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Flash Development Update [2023/25]

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The recent incident involving the missing submarine seeking to explore the Titanic’s ruins has deeply saddened and shaken the world. Our thoughts go out to the individuals and families affected by this unfortunate event. It serves as a stark reminder of life’s uncertainties and the fragility of human existence.

Tragedies like these evoke profound emotions and prompt us to reflect on the unpredictable nature of our lives. They remind us that regardless of our status or wealth, no one is immune to the unexpected.

It is in these moments that we are reminded of the importance of being prepared and ensuring that our loved ones are taken care of, even in the face of unimaginable circumstances.

At Safe Haven, we understand the deeply personal and emotional nature of preparing for the unexpected. Our mission is rooted in empathy and a genuine desire to provide individuals and families with the means to protect their digital assets and secure their legacies.

In light of events like these, our backup and inheritance solutions take on even greater significance. They offer a way to preserve not only valuable data and financial assets but also the memories, stories and digital footprints that make up our unique identities.

By embracing self-custody and decentralized ownership, we empower individuals to take control of their digital lives, ensuring that their legacy endures beyond their physical presence.

While we cannot predict when or how our last day will come, we can strive to make preparations that bring peace of mind. Safe Haven is committed to providing the tools and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the digital age with compassion, understanding and a steadfast dedication to securing what matters most.

As we extend our support to those affected by recent events, let us remember that together, we can build a future where the protection of our digital assets and the preservation of our legacies go hand in hand.

That said, and before we dive into this week’s latest updates, we want to take a moment to remind you about our SafeSwap Commission Program and the incredible opportunity that awaits you.👇

SafeSwap Commission Program

Do you have a good suggestion for SafeSwap listing?

This first part of the Ambassador program is designed to reward our community members for their knowledge and effort in helping us identify new projects to be listed on SafeSwap.

To participate, simply reach out to us with a project that wants to go cross-chain with their native token and is on one of the four connected blockchains. If you are the first person to bring a project to our attention that leads to a paid listing, you will receive a commission of $300.

Detailed requirements for the projects, a short description of SafeSwap and the registration form can be found at https://safeswap.io/commission

Whether you are a node holder or not, this campaign is for all members of our community. We look forward to working with you to grow the SafeSwap ecosystem!

Join our Commission Program now and earn!

SafeSwap Commission Program: https://safeswap.io/commission

Comet 2.0 and Inheriti® 2.0

Let’s provide you with the latest progress on our ongoing projects, Comet 2.0 and Inheriti® 2.0.

As mentioned previously, these products are key components of our commitment to delivering innovative, user-friendly and decentralized solutions for digital inheritance and decentralized, non-custodial asset management.

Comet 2.0 is currently in its final stages of fine-tuning before it undergoes an extensive audit phase. While in parallel, our team continues to diligently prepare for the development of the highly anticipated Inheriti® 2.0.

Continuing our exploration of Inheriti® 2.0, we are making steady progress in analyzing its features, functionalities and renewed terminology.

“Finally”, we can hear some of you think.

But, make no mistake. Inheriti® has always been the core of our mission of secure digital asset management and with Inheriti® 2.0, we aim to elevate its capabilities even further.

We are committed to bridge the gap between our users and the revolutionary technology we built over the past years, and are working hard to create an intuitive, seamless and secure environment that empowers individuals to manage their digital assets and protect their data and legacies effortlessly.

Free SafeKey Distribution to Eligible SafeNode Holders

Last week marked a great milestone for some long term SafeNode holders as we distributed free SafeKey vouchers to eligible users who either hold a Consensus Node or Legacy Node respectively for 9 or 6 months.

Full details of all SafeNode benefits can be found here: https://safehaven.io/sha/safe-nodes/

This initiative rewards dedicated SafeNode holders by granting them access to the enhanced features and benefits of SafeKey.

SafeKey is a powerful tool that further strengthens the security and accessibility of the Safe Haven ecosystem. It provides users with convenient and secure access to their digital assets, simplifying the management and transfer of their holdings.

With SafeKey, users can enjoy an added layer of protection (2FA) and control over their assets, ensuring peace of mind in their crypto journey.

We are thrilled to see our community members taking advantage of this opportunity and claiming their free SafeKeys. This distribution reinforces our commitment to nurturing a strong and engaged community while providing valuable incentives to our loyal SafeNode holders.

We appreciate all support and trust our community has placed in us and this distribution is our way of expressing our gratitude.

Keep an eye on your inbox for further instructions on how to claim your free SafeKey if you’re one of the SafeNode holders that claimed yours already!

Exploring Integration of WalletConnect v2 in SafeSwap

In our effort to enhance the functionality of SafeSwap, we have been exploring the integration of WalletConnect v2.

As mentioned before, we initially implemented WalletConnect v2 already but encountered compatibility issues, particularly with TrustWallet. Our developers have been working hard to address these challenges, but unfortunately, compatibility issues persist.

However, WalletConnect v1 is working seamlessly in our production environment, providing uninterrupted access.

We remain committed to finding a solution integrating WalletConnect v2 and will keep you informed of our progress as we strive to provide a secure and efficient experience for all SafeSwap users.

Successful Security Audit for Magma

Magma, the groundbreaking real estate platform developed in collaboration with SafeTech, their smart contracts and software development kit (SDK) has recently passed a security audit with outstanding results.

The platform’s robust security measures and implementation were highly praised, affirming Magma’s dedication to safeguarding user data and ensuring the integrity of transactions within the Web3 real estate platform.

With this achievement, Magma solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the industry, setting new standards for security and trust within the Web3 ecosystem. The team’s relentless efforts to build a robust and cutting-edge platform are paving the way for a transformative future in the real estate landscape.

As an integral part of Magma’s development, SafeTech is immensely proud to have contributed to this achievement. SafeTech, serving as the holding company of Safe Haven, brings a wealth of expertise and resources in the blockchain and Web3 space, further enhancing the security and reliability of Magma’s offerings.

Our collaboration with Magma aims to deliver the most cutting-edge and user-friendly web3 real estate platform, solidifying our commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

Exploring the Future: xSPECTAR VS vechain

Our CEO, Jürgen Schouppe, recently engaged in an enlightening conversation with the CEO and CTO of xSPECTAR, a company at the forefront of the metaverse.

The discussion revolved around the captivating realm of Web3 technology and the exciting prospect of integrating vechain into xSPECTAR’s metaverse.

xSPECTAR’s metaverse is a state-of-the-art virtual environment that transcends physical limitations, granting users unprecedented access to land ownership, business ventures, gaming, social events and collaborative endeavors. Its seamless virtual economy fosters innovation and connectivity, creating a dynamic ecosystem.

During this conversation, our CEO and the leaders of xSPECTAR explored the transformative power of Web3 technology in revolutionizing digital experiences and redefining traditional business models. The focus delved into decentralized applications, smart contracts and blockchain-based solutions, envisioning how these advancements can heighten user engagement and unlock new possibilities within the metaverse.

This conversation exemplified the shared vision of our CEO and xSPECTAR’s leadership team, as they acknowledged the immense potential of Web3 technology and recognized the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in propelling innovation.

Safe Haven and Copiosa Present Twitter Space AMA

Join us for “Unveiling the Potential of Blockchain Technology: A Conversation with Copiosa,” where we’ll dive deep into the transformative power of blockchain across various industries.

Copiosa recently became one of our partners and it was only last week that our token was listed in their app, allowing users to access all the relevant information about the SHA token.

This verification served s a confirmation from Copiosa that the Safe Haven team is legitimate and adds an extra layer of credibility to our project.

Now, get ready for an engaging and informative discussion with our special guest speaker, Andres, a renowned expert from Copiosa, and our very own Sam from Safe Haven’s Partnership Department as the host.

During this exclusive Twitter Space event, happening on July 7, 2023, at 7PM CET, participants will have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights and perspectives from Andres, a highly respected figure in the blockchain ecosystem. With their extensive knowledge and profound understanding, Andres will shed light on the current landscape of blockchain technology, exploring emerging trends, real-world applications, and the potential for blockchain to revolutionize industries and drive innovation.

This event is open to all individuals eager to explore the vast potential of blockchain technology. Join us for interactive discussions, ask questions, and gather valuable insights from Andres and other industry experts. Mark your calendars and be part of this exciting Twitter Space event on July 7th!


Our community, with their enthusiasm and support, is what keeps us motivated day after day.

We are grateful for all your feedback and engagement, which drives us to deliver our innovative solutions like SafeSwap and Inheriti®.

Together, we are shaping a decentralized future that empowers individuals and revolutionizes the way we manage digital assets.

Keep tweeting! 👇


As we wrap up this week’s update, we’re really excited about the progress we’ve made and the promising things to come. Our team has been working hard to refine Comet 2.0 and we’re looking forward to the development of Inheriti® 2.0, both of which will make digital inheritance and asset management easier and more decentralized.

We are delighted to announce the successful security audit of Magma, the groundbreaking real estate platform developed in collaboration with SafeTech. This accomplishment underscores both ours and Magma’s dedication to ensuring the security and integrity of transactions within the Web3 real estate landscape.

In our quest to improve the functionality and user experience of SafeSwap, we’re exploring the integration of WalletConnect v2. Although we’re facing some compatibility challenges, we’re committed to finding a solution that ensures a secure and efficient experience for everyone using SafeSwap.

Being industry pioneers, we’re driven by innovation and always thinking ahead. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital world, including securing digital assets, preserving legacies, and fostering trust.

The future looks bright and we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting updates and milestones as we shape the future of decentralized solutions together.

We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support and trust from our #SHAman community. 💜🧙

Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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