Roadmap Update 2022/Q1-Q3 - Safe Haven

Roadmap Update 2022/Q1-Q3

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SafeSwap Audit

To date, we have not been alerted to any security concerns and the audit is in progress. Further, we have also asked them to specifically consider recent bridge-attacks, like those employed during the Wormhole exploit, in addition to what is considered ‘best practices’ in terms of security and audit procedures. Our additional requests are to ensure the integrity of both our platform and the extended integrity of those partners that may integrate SafeSwap into their project/ ecosystems.

SafeSwap Release

The SafeSwap platform is pending the results of the SafeSwap audit. If something should arise, please know that it will be dealt with immediately and the process will continue. Our #1 concern remains the safety and security of the users, and the integrity of our products.

Node Rewards

We are looking to see how to modernize and update the node reward program. Stay tuned for more details by the end of the quarter. 

Ambassador NFTs

Ambassador NFTs will be available for claim for eligible Safe Haven Node holders. Holding these Ambassador NFTs will qualify you for special NFT airdrops from our partners. 

SafeSwap Marketing

The SafeSwap Marketing Campaign is pending the release of SafeSwap. It will focus on B2B activities, but there will also be some community/retail elements as well.  

Safe Haven Meet-Up

We are still pushing hard to do a physical Safe Haven meet-up, but if that is not possible then we may explore a Metaverse alternative.  

Inheriti Vault Beta

Q2 is the rough target for the beta release of Inheriti Vault. Inheriti Vault enables cloud storage of encrypted shares. This opens the possibility of retrieving cloud shares for Inheriti plans and is a critical component of Inheriti Mobile. 

Inheriti Mobile Beta

Q2 is the rough target for the beta release of Inheriti Mobile. This mobile application, in conjunction with Inheriti Vault will make it possible to retrieve encrypted shares from cloud storage to use in unlocking Inheriti plans. 

Inheriti Vault and Inheriti Mobile Beta

After a successful beta test, Inheriti Vault and Inheriti Mobile will undergo intensive rounds of audits to prepare for mainstream release. 

NFT Companion Airdrop

Ambassador NFT holders will be airdropped a special companion NFT that will have utility. Details will be shared in Q2. 

Added Blockchain Support for SafeSwap

SafeSwap will be expanded with additional blockchain compatibility. We are in the process of creating a ranked list of top blockchains to integrate with. 

Negotium Network Nodes

Q3 is the rough target to begin exploring the Negotium Network. We will start by setting up the first nodes to begin development. The Negotium Network is necessary to store large format files (like photos and videos) as part of Inheriti plans. 

Inheriti Fiat Capability

To improve the accessibility and user experience of Inheriti, we will be adding fiat payment capabilities to Inheriti. Beta testing of this feature is slated for Q3. 

Revamped SafeTech Website B2B Focused 

This website has been overhauled to provide a more intuitive knowledge experience for any potential partners and clients interested in developing a relationship with SafeTech and SafeHaven.

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