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Flash Development Update [2023/21]

⚡ Friday! We invite you to take a look at what happend at Safe Haven this week, and join us as we continue on this exciting journey together. 👇 ✅ Bridging The Gap Between Web2 and Web3 together with Copiosa ✅ Upcoming Twitter Spaces ✅ Growing Recognition for Our Ecosystem ✅ About Patents and Decentralization ✅ Upcoming Staking Program for June ✅ Progress on Comet 2.0 ✅ Magma being honored ✅ And more! Together, we can redefine the way we protect and manage our digital assets, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for all of us, #SHAman, and our families! Have a great weekend! 💜 🧙

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We Have Been Awarded A U.S. Patent To Protect Our Solutions!

We just received a Notice of Allowance for 34 claims within our U.S. patent filing!

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Safe Haven/SafeTech — European Patent Progress Update

SafeTech management recently received word as of October 18, 2021 that pending European Patent: EP3654578 METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CRYPTOGRAPHIC PRIVATE KEY MANAGEMENT FOR SECURE MULTIPARTY STORAGE AND TRANSFER OF INFORMATION, is now intended to be granted.

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