Flash Development Update [2023/21] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/21]

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In the ever-evolving crypto community, discussions surrounding Ledger Recover have sparked considerable interest and highlighted the growing recognition of the value our products like Inheriti® and SafeKey bring to the table.

Or as our CEO said it:

And besides a lot of other things we did, we introduced a highly anticipated partnership that promises to shape the future of decentralized solutions, further solidifying our commitment to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. This collaboration empowers users with a simplified and confident entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, opening up new opportunities for seamless asset management, secure backup options, and decentralized inheritance plans.

We are also delighted to witness the increasing acknowledgment of our innovative solutions by news websites and content creators alike. With a focus on mass adoption, our mission is to empower individuals in safeguarding their digital assets.

We invite you to take a look at what happend at Safe Haven this week, and join us as we continue on this exciting journey together. 👇

Safe Haven is Teaming Up With Copiosa

Today, we were finally able to unveil our official partnership with Copiosa, an all-in-one cryptocurrency application. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, providing users with a simplified and confident entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Copiosa caters to users of all levels, whether you are a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiast. The application offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring that managing your digital assets becomes effortless.

This partnership is significant and brings a lot of benefits.

Firstly, users of the Copiosa wallet will gain direct access to the Safe Haven ecosystem, ensuring the continuous access and security of their digital assets with the assistance of Inheriti® and SafeKey.

But that’s not all!

The collaboration with Copiosa will also enable users to seamlessly access SafeNode, our Node app, and participate in $SHA staking opportunities. This integration opens up new avenues for our community to engage with and benefit from the Safe Haven ecosystem.

The partnership between Safe Haven and Copiosa is a significant step towards mass adoption for both ecosystems. By joining forces, we empower our users with secure and accessible cryptocurrency management tools, combining the strengths of both platforms.

Copiosa Partners with Safe Haven to Bring Synergies Between Both Ecosystems and Product Suites


Upcoming Twitter Spaces About Decentralized Backup Solutions

We invite you to join us for a brand new Twitter Spaces this Sunday, hosted by @2Cold_XRPL, where we will be discussing the secure backup solutions provided by Inheriti® and SafeKey.

Our solution is a perfect alternative to Ledger Recover, offering a robust and reliable method for safeguarding your private keys and seed phrases.

During the event, two of our team members, Sam and Alex, will dive deep into the functionalities and benefits of Inheriti® and SafeKey. We will explore how these smart, yet simple solutions provide a secure and user-friendly experience, ensuring the utmost protection for your digital assets.

By participating in the Twitter Spaces, you will gain valuable insights into the features and advantages of our backup solutions. We believe it is crucial for users to be informed about alternative options that provide enhanced security and peace of mind.

Set your reminders and mark your calendars for this Sunday’s Twitter Spaces event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about Inheriti® and SafeKey and how they can revolutionize the way you backup your private keys and seed phrases.

We look forward to your presence and active participation in the Twitter Spaces.

Let’s explore the world of decentralized backup solutions together and ensure the safety of your crypto assets.

Comet 2.0

Our developers have been diligently working on incorporating all beta users’ feedback and suggestions to create an improved and enhanced version of the wallet. The feedback we received from our testers has been invaluable in shaping the direction of Comet 2.0.

As we strive for excellence, our developers are currently processing all the feedback to ensure that every valuable suggestion is considered and implemented. This meticulous approach ensures that we deliver a wallet that meets the highest standards of security, usability, and performance.

Once the necessary updates are implemented, we will initiate a comprehensive audit of Comet 2.0. The audit process is an essential step in verifying the integrity and reliability of the wallet’s codebase. By subjecting the wallet to rigorous testing and scrutiny, we can provide our community with the confidence and peace of mind they deserve and are used to from us.

We understand that the anticipation for Comet 2.0 is high, and we share your excitement. Rest assured that we are working tirelessly to finalize the updates and move forward with the audit as swiftly as possible.

We will continue to keep you informed about the progress of Comet 2.0 and provide updates as we move through the final stages of development and prepare for the audit.

Our commitment to delivering a secure and feature-rich wallet remains unwavering.

About our Patents and Decentralization

Recently, there have been questions regarding the relationship between patents and decentralization, specifically whether it is possible for something to be considered decentralized if there is a single entity holding patents related to it. Additionally, there have been discussions about whether such patents should be made public.

We would like to provide some clarity on these matters.

At Safe Haven, we firmly believe that it is indeed possible to have decentralized solutions that involve patents. In our case, we hold patents for SSDP (Secure Share Distribution Protocol), which was invented by our founder and CEO, Jürgen Schouppe. This protocol serves as the foundation for our innovative solutions such as Inheriti® and SafeKey.

It is important to understand that when we refer to decentralization, we are primarily emphasizing the nature of the solution itself rather than the company or business model behind it. In the context of Inheriti® and SafeKey, decentralization is centered around empowering individuals to create decentralized backups and decentralized inheritance plans.

Within the Safe Haven ecosystem, the focus lies in decentralizing control over data, ensuring that individuals have sovereignty and ownership over their digital assets and sensitive information. This is exactly the opposite as the proposed solution by Ledger, where the shares of your data are sent to multiple different third-party companies.

While patents are held by Safe Haven (SafeTech), they do not contradict the decentralized principles that our solutions are built upon. Patents serve as a means to protect the intellectual property and innovations that enable the development of decentralized technologies. They provide a legal framework for safeguarding the novel aspects of our protocols and solutions, ensuring that they can be utilized and advanced without undue interference.

It is worth noting that the open sharing of knowledge and collaboration are important aspects of the decentralized movement. While we hold patents, we also actively contribute to the broader blockchain and cryptocurrency community through the sharing of ideas, insights and technologies.

We believe in fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration for the benefit of all participants in the ecosystem.

In conclusion, decentralization, in the context of our solutions, is focused on decentralizing control over data and providing individuals with the tools to manage their digital assets securely. Patents play a role in protecting and advancing these innovations, enabling us to provide robust and reliable solutions to our users.

We remain committed to upholding the principles of decentralization while utilizing patents to drive innovation and ensure the security and integrity of our solutions.

If you would like to read up on our patents, you can do so via this page: https://safehaven.io/company/patents

Prepare for Next Month’s Staking Program!

We want to inform you that the current SHA staking program for May is coming to a close next week. If you have been participating in the program, we sincerely appreciate your support and engagement!

As the current staking period concludes, a new staking period will open for the month of June. This presents another opportunity for you to stake your SHA tokens and earn rewards.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this upcoming staking period, we encourage you to prepare in advance and keep a close eye on the SafeNode app next week.

Staking your SHA tokens offers various benefits, including the opportunity to earn additional tokens as rewards for your commitment to the Safe Haven ecosystem. By staking, you contribute to the security and stability of the ecosystem while also enjoying the potential for long-term growth.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to your participation in the upcoming staking period. It is through the collective efforts of our community that we can achieve continued growth and success.

Let’s make June a month of rewarding stakes!

More info about the SHA staking program can be found via this page: https://safehaven.io/sha/staking

Magma’s Website Has Been Rewarded!

The website of one of our partners, Magma, has recently been honored with two highly prestigious international awards in the web design industry: the FWA (Favourite Website Awards) and AWWWARDS!

These awards represent the pinnacle of recognition within the web design community and highlight Magma’s exceptional talent and creativity.

We encourage everyone to take a moment to explore and appreciate the outstanding work that has earned Magma this esteemed recognition.

On behalf of Safe Haven, we extend our sincerest congratulations to Magma for this outstanding accomplishment. We are honored to be associated with such a remarkable company and look forward to witnessing even greater successes together!

Take a look at Magma’s stunning website: https://thisismagma.com

In the News

Safe Haven Featured on Crypto News Flash

Recently Safe Haven was featured on news website Crypto News Flash. We are proud to have our efforts and solutions highlighted as it showcases the recognition and visibility of Safe Haven in the crypto industry.

Being featured on Crypto News Flash allows us to reach a broader audience and share our innovations, partnerships, and progress with the crypto community. We appreciate the support and we will continue to strive for excellence and contribute to the growth and advancement of the crypto space.

Read the article: VeChain’s New Partnership Solves Billion Dollar Vulnerability in Newest Ledger Seed Update – Crypto News Flash

Insights by BarriC (Video)

YouTuber BarriC has created a video discussing Safe Haven and its solution to address a significant vulnerability related to Ledger’s Recover opt-in service.

The video aims to provide insights for individuals within the crypto community who have concerns about this matter.

We appreciate BarriC’s efforts in educating and informing the crypto community about the Safe Haven ecosystem and we encourage you to watch the video for valuable insights and perspectives!


Our community deserves a special shoutout for their exceptional commitment and enthusiasm in advocating for Safe Haven this week!

Thank you for being our driving force in spreading the word about decentralized asset management and inheritance solutions.

Together, we will make a significant impact if we continue spreading the message far and wide!

Oh, and don’t forget to tag @SafeHavenio or use $SHA in your tweets!


In conclusion, this week’s Flash Friday update has been marked by a rising tide of recognition for our solutions within the crypto community. As the ongoing buzz surrounding Ledger’s Recover opt-in service continues, more and more individuals are realizing the inherent value and security offered by our products.

The unveiling of our new partnership with Copiosa further solidifies our commitment to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, providing users with a simplified and confident entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

We are delighted to witness the increasing acknowledgment of our innovative solutions by news websites and content creators, which offer seamless asset management, secure backup solutions, and decentralized inheritance plans.

As we continue to drive mass adoption and empower individuals to safeguard their digital assets, we invite you to stay tuned for future updates and join us on this exciting journey.

Together, we can redefine the way we protect and manage our digital assets, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for all of us, #SHAman, and our families!

Have a great weekend! 💜 🧙

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