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Flash Development Update [2023/03]

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This week, Bank of America had a global hack that manipulated the ledger of each user’s account. Essentially, customers of the bank woke up to find their mobile application claiming that zero funds were in the account. There were dozens of people frantically barging through each local bank’s door, demanding that false data needs to be revoked and funds must be reinstated. During the process, all bank clerks repeatedly told customers to remain calm and that FDIC ensures their money will come back.

At the end of the worrisome technical phase, all customer ledgers returned to normal. However, scenarios as such merit that decentralized FinTech needs to be implemented world-wide for preventing consumer critical data from entering the domain and storage drives of third-parties. Having the only patent to decentralized inheritance/backup protocols, along with a FIDO2 compatible device to further enhance online platform access and account security, our organization is set to capitalize on an untapped market-industry — users can protect account data associated with traditional web2 platforms and web3 decentralized applications.

The world has began to notice the rate of cyber wars increasing between hackers and malpractice of prominent banking entities, further pushing clients and individuals to research security key and decentralized storage methods.

View a message from our Co-Founder and COO, Andy Demeulemeester:

Behind the Scenes

SafeTech and SafeKey Pages

We recently created a Twitter page for SafeTech and we also started to use the Twitter account of SafeKey more actively. Having separate Twitter accounts for SafeKey and SafeTech allows us to achieve a broader reach while better focusing on different goals for different audiences and brands.

This will benefit our users by providing them with more targeted and specific information about the products and services offered by each brand. We can tailor our messaging to match the specific interests of each audience, which in turn will help us to better engage with our users and improve the overall user experience.

Additionally, this will also help in positioning the SafeKey and SafeTech brands effectively in the market.

Slowly Rolling Out SafeKey Branding

The new SafeKey branding is designed to better communicate the various use cases and benefits of the different SafeKey models, while making it easier for you to choose the right model for your needs and understand how to use the device to keep your online identity and data safe.

As part of this roll-out, we are placing a great emphasis on educational resources such as clear documentation, user guides, walkthroughs and as you already might have noticed: a more active presence on our separate Twitter account for SafeKey.

On that SafeKey account, we will be publishing educational threads and resources amongst other common SafeKey news and tweets.

Another benefit is that we get the chance to share our knowledge about data security and self-custody, to position ourselves as an authority in the market.

Go follow @SafeKeyU2F if you haven’t already.

Additionally, we will soon be launching the updated and comprehensive SafeKey documentation to further assist you in understanding the device.

We also encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or feedback regarding SafeKey.

Below you can see a SafeKey thread digging deeper into 5 different use cases of the device.

Final Review Of The SafeKey Docs

We have completed updating the documentation for SafeKey. We understand the importance of clear and comprehensive documentation for our users, and have emphasized on creating educational resources that are easy to understand and use.

The documentation includes instructions on how to set up and use the SafeKey, troubleshooting tips and FAQs, and information on the security features and benefits of using the SafeKey in conjunction with supported websites and services.

We are currently conducting an internal review before publishing it and will be available soon.

SafeKey Compatibility List

Our team is currently creating a comprehensive list of websites and services that are SafeKey compatible. This list is intended to provide you with the information you need to use SafeKey for secure online authentication.

Additionally, the list will be a valuable resource for targeted marketing and promotional activities for SafeKey, as it will allow our team to direct efforts towards users of SafeKey compatible services. Or even the other way around: target companies and services that are not yet compatible, highlighting the benefits of implementing support for a 2FA security device, and how it can help secure their users’ accounts.

SafeKey Orders Are Increasing

Our SafeKey orders are increasing and that can only be a good thing for our ecosystem!

Check out this thread we wrote earlier about SafeKey and how it adds both value and utility to $SHA:

And what about you?

Are you already using a SafeKey or are you still using digital documents or a piece of paper to store your secret data?

Updating Safe Haven Partner List

We are updating the Safe Haven partner list and writing a few detailed lines about each partnership to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. This will allow you to understand our various partnerships, how they contribute to the Safe Haven ecosystem, and what benefits you can expect from each one.

Once the list is completely updated internally, it will be updated on the website as well.

Inheriti® Development Update

Our development team is busy with integrating Stripe to enable payment with credit cards while ensuring smart contracts utilize SHA tokens to follow distribution protocols. Additionally, the platform will be optimized to allow Stripe‘s subscription-based model. This will enable us to build subscription-based protection plans and enterprise products that vary in the total amount of storable data within a client’s decentralized IPFS database associated with the Inheriti Vault.

Furthermore, the API for Inheriti Vault is also ready. The API communicates the encrypted and fragmented data shares derived from Inheriti® and stores them within the Inheriti Vault of the whitelisted SafeID account that was determined during plan establishment — compatible with both Stripe and SHA as payment gateways.

This will provide you with more secure and reliable ways to store the data shares of your Inheriti protection plans.

SafeKey Mobile Development Update

Internal testing for SafeKey Mobile, together with the Inheriti® Vault API, will continue once the Stripe integration is fully done. This order of operations will ensure that everything is working as expected and that users can utilize both SafeKey Pro and SafeKey Mobile (via the Inheriti Vault API) with ease and security to store their encrypted plan shares.

Comet 2.0 Development Update

Currently, we are processing feedback after the first round of internal testing and optimizing the UI/UX components of the wallet.

When that’s done, the next step is to conduct another internal testing and optimization round — Red4Sec will be hired to perform a whitebox security audit to ensure that the wallet is secure and free of any vulnerabilities.

Preparing New SafeSwap Listing

Now that we are near deploying all required smart contracts to enable a new listing on SafeSwap, the time has come for our development team to begin accepting additional listing applications. If you are a project owner interested in obtaining support on our crosschain platform, navigate to to our listing application and submit an inquiry.

Additionally, we are currently working closely together with a few entities that have stressed the need for our atomic swapping services, but nothing more can be said until memorandums of understanding and letters of intent are completed with business contracts.


Current Giveaway

We are doing a 20k SHA giveaway, starting today. The winner selection will be on 29.1.2023, next Sunday.


Just so you know 😊

Our CEO says everyone should protect their Legacy using Inheriti® and SafeKey

Interesting tweet from one of the founders of Safe Haven 👀


The foundation continues to bolster the organization by enhancing product extensions and platform revamps that will ultimately lead towards mass utilization with traditional and non-traditional businesses.

As we make these strides towards bettering the tools and features available to the community and business clients, the need for FinTech security products have substantially increased due to the rate of hacking events rising — as seen this week with the Bank of America database issues.

  • Further Comet UI/UX Testing
  • New Safe Swap Listings
  • Revamped SafeKey Branding
  • Integrating Stripe within Inheriti®
  • Finalizing API-endpoints of Inheriti Vault and SafeKey Mobile

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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