Flash Development Update [2023/33] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/33]

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The blockchain landscape has had an incredibly tumultuous time, with cryptocurrencies and NFT advancing at the speed of light. Keeping up with this rapid growth is an ongoing challenge, but our unwavering commitment to our goals remains strong.

Currently, as we navigate the challenges of the Comet 2.0 and Inheriti® 2.0, our development journey is non-stop. Through these ongoing efforts, we continue to elevate our infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed possible 💪 and joining a new era of blockchain potential.

Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and settle in for the latest news from Safe Haven over the past week.

Inheriti® 2.0

We are currently in the process of internally testing Inheriti® 2.0 frontend and user experience. We have implemented new design elements, optimized UI / UX, and improved overall functionality. Our goal is to enhance the user experience and provide a platform that is both easy to use and functional. This extends beyond aesthetics and includes a focus on intuitive navigation and streamlined processes.

Comet Wallet 2.0

We are pleased to announce that the next version of Comet wallet is ready for final testing. This new version is in the first place a replacement of the old Comet wallet, our own wallet connected to Inheriti® 2.0, with better security features and the latest development packages.

The next phase also involves auditing. We want to ensure that it undergoes thorough testing and auditing to guarantee its functionality and security. During this phase, we will be conducting rigorous tests to identify and fix any bugs or issues that may be present.

Exploring Arbitrum for SafeSwap Integration

We presented SafeSwap in the Ecosystem Builder Announcements of Arbitrum. We are currently investigating the addition of Arbitrum to SafeSwap and welcome feedback and ideas from both builders and users.

Arbitrum is a layer 2 protocol designed to provide a fast and cost-effective solution for conducting transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, with full smart contract functionality. The protocol utilizes advanced consensus algorithms and state-of-the-art cryptography to ensure high levels of security, transparency, and scalability.

Hey Arbinauts,


We’re excited to introduce you to SafeSwap, a cross-chain bridge that revolutionizes cross chain interoperability. SafeSwap enables atomic swaps of real native assets without the need for wrapping, offering a trustless and decentralized solution for transferring native tokens across different blockchains.


Currently, the most common way to achieve cross-chain functionality with your native token is through the use of wrapped tokens. However, this approach introduces unnecessary vulnerabilities, which can lead to lost or stolen funds, requiring users to trust central custodians, and slowing down transactions.


SafeSwap eliminates the need for wrapping and offers multiple benefits for both dApp builders and users.


Benefits for dApp builders:

  1. Gain access to the technical and community capabilities of other chains while remaining on your native chain, without needing to migrate.
  2. Expand the reach of your dApps across multiple chains by using your native token.
  3. Use your token across different blockchains without the need to adjust its tokenomics.
  4. No third-party liquidity is required.

Benefits for Users:

  1. Enjoy enhanced security with atomic swaps and additional built-in security layers.
  2. Perform 1:1 token swaps between your own wallets with zero slippage.
  3. Always hold the native tokens themselves, regardless of the chain.
  4. Retain control over your assets at all times.

SafeSwap opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for builders and users.

Web3 Twitter X Spaces

There still is time to join our Twitter X Space “Unveiling the Potential of Web3 and Blockchain with Startup Grind”. Today, 18th of August at 9PM CET. Luke Pillarella, executive producer from Startup Grind will discuss the world of startups and entrepreneurship in Web 2 and Web3. You will get to know more about the workings of Startup Grind, one of the leading communities of startups, their vision on the advantages and disadvantages of web3 and the future of dApps.

Join the Twitter Space



Magic Square Voting

We are pleased to announce that SafeSwap has successfully passed the voting process and is now included in the Magic Store. Magic Square is a portal for discovering and engaging with the Web3 crypto and blockchain ecosystem. They provide traditional Web2 users and builders with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the benefits and functionality of Web 3 tooling and dApps.

SafeSwap, our cross-chain bridge which uses atomic swaps to enable the transfer of native tokens across different chains, is now available.

The total number of votes received is 50,941, with a validation score of 4.7! 🎉

Web3 for Sustainability Masterclass

We are pleased to announce that the Safe Haven team will be participating in the vechain Web3 Sustainability Masterclass in Paris this year. We are eagerly anticipating this opportunity to engage in the masterclass, where attendees will gain comprehensive insights into vechain’s ecosystem and tools! Moreover, attendees will have the chance to win tickets to the Gane vs Spivac UFC Fight Night on September 2nd and indulge in an unforgettable afterparty once the day’s events conclude.

During such occasions, we acknowledge the fundamental value of networking, fostering connections that often open the door to collaboration and innovation. Moreover, we eagerly await the opportunity for experienced and innovative vechain designers in Paris!


We are absolutely thrilled and deeply grateful for the incredible support you all show for Safe Haven on social media. Your dedication and enthusiasm in spreading the word about Safe Haven has not gone unnoticed. Your posts, shares, and engagement are a testament to the strength and unity of this amazing community.

Thank you for believing in Safe Haven and for tirelessly promoting its mission. Your efforts are making a significant impact and helping to create awareness about the important work Safe Haven is doing. Together, we are paving the way for a safer and more secure digital future.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Your continued support means the world to us and reinforces our commitment to making a difference. Here’s to a brighter future, fueled by the collective passion of the SHA community.

We start with the unveiling of a historic moment: A Unique Unboxing of the Special Phygital Safekey, Signed by Prominent Figures in the VeChain Community


Safe Haven’s latest update encompasses:

Internal testing of the Inheriti® 2.0 frontend and user experience.

Final testing phase for the new Comet wallet. The inclusion of SafeSwap in Magic Square was achieved through successful voting.

The collaborative Web3 X Space event with Startup Grind will delve into the potential of Web3 and blockchain.

As we approach the end of this week, we’re already looking forward to the next one. We extend our gratitude for your continued support and anticipate sharing more updates in the weeks ahead.

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