Flash Development Update [2023/17] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/17]

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In this week’s Flash Friday update we talk about our recent appearances on VeChainThorsday and eMerge, as well as important updates on regulatory developments in the European crypto industry.

Further down we also have some helpful information about our monthly staking program and instructions on how to stake and set up a Safe Node. Currently, Over 630 #SHAman are staking their SHA and well over 3 Billion SHA tokens are soft locked in over 900 Safe Nodes.

With groundbreaking developments and milestones achieved each week, we’re lucky to have always something new and exciting to share with our community.

In the past week alone, we have made significant strides towards our goal of revolutionizing the way people secure and transfer their assets, by discussing atomic swaps and our SafeSwap protocol on VeChainThorsday with the #VeFam for example.

So let’s dive in and see what’s been happening at Safe Haven this week!

VeChain Thorsday

This week, our CEO Jürgen Schouppe and team member Sam were invited to speak at VeChain Thorsday, a weekly Twitter Spaces hosted by vechain.

The topic of discussion was atomic swaps and our own SafeSwap protocol. Jürgen and Sam provided insights into the revolutionary technology and the advantages of using atomic swaps for businesses and individuals.

We’re excited to see the growing interest in atomic swaps, and we invite everyone to listen to the recording of VeChain Thorsday to learn more about all the benefits it brings to Web3.

MiCa EU Parliament Crypto Law

The EU Parliament has endorsed the first EU rules to trace crypto-asset transfers, prevent money laundering, and provide common rules on supervision and customer protection, called MiCa (Markets in Crypto-Assets).

Our CEO Jürgen Schouppe, who also works at the EU Parliament in Brussels himself as a cybersecurity expert, is glad that after being left in the dark for many years there’s finally coming some regulatory action and clarity with the MiCA law.

This is a significant step for the regulation of the crypto industry and will provide clarity and protection for both businesses and consumers.

Staking Update: April and May

Our monthly staking program for SHA offers a remarkable opportunity for the community to earn utility rewards while demonstrating support for the Safe Haven ecosystem. This staking initiative allows SHA holders to stake their tokens for the upcoming month during a five-day period at the start of each month.

The staking rewards for each month are distributed at the end of that month.

As the staking program for April draws to a close, the staking period for May will open at May 1st! Our staking program is available to all SHA holders (node and non-node holders).

This provides an opportunity for people to stake their SHA tokens for the upcoming month.

To facilitate this process, we will provide links below to articles on how to stake SHA and set up a SHA node. These resources aim to guide you through the staking and Safe Node process, ensuring that you can participate effectively and derive the maximum benefits from the Safe Haven ecosystem.

How to Setup a Safe Node with Your SHA?

Safe Nodes act as a community appreciation and retention element. Various benefits are given to those who maintain a Safe Node over a period of time. The time periods are set to support stability within the SHA Tokenomics model.

Rewards are set based on the type of Safe Node held and a tiered tenure-based model. Benefits are claimed by the token-holders through the use of SafeNode, our mobile application.

More info about Safe Nodes:

Safe Nodes – Safe Haven – Earn Node Rewards

Walkthrough On How to Setup a Safe Node

SafeNode Tutorial: How Link Your Wallet and Bind Your Node – Safe Haven

How to Stake Your SHA?

Safe Haven’s staking program is a soft, fixed stake-based initiative that will always allow SHA holders to freely decide to remove or add their tokens as they wish. The staking program will run for one year.

Each month commences with a five (5) day loading period, with the remainder of each calendar month set as the main staking period itself.

APRs will be based on a full monthly staking. Hence, any community member who stakes SHA will be provided with staking returns based on the full calendar month, regardless of how many days remain to the end of the month following the initial 5-day loading period.

Our staking program is available to node and non-node holders. Just make sure you have the appropriate amount of SHA tokens in your VeChainThor mobile wallet to enter the fixed staking pool of desire.

  • SHA tokens
  • VeChainThor mobile wallet
  • SafeNode app

In order to gain access to our staking platform, please download our SafeNode app (for iOS or Android) and link keystore of wallet. You’ll then be able to setup a connect node – maturation must be completed to enter node pools – or establish soft-locked positions in the non-node fixed staking pool.

More info about Safe Haven’s staking program and the different staking pools:

Safe Haven’s Staking Program – Soft Staking for SHA Holders

eMerge Conference in Miami

Our team member Alex attended the eMerge conference in Miami, where and shared our vision and products with other projects and interested Web3 and Web2 parties. We’re always proud to see our team members representing Safe Haven at events and spreading awareness about the benefits of our technology.

eMerge Americas is the premier technology conference transforming Miami into a global tech hub. Attracting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and technology innovators from across the world to Miami’s vibrant shores.

With speakers such as Tom Brady, Daniella Cava Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Francis Suares, Mayor of the City of Miami, and renowned brands like Google, University of Miami, Pearson, Delta Airlines, OKX and BinanceUS.

I had the chance to talk to entrepreneurs from different sectors such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, healthcare, and education. One of my favorite parts of eMerge Americas last week was meeting representatives from Commercial Finance Partners, Zeeve, Citrin Cooperman, Greenberg Traurig Law, and Ripple. The main topic of discussion was inheritance and our solution, Inheriti. Overall, I had great discussions . – Alex

Featured on Cryptoast

Safe Haven was recently featured on Cryptoast, the number one French news and education website focused on cryptocurrency. Cryptoast wrote an article discussing inheritance and featured our patented solution, Inheriti®.

This is an exciting opportunity for Safe Haven to expand its reach to a wider audience, as Cryptoast has a significant following with over 256k Twitter followers, 143k YouTube subscribers, 25k LinkedIn followers, and 25 million users in 2022.

This confirms our growing reputation in the industry and the valuable contributions we are making to the blockchain space. It also serves as a useful tool for reaching a broader audience and educating them about our solutions and services.



As each week, we appreciate the mentions of $SHA or any other product from the Safe Haven ecosystem. We’re happy with these hard-needed messages from our community and value your support in spreading the word.

It’s only by talking about our solutions that the world will get to know them.

The kind words also always bring positivity and extra motivation to our team, by the way!


While we didn’t mention it specifically in this week’s Flash Friday update, those that follow us closely are well aware that our team is still busy with two other major activities – beta testing program of Comet 2.0 and internal testing of Inheriti®. These tests will enhance the features of both the products and help us to put together a clear development plan going forward.

We also covered some exciting developments and announcements from both the Safe Haven and vechain ecosystem as we were honored to be invited to speak about atomic swaps and our SafeSwap protocol at VeChainThorsday.

Additionally, the EU Parliament’s endorsement of the MiCA law has brought much-needed regulation and protection to the crypto industry, which is a positive sign for the future of blockchain technology.

We also want to remind you about the monthly staking program for SHA, which is a great way for holders to earn utility rewards while supporting the ecosystem. For those who are new to staking, we provided links to helpful articles on how to stake SHA and set up a node.

Lastly, we highlighted Alex’s recent representation of Safe Haven at eMerge, a leading tech conference, which consequently allowed Alex to secure multiple meetings in the near future.

The passion and support of both the #SHAman and #VeFam are the driving force behind our continued hard work and success, and we feel privileged to work with such like-minded individuals to build for the new internet.

By starting to get featured on a respected platform like Cryptoast, Safe Haven is well-positioned to increase awareness about its solutions and promote wider adoption of its products.

We look forward to continuing to make strides in the crypto space while fostering strong relationships with industry leaders and media outlets.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to focus on improving our solutions and expanding our reach. We encourage our community to participate in our monthly staking program and engage with us on social media.

We hope you take this weekend to recharge and spend time with loved ones.

Thank you for being a #SHAman! 💜 🧙

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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