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Safe Haven: 2019 Quarter 2 Recap

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As expected, we entered Q2 knowing expansion was top on our list of priorities. What we came to realize; the building never stops. So much in fact, that some of the expansion was put on hold to better delegate resources to solidify development advances.

Below you will find an update on all Q2 milestones to date. We want to emphasize the fact that many of the Q2 milestones will continue on past the end of the quarter, as most of them are part of long-term development and traction.

TAN Business Expansion, U.S.

We are currently in the process of expanding our presence within the U.S. Reviewing applications for those who have strong connections with professionals in blockchain landscape. The U.S. is a difficult market, as most professionals are still skeptical about the market in which we operate. We expect this market to improve in the coming months due to official guidance that is expected from government entities.

Business Expansion Safe Haven Inheritance Platform Europe

Global Funeral Care

Safe Haven has partnered with Global Funeral Care, an organization that is focused on delivering customized and competitive products to the funeral care industry. Both Safe Haven and Global Funeral Care focus on markets that have much to do with long-term planning and felt that the two projects are closely aligned. Due to the shared target-market, Global Funeral Care will utilize the SHIP platform.

You can find more about this strategic alignment here:


Development of Congruity Platform and Custodian Services

We have postponed the development of these two products. Both platforms require SafeID to be properly regulated to ensure the strongest security for those who intend to utilize them [platforms]. More will be released on these platforms within Q3.

Onboarding SH Verticals

  • Global Funeral Care

As mentioned above, Global Funeral Care will be utilizing various products and solutions developed by Safe Haven.

  • PlanChain
  • Undisclosed travel and destination editorial organization

Safe Haven is currently in talks with a vertical that desires to use several Safe Haven products within an already established organization that hosts a large user base. More on this will be released in the coming weeks.

  • Undisclosed human resource (HR) and recruitment organization

This organization will focus on the optimization of HR and recruitment processes within enterprises. Specifically identifying winning skills, preferences, and characteristics of high-performing employees which will define vacancy profiles, and match potential candidates with the necessary skills for success. More on this will be released in the coming weeks.

ThorPay Release

ThorPay is now in a prioritizing stage. We released some information regarding this solution in January 2019 and followed up in May 2019 with the proposed business model. Prioritizing refers to what features will be added to V2 and V3. It is expected that ThorPay V2 will be released to the public.

Expansion Development Team Cyprus

Postponed Cyprus expansion due to “Director Qualifications”.

KPMG invited Safe Haven to Cyprus to discuss incorporation within Cyprus. To do such, Safe Haven would be required to post several organizational directors to operate within the borders of the country. We do look forward to expanding into Cyprus, however we do not feel it financially wise to move operations or hire unnecessarily just to meet citizenship requirements.

Talks with KPMG are still ongoing and both parties continue to strive for further business solutions.

Begin Development of SafeID

SafeID is also in a prioritizing stage. We have evaluated the necessary features of SafeID required to smoothly interact with all of our platforms. We are now in the process of staging each one of these features for specific release [version].

Furthermore, we are experimenting with multiple components of SafeID in efforts to better evaluate when it could be considered a minimum viable product.

Some key aspects of SafeID:

  • Will leverage an open source identity and access management API
  • Will utilize a payment platform API allowing for seamless interaction between Safe Haven products that specifically deal with payments (ThorPay)

ThorBlock V2, Fundraising and Charity

Very soon it is expected that ThorBlock Fundraising and Charity* will be publicly revealed. Both solutions will employ ThorBlock V2 features behind the scenes. Once public, Safe Haven will begin reaching out to charity organizations who wish to raise funds in digital currencies. We expect to focus first on small registered organizations that target social wellness campaigns, humanitarian services, and green initiatives. Charity initiatives will involve our Safe Haven Government members in efforts to identify and reach out to qualified organizations. More on this will be revealed within Q3.

ThorBlock V2 specific features will follow shortly thereafter on ThorBlock Pooling* and will encompass all VIP-180 tokens and SafeID integration.

Feel free to enjoy and share the ThorBlock Fundraising teaser trailer

*ThorBlock is a suite of differing products that include Pooling (current released product), Charity, and Fundraising.

Update on CoinBene Listing and MOU

We have been closely monitoring several aspects of CoinBene both internal and external. At this time, we have decided not to move forward with the integration of SHA or any of our solutions on this platform. We understand that this may come as unwelcome news for some, but feel it is in the best interest of the project and the community.

Nauticus Exchange Update

Nauticus is still in talks with Safe Haven regarding listing. They recently underwent an extensive self-initiated audit to ensure the integrity of the platform. They have since decided to switch custodial services to Bitgo, a trusted custodian service for over 100+ digital currencies. We will update the community, as we know more.

As always, we would like to thank the Safe Haven community for your continued support. A Q3 roadmap will be made public in the coming days and will outline a more generalized approach than prior quarters. The future must be flexible to address both internal and external stake. This will allow us to focus on Safe Haven’s overall health, interests, and partnerships moving forward.

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