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Flash Development Update [2023/29]

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As the summer and holiday season are a few weeks in already, some of our team members are taking a well-deserved break to recharge. But, don’t worry, we’re still on top of things, and the show must go on!

Behind the scenes, we’re working hard to push forward with our ongoing developments and set the stage for some exciting product releases in the coming months.

We have to say, we’re feeling more confident than ever about the future of the Safe Haven ecosystem and all the amazing things that await us (and you).

Now, in this week’s development update, we thought it was time to spill some beans about Inheriti® 2.0. As most know, Inheriti® is our innovative, decentralized and patented solution to create digital inheritance and data backup plans.

Currently we’re rebuilding it from scratch, on top of the technology and protocols we’ve built and fine-tuned over the past few years. You can read all about this in the article “Looking Back to The Future” we posted some months ago.

It’s been an incredible journey, and we’ve made significant progress so far, but it’s time to make the technology available for the mass!

Currently speaking, we’ve nailed down the first version of the new protection plan creation flow and its sleek UI/UX. It’s looking really smooth and user-friendly already.

Oh, and that’s not all!

The merge flow, which lets users merge plan shares and open protection plans (reveal the secret data), also has its UI/UX in place and it was fully optimized compared to Inheriti® 1.0.

We’re getting closer to an awesome user experience with every step we take.

But alright, enough teasing, let’s dive in and check out the current state of Inheriti® 2.0! 👇

State of Inheriti® 2.0

First things first, as said in our intro, we’ve successfully determined the “plan creation flow” for Inheriti® 2.0.

Setting up protection plans is going to be a breeze with this new flow, and the UI/UX are already looking top-notch.

We’ve also finalized the optimized UI/UX for the “merge flow”. This means merging plan shares and opening protection plans will be much smoother than ever before.

But that’s just the beginning!

Our developers have been working to enhance SafeID and integrate it into Inheriti® 2.0 as well.

We know how important security is, it’s at the core of all we do, and SafeID is going to take it to the next level, ensuring that your Inheriti® account is safe and sound.

Based on that SafeID integration, the user authentication and profile management (what we’ll call “My Inheriti”) are in the works at this point.

Next task for our fantastic frontend developers is to convert the UI/UX designs into a frontend.

They’ll be preparing and building the plan creation and merge flows, bringing these exciting features to life within the new Inheriti® dashboard.

On the UI/UX side of things, we have more on our roadmap as well. We’re gearing up to enable you to manage your beneficiaries, heirs and shareholders effortlessly.

We’re also working on different plan triggers and dead man switches, so you have all the flexibility you need to setup your protection plans with the custom settings you prefer.

Simply because we learned there’s no “one fits all” protection plan. Everyone has his own needs, each situation is different.

We also believe that being informed is key to making the right decisions about your plan settings. That’s why we’ll be introducing a risk barometer, to give you insights in how safe and secure your plan settings are. Full details for the risk barometer are still in the works, but you’ll learn more about it when the time is ripe.

The future of Inheriti® 2.0 looks incredibly promising, and we can’t wait to share more updates with you in the coming weeks.

New Logo and Brand Colors

As we move forward with Inheriti® 2.0, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to give our brand identity a fresh update. The new logo is a modern rendition of the previous one, taking inspiration from its essence while infusing it with a smoother, more refined touch.

By doing so, we aim to convey a sense of progression and growth while maintaining the foundation that has made Inheriti® so special to our community and partners.

The choice of brand colors was a thoughtful decision, and we’ve transitioned from purple to a captivating shade of blue. This shift aligns with our vision of presenting Inheriti® 2.0 as a professional (and enterprise) solution that stands out in the digital asset management landscape.

Blue represents trust, stability, and reliability, qualities that perfectly embody the services Inheriti® offers to its users.

Our new logo holds profound symbolism that reflects the core purpose of Inheriti®. At the heart of the design is the timeless “Tree of Life,” representing the ever-flowing cycle of existence.

Surrounding the Tree of Life is a protective shield, symbolizing the safeguarding of one’s digital legacy and assets. The opening in the shield holds a powerful significance. It signifies the circle of life, where one embarks on a journey starting from the opening, navigating through life’s experiences, and ultimately returning to the Tree of Life.

It’s a powerful reminder that Inheriti® is here to support individuals and businesses throughout their life’s journey, ensuring their digital assets are preserved for generations to come.

We are very happy with this fresh visual representation of Inheriti® 2.0, and we hope it resonates with you just as much.

Our intention is to create a lasting impression of professionalism, trust, and care as we work together to shape the future of digital inheritance and data protection.

UI Sneak Peek

Our CEO couldn’t keep the excitement in and dropped some delightful UI teasers on Twitter!

You’ll get a first look at the fresh new logo, plus, the dashboard is looking super slick and user-friendly, making managing your protection plans a breeze.

And there’s more, if you only just keep looking long enough!

Closer Look at The Different Protection Plans

You know how the current version of Inheriti primarily focuses on digital inheritance, right?

Well, get ready for some major upgrades!

Inheriti® 2.0 is taking things to a whole new level by introducing multiple types of protection plans. When we launch, you’ll be able to create both data backup plans and digital inheritance plans, each with its unique use case.

With the data backup plan, you’ll have the flexibility to create encrypted and decentralized backups of sensitive data. It’s perfect for both individual and professional use cases.

Whether you need to secure important files or valuable data that you’ll need to access later, this plan has got you covered. The best part is, you can choose to be the sole shareholder, or you can add extra shareholders to collaborate on data access.

On the other hand, the digital inheritance plan is designed for those who want to protect their data and assets and leave behind a safe and secure legacy.

In this plan, you won’t be a shareholder yourself because the purpose is to only open the inheritance plan when you pass away or become unable to manage your digital assets. Your heirs will have access to your secret data, online accounts, or digital assets when the time comes.

Now, here are some key differences between the two plans:

In a backup plan, you can assign “shareholders,” and you can even be one of them. But in an inheritance plan, you’ll assign your heirs, and you won’t be able to be a shareholder yourself.

Makes sense?

Another important distinction is how the plans are activated.

For backup plans, we use plan triggers, which means you, as the plan owner, will need to actively verify the opening of the protection plan by performing a specific action, like clicking on a link or logging in for example.

For inheritance plans, it’s a bit different. We’ll use Dead Man Switches to open the plan, as the current version of Inheriti® already does.

This means the plan can only be activated if you don’t take action (for example, if you don’t click on a link or log in). In essence, this mechanism ensures that the plan is only opened if you’re no longer able to do so yourself, indicating that you’ve passed away.

If you want to prevent the plan from opening, you can easily abort the merging process by taking action and clicking a link to prove you’re still alive.

Inheriti® 2.0 really will be built with limitless possibilities and endless use cases. We’re super excited about all the opportunities this opens up, and we can’t wait to share more with you

SafeKey Mobile vs SafeKey Pro

As we’re introducing different types of protection plans in Inheriti® 2.0, we’re also bringing you different options for storing your plan shares.

You’re familiar with SafeKey Pro, our hardware solution for cold-storing plan shares.

Well, get ready, because the long-awaited SafeKey Mobile app will become available with Inheriti® 2.0 too!

With SafeKey Mobile, heirs and shareholders will have the convenience of holding their plan shares right on their phones, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

So, just like we have different types of protection plans, we’ll now offer different types of shares for shareholders to chose from: cold shares and mobile shares.

When creating a protection plan, Inheriti® will distribute shares directly to SafeKey Pro, as usual.

But for SafeKey Mobile users, they’ll need to claim their shares manually. And that’s where Inheriti® Vault comes into play. The Vault will play a significant role in temporarily storing the mobile plan shares while they wait to be claimed.

We’ll share more details about Inheriti® Vault in the upcoming development updates, so stay tuned for that!

It’s important to note that for now, the merge authority still requires SafeKey Pro to initiate the merging process and open a protection plan.

However, other shareholders will be able to use their storage device of choice, whether it’s SafeKey Pro or the upcoming SafeKey Mobile app.

We’re happy to provide more options and flexibility for our users, and we’re so excited for the day you all get to experience the seamless integration of SafeKey Mobile and SafeKey Pro with Inheriti® 2.0.

We’ll keep you updated on all the developments, so make sure to follow up on our next Flash Friday updates!


And that wraps up another thrilling Flash Development Update!

In this FF, we took you on an exclusive tour of Inheriti® 2.0 – the next generation of our innovative, decentralized digital inheritance and backup solution.

Those that are with us for some time now know that we’ve come a long way in our journey, and we’re now on the verge of making this revolutionary technology available to the masses!

We look forward to going through this next chapter with you and bringing the vision of Inheriti® 2.0 to life! Together, we’ll leave a legacy that spans generations!

Enjoy the weekend #SHAman! 🌳💙

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