Flash Development Update [2022/44] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2022/44]

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Business Development Update

New website for SafeTech

While our database and end-point developers are busy creating a mobile alternative for storing Inheriti® plan shares, our UI/UX digital creative finished a new website for SafeTech. SafeTech is the R&D company behind Safe Haven led by Jurgen and Andy. SafeTech delivers services and solutions for companies willing to build on or bridge to Web3. They’re the masterminds behind the patented technology and protocols that are powering products like Inheriti®, SafeKey and SafeSwap.

Crosschain AMA X Boomer Radio

Last week Tyler Doussan attended the first Crosschain AMA X Boomer Radio, hosted by Dragons of the West. Many attending NFT and crypto projects that are developing on the Cronos and Ethereum blockchains were interested in utilizing the decentralized inheritance protocols of Inheriti®. Connections were made between c-level officers and further information about B2B2C product integrations will be announced asap.

SafeKey Bundles

To better service customers and businesses utilizing Inheriti®, the team is developing different SafeKey Bundle options to be made available on our webstore. This will reduce the confusion of how many devices are needed for a customer or business to successfully protect their digital legacy and prevent phishing attacks or hacks within company infrastructures.

SafeKey enables passwordless logins to online platforms and security key capability via 2FA protocols. The HSM (hardware security module) device also comes equipped with Inheriti® plan share pin-code protection enabled by the push of a button.

Technical Development Update

Beta testing Venly in Inheriti®

Testing has been coming along nicely and the wallet connect pop-up appears as expected when attempting to connect with Venly on Inheriti®. Currently the smart contract to initiate plan establishment is not being processed through Venly properly. Developers have located the end-point finality issues and are making the necessary changes to enable Inheriti® smart contracts to be signed by Venly wallets. Once support for Venly has been added successfully, and plans can be made on VeChain as previously done with Comet, then our team will look to map the migration of Inheriti® smart contracts to all other supported SafeSwap EVM blockchains.

Community Engagement Update


November’s new staking period has begun and there is 198,881,064.26 SHA staked currently.

The realized additional APRs are:

  • Non-node +0.5% extra APR
  • Connect +1% extra APR
  • Harbor +1% extra APR
  • Consensus +0.5% extra APR
  • Legacy + 0.5% extra APR

With one day to go, there is still room in several pools, but the pool for Harbor nodes is once again the first to be very quickly filled.

Staking closes tomorrow 5/11 at 4pm UTC.

Shine a light

An extra light on some of the tweets of this week.

A reassuring tweet from the official Safe Haven account

CEO Jurgen’s reaction to Alex Cobb about his hacked channel. 😞

Winners xSPECTAR Giveaway

In celebration of partnering with xSPECTAR, we collaborated to establish a giveaway with large prizes. The event was a great success, resulting in mass participation with +1.8k retweets. Each winner receives 2 SafeKey devices, 10K SHA tokens, and 888 XSPECTAR tokens. Check out the winners:

Winners of the giveaway

Secret Escape has created numerous NFTs over the years to support the community, and this is one of our favorite designs yet. Congratulations to the winners!

Supporting VeChain’s First NFT Collection

VeChain teamed with World of V and ExPlus to create the first official VeChain NFT collection – VeBounce. There was a total of 5k different NFT editions within the VeBounce collection, each of which served as a lottery ticket to the prize pool for participants.

The Shamanic Oracles team of Safe Haven appointed CryptoSVET to create a special NFT to be entered as a prize for the lottery event. The winner of the NFT prize was airdropped/donated 10k $SHA with rank 127 NFT from the first collection of Shamanic Oracles.

Safe Haven’s Recently added Facebook Page

Please check out our Facebook Page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/safehaven.sha

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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