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Flash Development Update [2022/26]

Flash Friday Highlights ✅ @Inheriti_com trademark registered within Hong Kong 🇭🇰 ✅ V2 #Inheriti integration with @INKAEmpireVNFT 🤝 ✅ Partnerships and #AMA sessions are being arranged with #giveaway activities 🎁 ✅ New #SafeSwap listing 👨‍💻

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Safe Haven’s SafeSwap Solution is the Missing Link in the Quest for Multi-Chain Capability

Last week, Safe Haven officially launched SafeSwap, a decentralized atomic swapping platform, where tokens can be swapped between different blockchains.

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Safe Haven Officially Welcomes SafeSwap to the Product Suite

Safe Haven is excited to announce the official launch of the SafeSwap Atomic Swap platform. After extensive community review and cybersecurity testing, SafeSwap is ready to be released to the public, opening a world of opportunity to projects across several EVM blockchains. 

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Blockchains Supported By SafeSwap V1

SafeSwap works with blockchains based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Additional blockchains will be added over time, beginning with a larger pool of Ethereum Virtual Machine-based protocols.

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The Basics Of SafeSwap Explained

SafeSwap is a reliable, decentralized protocol. At release, SafeSwap will support atomic swaps, which allows a user to swap a token from one blockchain to another.

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A First Glance Of SafeSwap V1

As we've already mentioned a few times in the past weeks, you can expect a small buildup to create awareness prior to the release of our SafeSwap platform. The teasers below are a first step towards finalizing the release of SafeSwap V1.

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