Safe Haven’s Reflection and Experience during the HiVe Conference in Las Vegas - Safe Haven

Safe Haven’s Reflection and Experience during the HiVe Conference in Las Vegas

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Safe Haven’s Reflection and Experience during the HiVe Conference in Las Vegas

Five members of the Safe Haven team traveled from three different geographic regions – Belgium, Slovenia, and the United States of America – to attend VeChain’s HiVe blockchain event on March 4th. To ensure sustainability and environment-friendly protocols are enforced for events pertaining to the development of VeChain’s blockchain technology, all carbon emissions that accumulated from attendees traveling to the event were offset by the foundation of VeChain working together with DNV Germany. The conference was hosted at the Red Rock Resort and Casino, near the UFC Headquarters of Las Vegas, not far from the Jon Jones fight-night UFC event. Many topics pertaining to how implementing sustainable protocols were discussed by prominent individuals within the partnership and affiliate network, along with the release of a new whitepaper and website for the VeChain blockchain.


Topics Discussed about Sustainability

The whole conference was live-streamed on VeChain’s official YouTube channel; view the timestamped chapters below:

  • (00:00:00) – Stream start
  • (00:06:50) – Introduction video
  • (00:08:15) – Opening Speech by vechain CEO Sunny Lu
  • (00:17:10) – Sustainability for Everyone by Konstantin Novoselov
  • (01:36:10) – Boston Consulting Group partnership introduction
  • (02:05:13) – Whitepaper 3.0 introduction by Renato Grottola and Luca Crisciotti
  • (02:43:20) – Sustainable Layer 1 Blockchains by Daniel Liebau
  • (04:37:17) – More than just blockchain panel discussion
  • (05:37:00) – Leveraging web3 technologies for sustainability with UCO Network and KlimaDAO
  • (06:16:50) – VeChain tech Roadmap update by Antonio Senatore, CTO of the vechain Foundation
  • (06:50:00) – Community panel with vechain projects Mad V Apes, World of V and ExoWorlds

Lunching amongst Teams Developing On-Chain

Around 1pm, there was an intermission period for all attendees to break bread amongst one another and share the vision being developed within each team’s roadmap. Multiple team members established synergy with each other and pondered thoughts on how SafeSwap can enable the utility token of their ecosystem to go crosschain with atomic swap protocols, along with how all utility and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be protected with a military-grade quantum-computing-proof decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan. Before the lunching was over, all teams became fully aware that Safe Haven is providing patented military-grade decentralized finance products and tools to help enable businesses building on-chain enforce the ultimate scalability and security protection protocols available.

Interviews with Genfinity at the HiVe Conference

To support all projects building on the VeChain blockchain, Genfinity flew to Las Vegas to interview team members about upcoming enhancements and developments being made to their ecosystem over the next few quarters – two members of the Safe Haven team were interviewed, Jurgen Schouppe (CTO/CEO/Founder) and Tyler Doussan (CPO).

After-Party at the UFC Headquarters with Sunny Lu

After presentations and demonstrations at our booth were complete, all team members gathered with the VeFam at the UFC Headquarters for a UFC watch-party! There was a complimentary mixed drinks bar with plenty of warm food and cutlery boards full of cheese, meat, and other o’dourves. In between watching UFC matches with other VeChain project leaders and community members, our team of five marched over to the UFC photo-booth with our chest bowed-out like Connor McGregor himself and performed a fast-action fighting video to show we are amped for the upcoming wave of Inheriti® mass adoption.

Autographed Phygital SafeKey

The team of Safe Haven collaborated with VeChain and World of V to establish a fun giveaway event for all community members of the VeFam – Sunny Lu, Jurgen Schouppe, Andy Demulemeester, and Americano (Vetliever) autographed the first phygital SafeKey produced by SafeTech to be utilized as the giveaway prize!



To make the event fair for all, we decided to keep things simple with a low entry barrier. All participants had to like, retweet, and tag two friends in the comment section to be eligible for being entered in the random twitter picker generation software. Congratulations to @Chukl31 for winning this piece of  The HiVe history!

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Join the Community in Spreading Awareness

As always, all of us at Safe Haven want to thank our community for your continued support.


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