Safe Haven: en route to becoming the ‘Decentralized Inheritance’ powerhouse - Safe Haven

Safe Haven: en route to becoming the ‘Decentralized Inheritance’ powerhouse

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Digital Inheritance by Safe Haven

  • Inheriti Vault: a cloud alternative for SafeKey
  • Inheriti Mobile: a Mobile Share Solution
  • Inheriti Standard Edition: focused on mass adoption, with subscription plans and direct fiat payment solutions, while maintaining SHA token utility
  • Inheriti Business Edition: API based, allowing third-party partners to employ Inheriti within their business model
  • support of other public blockchains

Other solutions by Safe Haven


  • VeChain: VeChainThor acts as the native blockchain for all Safe Haven solutions. More information on why VeChain was chosen for this purpose
  • Vpunks: Vpunks is the #1 NFT project developed on VeChainthor and this partnership will focus on integrating Inheriti. Partnership announcement can be found here. The following Tweet of last Friday gives an update on its remarkable progress:
  • Polygon: Polygon will be the first fully compatible Ethereum scalability solution utilized by Safe Haven in their blockchain agnostic approach [announcement link]
  • Intigriti: Intigriti is Europe’s #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform and currently maintains an open bug bounty program on Inheriti, ensuring continuous review and public audit [link for more information]
  • Among others [link to all partners]

Safe Nodes

  • SHA tokens: varying from 1 million for a Connect node up to 30 million for a Legacy node
  • VeChainThor mobile wallet
  • SafeNode app: this mobile application is used to bind your wallet, set up a node, stake SHA and claim rewards. It is not (!) a wallet. This Medium article provides more information on how to bind your wallet in the SafeNode app.
Made by CryptoSVET on Twitter! Check his amazing artwork!
Source: raw data provided by Jeremy

The SHA token & Exchanges


October 2021 & Roadmap

  • update on the European patent status, i.e. ‘intention to grant patent’ [EPO link]
  • SafeSwap smart contracts have entered the polishing phase and all technically challenging criteria has been scripted [link]
  • multiple betatesters have been selected to test the SafeSwap platform, with still some spots left [link]
  • Inheriti was featured in a YouTube video by Ledger [link]
  • Safe Haven review by The Clever Millionaire on YouTube [55,4k subs, link]
  • partnership with Vpunks, the #1 NFT project developed on VeChainthor, focused on integrating Inheriti [link]
  • a roadmap for Q4 and 2022 was released, as shown below
  • various TwitterSpaces hosted by Nebula [Tyler, D., Head of Community Growth and NFT Partnership Development]
  • Nebula was featured on the BuyThedipshits podcast [Spotify link]
  • release of #5 of the Inheriti Deep Dive Series on YouTube [link]
  • multiple events organized with prizes [Halloween, Vpunk partnership celebration]
  • continuous effort by Jeremy in providing everyone with the Weekly node updates in the official Telegram group
  • the long lasting streak of Flash Friday updates continued, as the Safe Haven team keeps providing the community with weekly updates on all fronts
  • finished another round of monthly staking & September Boost rewards have been distributed
  • the Safe Haven CGM keeps its presence on Twitter by sharing various Inheriti-related artworks, check them out! [link]
  • reached 5800 wallets with ≥1 SHA, which is a +62% compared to the start of 2021
  • while the Altrank on Lunarcrush obviously is very fluctuating, we had some very solid days, among which is the #12/3155 on the Altrank [link]
  • great outreach by many dedicated community members on the channels [Twitter, Telegram, etc.], like this amazing piece by VeChainWAVE and this + this amazing artwork by CryptoSVET on Twitter
  • among others!

In closure

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