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Distribution and Enhancement of Utility Rewards within the Safe Haven Product Suite

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Safe Haven manages multiple DeFi products, that all require services to be paid in $SHA, and this article will provide an overview of the potential utility rewards to be shared by Node Holders — when products are added or amended within the suite, protocols are implemented by the foundation to benefit the holders soft-locking large amounts of $SHA tokens via Nodes!

Follow this tutorial to setup your SafeNode: How To Link Your Wallet and Bind Your Node

Find SafeNode Statistics here: SafeNode Stats Page

Potential Utility Rewards from Live Products and Emerging Sectors

Inheriti® — DeFi Inheritance and Personal Backup Solution

99% of the global population lack a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan, in fact more than 75% of people in the world do not even have centralized plans established.

In cryptocurrency, we all know that once access is lost there is no getting it back, unless you have the mnemonic phrases to back-up the wallet to a new device!

That is why we at Safe Haven pride ourselves in the patented fintech that was engineered to ensure your family can access the bags of crypto and NFTs you worked so hard to build over the years; we are on a mission to decentralize the world with our patented blockchain technology and provide a portion of utility rewards to those holding nodes!

Protect your inheritance and plan today: https://inheriti.com/

Inheriti® Utility Rewards to Nodes

It costs clients 10k $SHA to establish a lifetime DeFi inheritance plan and the utility distribution is as follows:

  • 50% to Foundation for R&D
  • 40% to Node Utility Reward Pool
  • 10% to be Burned

In the previous years, we focused on building a strong foundation to prepare for our phases of mass adoption and scalability. Now that our protocols are patented and SafeSwap is live, we can migrate Inheriti® smart contracts to the supported blockchains to enable clients to swap $SHA (VIP-180) to the token format needed for establishing plans on that chain.

Additionally, Inheriti® Mobile is launching this year and clients will be able to establish plans in one day, greatly increasing customer retention and platform utilization. All of this, in combination with multiple partnership integrations, will drastically increase utilization of Inheriti® and result in quicker rewarding rates to node holders.

SafeSwap — Crosschain DeFi Platform via Atomic Swapping Protocols

Atomic swapping protocols enable a token to move from their native chain to non-native chains supported by the platform. This is advantageous for projects that want to migrate product smart contracts to other chains, so services can be utilized by additional communities. Another benefit to crosschain technology is the capability of providing liquidity on non-native DEX platforms, such as creating trading pairs, farming, and staking pools.

For SafeSwap, tokens that have gained support can be swapped to and from the following blockchains: Vechain (VIP-180), Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ERC-20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) — with support for more chains to be added soon!

Make a swap and test the platform yourself: https://app.safeswap.io/

SafeSwap Utility Rewards to Nodes

Each project that gains support for SafeSwap must pay a listing fee — a maximum of $3,000 is injected within the node utility reward pool per listing.

Atomic Swaps vary in gas fees, depending on the chains swapping to and from, but 45% of additional fees go towards the utility reward pool for nodes to share — swapping fees will be utilized to market-buy the $SHA being distributed to node holders.

As we expand our partnership network, and onboard numerous projects to SafeSwap, the amount of daily swaps from all supported communities will provide substantial utility rewards for the years to come — each token that gains support may be considered a compounding effect for rewards, depending on the community size of the partnering entity!

ThorBlock — Crowdfunding and ICO DeFi Platform

Clients and businesses can utilize ThorBlock to raise funds in a decentralized manner for fundraisers and charitable events, but the wallet setting up the pool must hold at least 100,000 $SHA tokens to deploy the contract; businesses can even setup pools for ICOs and possibly raise the funds required to develop their blockchain projects.

Setup a pool via this link if interested: https://www.thorblock.io/create-a-pool/

ThorBlock Utility Rewards to Nodes

1% of the raised funds will go towards the utility node reward pool, while the remaining 99% goes to the wallet that established the pool contract.

FundRequest — DeFi Open-Source Smart Contract ‘Bid to Develop’ Platform

Projects are constantly struggling to find developers capable of working with web3 protocols and smart contracts compatible with EVM blockchains — FundRequest will be the DeFi bridge for this gap and enable development to be out-sourced via GitHub for whichever price the contract is bid by interested developers seeking work.

FundRequest is live on Ethereum (https://fundrequest.io) and will be ported to Binance Smart Chain in the future. The platform has been tested thoroughly via test-net. Now that SafeSwap has fully launched, we can implement $SHA utility within the smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain.

FundRequest Utility Rewards to Nodes

The community can expect to see a percentage of total bid per request go towards the node utility reward pool.

Shamanic Oracles — Official Safe Haven NFT Collection and P2E Gaming Economy

Gaming is becoming a cornerstone of many blockchain foundations — Chief Partnership Officer of Safe Haven, Tyler Doussan, teamed up with Jeff Perry and Rob DiTeodoro to build an NFT collection that will have a mobile/pc P2E game. Jeff Perry is the Founder of VeGnomes, whom also helps manage the community and NFT metadata for the Shamanic Oracles collections, while Rob DiTeodoro is the Lead artist for the VeGnomes and Shamanic Oracles NFT collections.

The Shamanic Oracles NFT Collection will be an ongoing series, with intentions to implement new collections throughout the years to come, that has utility within the play-to-earn ecosystem being developed for communal engagement and education. The first collection within the Shamanic Oracles project consists of 10k NFTs — 5k males and 5k females.

5% of each NFT collection’s supply will be held in reserve for giveaways, play-to-earn events, and future farming/staking pools; a portion of each NFT collection will be reserved and the amount reserved may change throughout growth phases.

You can obtain an NFT from the World of V marketplace: https://worldofv.art/collection/shamanic-oracles

Shamanic Oracles Utility Rewards to Nodes

Minting Fee Distribution

The first collection of the Shamanic Oracles NFT project contracted 20% of the minting fees to be distributed to node holders that have matured their node for +3-months — a total of 14,101,248 $SHA was shared between Nodes that qualified for utility rewards on May 19th, 2022.


  • Shared Percentage: 3%
  • Total Nodes Matured +3-months: 311
  • Total $SHA to be Shared: 426,733
  • Total $SHA Received per Wallet: 1,372
  • Total $SHA Distributed: 426,692


  • Shared Percentage: 8%
  • Total Nodes Matured +3-months: 172
  • Total $SHA to be Shared: 1,137,956
  • Total $SHA Received per Wallet: 6,616
  • Total $SHA Distributed: 1,137,952


  • Shared Percentage: 32%
  • Total Nodes Matured +3-months: 54
  • Total $SHA to be Shared: 4,551,826
  • Total $SHA Received per Wallet: 84,293
  • Total $SHA Distributed: 4,551,822


  • Shared Percentage: 57%
  • Total Nodes Matured +3-months: 29
  • Total $SHA to be Shared: 8,107,941
  • Total $SHA Received per Wallet: 279,584
  • Total $SHA Distributed: 8,107,936

Attribute Upgrade Tokens

A token will be created for the Shamanic Oracles NFT project, specifically to be utilized as a gas token for upgrading RPG attributes of NFTs and rewarding players within the metaverse, while the $SHA token will act as a governance and utility token within the P2E gaming ecosystem.

The gas token will be an emission token that adds new supply to the blockchain as new blocks are validated — emission rates will be contracted to multiple wallets with varying percentages — and the primary method of obtaining these gas tokens is by soft-locking $SHA tokens within Nodes, winning play-to-earn events, and/or soft-locking $SHA-VET LP tokens within future pools on SafeSwap.

Example of sectors to receive a portion of emissions:
  • Node Utility Reward Pool
  • Staking and Farming Pools of SafeSwap
  • Play-to-Earn Events in the Metaverse
  • Giveaways and Marketing Campaigns

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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