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Safe Haven’s SafeSwap Opens the Door for Crypto-Projects to Go Multi-chain

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Safe Haven is one of the most crucial projects in blockchain technology. Safe Haven, is a cryptocurrency token that is issued on the VeChain platform. Invented by Jurgen Schouppe and Andy Demeulemeester. The platform is dedicated to making your assets secure and inheritable. SafeSwap, their most recent project, is an atomic swap platform that can swap Safe Haven’s native token, SHA, across many different blockchains. Safe Haven is working to make blockchain more accessible, secure, and easy to use for a wider audience.

Safe Haven Inheritance Plan: Inheriti®

Before Safe Haven, crypto owners were worried about what would happen if they lost their private keys, passphrases, or if they died. Safe Haven has offered a solution to this problem.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, the proper distribution of secure data is important with regards to digital assets and private information. Centralized digital vaults such as cloud services are where digital data is kept ‘safe’. As seen many times in the news, cloud services are constantly under threat from third-parties that are attempting to obtain others’ private information. A more secure form of storing information has now become a necessity with the rise of digital assets, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Inheriti® offers a decentralized solution to safely store personal data. Inheriti® is the world’s first completely decentralized inheritance platform. Inheriti® makes assets inheritable by allowing you, the initiator, to protect, manage, and distribute your assets with any amount of stakeholders. You can distribute assets in many ways, such as dividing seeds, private keys and any documents or assets in different shares for each stakeholder. You can then get a validator who is a legal entity that will distribute your assets to your heirs in accordance to your wishes. You will have control over your assets at all times. Inheriti® does not own your assets.

Inheriti® encrypts all critical data utilizing AES-256 protocols. The encrypted data is then split into numerous shares for cold storage on FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey HSM Devices, or on mobile devices using the Inheriti® app (soon to come). The validator share is stored on the clients choice of Inheriti® partnered blockchain.

Safe Haven’s Latest Project: SafeSwap

The Safe Haven team has recently revealed SafeSwap, an atomic swap platform that can swap tokens across various blockchains. SHA is the platform’s native cryptocurrency. It is a token, which is a scarce digital asset that is similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. SHA is more than just a form of payment, it can also be used to gain access to Safe Haven products and services such as Inheriti®.

You can now perform swaps between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon and VeChain networks. These are performed using wallets such as Venly, MetaMask, and Comet.

To perform swaps, log in to SafeSwap and select the source network (From) and the destination network (To). Then select the wallet, making sure the connected wallet has enough native tokens to pay for the transaction fees. Once you have selected the correct wallet on the From network, click on the Connect Wallet button and select the correct wallet on the To network. Then, enter the amount of tokens that you wish to transfer and click the Swap button. After confirming the transaction and the swap is processed, you can withdraw your funds by clicking the Claim Funds button.

SafeSwap allows projects to go multi-chain because project managers can now join a platform that enables their token contract to deploy on all supported EVM based chains with a single click. Having the flexibility to port products to new chains allows a project to reach a new audience of adopters. SafeSwap is also a safer swap option as it is atomic, with no intermediaries and less risk of losing funds. SafeSwap is all-or-nothing, the swap only occurs if both parties can receive a full amount of funds.

With Safe Haven’s projects allowing blockchain to be inherited and swapped into multiple different blockchains, it opens the door for cryptocurrency to go mainstream.

This article was originally posted by CryptoNews

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