October Staking 

October staking is added in the app and starts tomorrow, on October 1st at 4pm UTC, and closes on October 5th at 4 pm UTC. Information about the rewards and requirements of the SHA Staking Program can be found on the website:


Crosschain Space with MVA, Algorand, and StockTwitsNFT 

MadVApes and Psycho Beasts built a weekly crosschain Twitter Space with Algorand community members – many recorded episodes have already aired – and the network of participating web3 entities is growing exponentially. StockTwitsNFT will be joining the weekly Twitter Space moving forward, and we were invited to participate on October 12th to present all products built on VeChain while focusing on atomic swap capabilities via SafeSwap. 

Set your calendar for 6pm EST, on October 12th!

Founders of the Twitter Space initiative – @mikeyleo_00, @TheOmniferous, @AlgoGov, and @Algo_bama.

SafeNode App 

Some community members were experiencing loading issues with the SafeNode app, but all functionality is fine. First action you can take, if you believe a reset is needed, is to re-link your wallet with the SafeNode app. You find a stepbystep tutorial in the link belowIf that doesn’t solve it, you can ask for our assistance in the Official Telegram chat. 

SafeNode Tutorial: How Link Your Wallet and Bind Your Node

Shamanic Oracles 

Currently the Chakra NFT collection data is being imported to the World of V database to prepare for the airdrop rewards. After the import has successfully uploaded, which could take a few days, the Chakra NFTs will be airdropped to all deserved staking participants that qualified during the snapshots. Once all rewards have been distributed, we will take a 1week intermission before opening the next Chakra NFT staking pools – this will give the community adequate time to unstake from the previous pool, so that they will be ready for the next. 

Shine a Light 

This week we shine an extra light on many things: 

Congratulations to the Winners 

With more than 74 participants, this was an NFT highly sought after by the Safe Haven and Stoner Punks community, and we would like to congratulate all who were able to obtain a piece of this collaboration history! @cryptosvet_si graciously gifted three more editions to random participants in a fair drawing method – make sure to show your support to CryptoSVET for all the work he puts forth in the community ❤️. 

Current Giveaways 

We have a brand-new giveaway. Join and have some fun and win one of those prizes! 🤩  It is a short one this time as a bigger giveaway with a new partner is being prepared. Giveaway ends on October 7th. 


Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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