Flash Development Update [2023/41] - Safe Haven

Flash Development Update [2023/41]

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Crypto is never short on drama, and for the past two weeks, the spotlight has been on the New York courtroom. Everyone’s been glued to the updates from Sam Bankman-Fried trial. Facing seven counts of conspiracy and fraud, the stakes have never been higher for one of the industry’s most notable figures.

Caroline Ellison’s testimony was total popcorn material for the community on X (Twitter). It’s got the everyone talking about what went down at FTX last November. The memes were at an all-time high.

Big moments like these make us think about why we’re all in on what we’re building at Safe Haven. It’s all about giving you back full control, but without the drama, ensuring your data and assets are super safe.

Because, let’s face it, in this wild west Web3 often is, we need all the stability and trust we can get.

And who better to trust than yourself?

Speaking of trusting yourself, Comet 2.0, our digital wallet to self-custody your crypto, is closer to its launch than you might think, redefining what it means to truly “own your keys”!

With that backdrop, let’s delve into the updates from Safe Haven this week! 👇

X Spaces Recording

Last Friday, we sat down with @007Macmac007. For those unfamiliar, he’s a big name in the Optimism, Moonwell, and Moonbeam communities.

We talked about a lot of things, especially the Base blockchain and where Web3 is heading. Sam (@SamSoniteCrypto) was our host for the day and made sure everything ran smoothly.

If you didn’t catch it live, don’t worry.

You can listen to the full recording and catch up on what you missed.

Comet 2.0

Comet 2.0 is shaping up really well. We’re not just talking about it at this point, we’ve actually been using it ourselves already internally.

Of course, it’s still in an early beta phase, especially with SafeSwap and Inheriti® 1.0 integrations. And we found some minor things to fix, like UI tweaks and typos.

But the good news?

We’re hoping to roll out a public beta version for everyone by the end of this month!

Once we’re confident enough about how everything looks and works, our next step is to get it up on the Chrome Store. So, once that’s done, it’s ready to go!

To prepare for launch we’ve also been working on a new Comet website and comprehensive documentation with user guides, which are both ready to go live when Comet is!

Enjoy some early sneak peeks:

Inheriti® 2.0

Our team has been hard at work on Inheriti® 2.0, and we’re excited to share the latest developments with you.

First of all, as most already know by now, our developers have wrapped up the frontend development. With that significant milestone achieved, attention has now shifted to the backend.

There’s a thorough process currently underway as our developers analyze and set the fundamentals for the backend functionality.

A core component of Inheriti® 2.0 is its seamless integration with our range of SDKs that have been developed over the past years. This ensures that Inheriti® will be fully compatible and easily connectable with SafeKey Pro, SafeKey Mobile, the blockchain, Inheriti® Vault, and SafeID.

Speaking of which, SafeID, SafeKey Mobile, and Inheriti® Vault are currently still in development phases. You can expect more detailed updates on these in the weeks and months to come.

Diving deeper into Inheriti® 2.0, it’s designed to cater to a broader range of needs compared to Inheriti® 1.0. While Inheriti® 1.0 was mainly centered around digital inheritances, the 2.0 version introduces various protection plans to cater to a more extensive range of user requirements.

Below is an article that explains the use cases of Inheriti® 2.0 beyond just digital inheritance.

The Power of Inheriti® 2.0 – Use Cases Beyond Digital Inheritance

Another significant enhancement in Inheriti® 2.0 is its versatility in terms of user environments. It introduces a “Standard Edition” tailored for Web2 users, which includes SafeID authentication and fiat payments.

For the more crypto-savvy folks, including our community, we have the Web3 edition, which aligns with the current community edition of Inheriti 1.0. This edition allows for direct wallet connections and cryptocurrency payments.

Lastly, as our developers focus on building Inheriti®, another part of our team is channeling their efforts into crafting a fresh Inheriti® website. This will be complemented by comprehensive documentation, complete with user guides and detailed technical explanations to ensure you get the most out of Inheriti® 2.0.

We’re eager to unpack more soon!

Short Introduction to SafeID, Inheriti® Vault, and SafeKey Mobile

Safe Haven is more than just one product.

It’s an ecosystem.

Each product plays a unique role.

For instance, while you might have heard us talk about SafeID, Inheriti® Vault, and SafeKey Mobile, you might be wondering about their specific roles.

Each one has its function in strengthening and expanding the Safe Haven ecosystem’s features.

We’ll be shedding more light on these in the coming weeks, but here’s a short introduction on each of them already:

  • SafeID: streamlines user’s their account management across the Safe Haven ecosystem, offering a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. With a one-time registration, users can effortlessly access both Inheriti® and SafeKey Mobile for example. It not only simplifies logins but also enhances security, ensuring that navigating our ecosystem is both seamless and safe.
  • Inheriti® Vault: An essential component of Inheriti 2.0, the Inheriti® Vault stands out as a decentralized cloud storage solution designed specifically for storing shares of your protection plans. It’s a secure and decentralized storage layer within Inheriti®’s multilayer topology, ensuring that the shares of your protection plans are safely stored while embodying the true principles of web3.
  • SafeKey Mobile: Designed as the mobile alternative to SafeKey Pro’s custom internal storage, SafeKey Mobile offers the flexibility of an app without compromising on security. It ensures that users can access and manage the data shares of their protection plans created via Inheriti.com conveniently from their mobile devices, providing a perfect blend of mobility and security. SafeKey Mobile eliminates the need for every beneficiary or shareholder to buy a SafeKey Pro device.

New SafeSwap Docs

Interoperability is the word of the hour, and SafeSwap is our answer to it.

It’s been a year since its launch already, and we’ve seen how crucial its technology is and how its value and importance will only keep to increase over time.

To make it more accessible and transparent, we’ve revisited and revamped our documentation. Our newly optimized docs should give a clearer picture of how SafeSwap works and we hope this detailed information makes it clear where SafeSwap stands in the interoperability game.

We also wanted to visually explain things, hence the new explainer video we released last week.

And for those who love deep dives, we’ve penned a new article highlighting why SafeSwap stands out in terms of decentralization and security.

SafeSwap: Empowering Interoperability for Web3 Innovators

SafeSwap is an atomic swapping platform, empowering Web3 innovators to explore endless opportunities by transferring their native tokens across chains and connecting with new user bases.

This article explores why SafeSwap is the perfect solution for projects looking to enhance their operations while maintaining decentralization and security.

Join and Earn: SafeSwap Commission Program

Passionate about SafeSwap?

Here’s your opportunity to make a significant impact and earn appealing rewards! We’re excited to introduce our SafeSwap Commission Program, designed to acknowledge and reward community members for their insights and efforts in introducing new projects to be listed on SafeSwap.

To participate, simply visit SafeSwap Commission Program and introduce us to a project that aims to go cross-chain.

Remember, the project’s native token must be deployed on one of the connected blockchains. If you’re the first to bring a project to our notice that concludes in a paid listing, you’ll earn a commission of $300!

This is your chance to contribute to the growth of SafeSwap and earn rewards for your dedication and efforts. Let’s strengthen SafeSwap together!

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Are you a content creator or know someone who is? We want to connect with you!

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Some creators already reached out to us in the past weeks, but we would like to repeat our message and recall all content creators reading this (or if you know someone, kindly spread the message):

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Here’s a curated list of tweets that caught our attention this week, showcasing the pulse and sentiment of our dedicated community.


And just like that, another week is in the books.

Reflecting on the events, both inside and outside our community, one thing stands out crystal clear: Safe Haven isn’t just part of the crypto narrative, we’re actually building the real use cases of its future.

Every feedback, every update, every achieved milestone is like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly into our vision.

It’s simple: We have the blueprint, the tools, and most importantly, the unwavering support of the best community out there.

So, what’s next?

We roll up our sleeves and dive right back into the grind, perfecting every facet of Inheriti® 2.0, Comet 2.0, SafeKey Mobile, SafeID, SafeSwap, and all other components that shape the Safe Haven ecosystem.

Together, we’re forging the path forward.

Onward and upward! 🚀🌟

Enjoy your weekend SHAman! 🔮🧙‍♂️

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